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project name Il latini New Alamein
unit type Studios and apartments
owner company The Egyptian Saudi Company (SED)
installment systems The customer pays 5% of the total unit price and pays 10% after three months and the rest is installmentd in equal quarterly installments for a full 7 years.
location On Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh Road. IL Latini New Alamein is also a short distance from the heritage city of El Alamein, minutes away from the university district and several other educational facilities.

Il Latini New Alamein is one of Egypt’s most promising projects!

For those looking for elegance and high European taste, al latini project in the North Coast will suit them very much, because it is a unique residential community that offers its residents all the services they dream of, to make it look like a stand-alone city with integrated services and facilities, where everything is available all the time inside Il Latini New Alamein.

This residential complex has designs that make it very distinctive and beautiful, as it is inspired by the designs of the ancient city of Alexandria, which was similar to the ancient Latin neighborhoods. The developer of al latini project has excelled in merging this ancient Roman architecture with modern international designs, which gives a great deal of beauty and attractiveness within the sides of this huge engineering edifice.

Il latini is a golden opportunity for life with a new concept. Choosing a unit in Il latini project is a smart and distinguished choice for your children, so do not hesitate and make them what they deserve of comfort, luxury and sophistication. You will find all the pleasant services and endless advantages that make the future bright, away from pollution, crowds and noise, in a unique environment that speaks of all the standards of beauty and purity within Il Latini New Alamein.

The exceptional location of Il Latini Project North Coast

This place has a distinct strategic geographical location in New Alamein, as it is close to several vital facilities, tourist areas and important roads, which made the residents’ access to and exit from them easy and easy, and here we will present some of these places near which Il latini North Coast project is located:

  • This residential complex is located on Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh Road.
  • IL Latini New Alamein is also a short distance from the heritage city of El Alamein.
  • Il Latini New Alamein is minutes away from the university district and several other educational facilities.
  • Il Latini New Alamein Project is also close to El Alamein International Airport.
  • Il Latini is also located near the new Fouka Road.

What do you know about the features of living inside IL Latini Resort New Alamein?

(SED) the executing company of al latini north coast project sought to implement a different concept of high-end life through this residential complex, assuring customers to give them a different life, more comfort and luxury compared to other projects in other places in Il Latini New Alamein.

the project has a different vision in the field of real estate, as it relies on different civilized standards in addition to the distinctive infrastructure that will attract all customers to the speedy purchase of latini for sale residential units within the huge project, and we will show you the following are these different features:

  • IL Latini New Alamein holds a large space of ​​gardens and parks paved with healthy life and fresh fresh air, and has an attractive design that makes picnicking inside it a very beautiful and wonderful thing within Il Latini New Alamein.
  • Latini for sale is designed to be a living model for sustainable development projects, as it has a strong and modern infrastructure, and it contains facilities and services that allow it to be a very suitable place to live throughout the year.
  • Water bodies occupy a large part of Il latini project space, as it varied between huge lagoon lakes and various swimming pools, which were built in varying sizes to suit all ages in Il Latini District New Alamein.
  • Il Latini Alamein project also has a marina for fishing and yachting that provides you with all the tools you need to spend enjoyable times in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.
  • It offers a wonderful beach area with several fun water games, ready to receive residents at all times, so that you and your family can enjoy times full of fun and joy.
  • The establishment of multiple entertainment venues with all means of entertainment, a large in Il Latini District Alamein
  • Roman theater and a cinema complex, which provides luxury and entertainment for the residents.
  • Providing a hotel complex that holds several excellent international hotels that provide visitors with the best quality and high-level hotel services in Il Latini District New Alamein.
  • Integrated gyms with a wide range of modern sports equipment to help you exercise and maintain your fitness inside Il Latini District.

Contact us now and get distinguished services and facilities in IL latini New Alamein

IL Latini North Coast is the right choice for lovers of luxury and those looking for comfort, privacy and sophistication away from sources of pollution and noise, where they can live with new concepts and enjoy endless services that make them feel living with European standards on Egyptian land in Latini District.
In the following, we will present some of those important facilities within Il Latini District New Alamein project:

  • Providing several different restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of delicious food and delicious drinks at the highest level inside Il Latini District New Alamein.
  • The presence of an integrated gym with different playgrounds to practice your favorite sports and spend wonderful times with your children in Il Latini District.
  • The construction of a huge library mimicking the Library of Alexandria in design, providing a wonderful atmosphere for reading and information acquisition, in addition to providing an integrated research environment with all the advanced tools for school and university students within Il Latini District.
  • IL Latini North Coast also has a set of tracks and tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling to enjoy your favorite sport in the midst of this picturesque coastal atmosphere.
  • A group of international schools that offer the best international teaching methods, and several international universities have been established to provide a high level of education for your children inside Il Latini.
  • Health care is one of the important elements that the developing company has taken care of its availability within the Latin project. Several hospitals and comprehensive medical centers have been established that contain a group of distinguished doctors to be at your service throughout the day within Il Latin District.
  • A social club has also been established on a large area that offers several distinct social and recreational activities to enhance social mixing and enhance communication among the residents of Il Latini project New Alamein.
  • A comprehensive “club house” with various entertainment facilities that make you enjoy times of absolute fun and tranquility.
  • A huge commercial area with major stores and shopping areas of different sizes, which provide you with a different buying experience because it carries several Egyptian and international brands and brands, in addition to a large hypermarket that provides you and your family with all the daily necessities in Il Latini project New Alamein.
  • In addition to providing a garage for cars that can accommodate a large number of vehicles and has all the means of protection and safety to preserve the property of the residents.
  • A mosque and a church were built with exquisite architectural designs that add an atmosphere of spirituality to the place, and sterilization and continuous disinfection are carried out inside them.
  • The presence of modern surveillance cameras throughout the place to monitor and record all movements inside the place, in addition to the presence of a group of security men deployed in the entire place.

The best prices and the longest repayment period you will find in IL latini New Alamein

IL latini provides you with entertainment services, psychological comfort, high-end units and a wonderful strategic location, all of this can be obtained at the best prices in El Alamein. You can also pay according to the longest payment period with easy systems and terms provided by the owner company to suit all the different tastes and desires of customers, and we will explain these facilities in the following:

  • The price per square meter ranges between 24 thousand and 33 thousand EGP.
  • The unit price in Il latini starts from 1.9 million EGP.
  • The payment system: Paying a 5% downpayment of the total unit price can be paid, and 10% after three months, then the rest is to be paid in equal quarterly installments for a period of 7 full years.
  • There is also a 5% maintenance deposit.
  • The units within the project will be delivered with full finishing system in 2023.

The Egyptian Saudi Company (SED)

This company has been operating in the Egyptian market since 1975. It is one of the most successful partnerships that took place between the Egyptian government and the Saudi government. It provided a distinguished group of different projects with international quality standards for the Egyptian community. It also worked in several places in the Republic, including Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Assiut, and we will present some of the architectural works of this company are as follows:

  • Durra Assiut Project.
  • Bleu Vert New Administrative Capital.
  • Jayd Compound New Cairo.
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