Jaz Little Venice – Jaz Little Venice Golf Resort

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project details

project name Jaz Little Venice Ain Sokhna
unit type Townhouses, chalets and hotel units
owner company Hassan Allam Group
installment systems Convenient payment systems with long installment periods
location in Ain Sokhna, on Zafarana Road in kilo 36 Suez Port, Red Sea Riviera 100 km from Cairo International Airport.

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Enjoy a special stay in Jaz Little Venice

Jaz Little Venice Resort Ain Sokhna is one of the largest resorts in Ain Sokhna, providing a large number of hotel services that make it a 5-star hotel, with its unique and distinctive location on the beachfront where you can enjoy the beautiful and refreshing beach air next to the blue waters and soft white sand where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The project provided all the elements of comfort, tranquility, and luxury away from the crowds, noise, and sources of pollution. The project was built on a large space to accommodate the space on which the rooms were built, and the prices were competitive and imaginary to suit all customers.

The importance of strategic location within Jaz little Venice Sokhna…

Jaz Little Venice Hotel was designed like Italian regions, the project is located on Zafarana Road in kilo 36 Suez Port, Red Sea Riviera.

Jaz Little Venice Golf resort Ain Sokhna Egypt is located near several vital roads such as:

  • Jaz Little is 100 km from Cairo International Airport.
  • Jaz Little is about an hour and a half away from Cairo.
  • Jaz Little is proximity to main roads and main axes makes it very easy and easy to access.

Enjoy a distinctive view of the sandy beach and blue waters, and enjoy all the services that are unique to Jaz Little Venice

  • A security team trained at a high level of service and guarding works 24 hours a day to secure all properties and maintain security within Jaz Little.
  • Inside Jaz Little Venice, there are CCTV cameras distributed throughout the entire hotel to monitor any strange movements and maintain the public property.
  • Jaz Little Venice Golf resort sokhna is characterized by the presence of a number of specialized restaurants that offer different types of local and international ones, such as Egyptian, French, Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.
  • Dedicated parking areas to prevent congestion in front of the hotel and prevent pollution resulting from its exhaust, as well as centers dedicated to renting cars and providing drivers as well.
  • Jaz Little Venice El Sokhna provides high-speed internet services to service the entire hotel.
  • Jaz Little Venice Golf resort provides housekeeping, laundry, and ironing services.
  • A recreational area for children to spend a beautiful and special time with their friends and relatives.
  • Gardens and parks where you can sit and enjoy watching the landscape amid beautiful and distinctive flowers and trees.
  • A team for periodic maintenance to repair any malfunction caused and quickly deal with it immediately at Jaz Little Venice .
  • A mosque in an Islamic style accommodates a number of worshipers at Jaz Little Venice.
  • Jaz Little Venice Golf resort is characterized by the presence of various swimming pools to suit adults and children.
  • Jacuzzi and sauna in Jaz Little Venice are among the activities preferred by all women.
  • For those who love to play sports and enjoy training on the latest sports equipment and equipment in the early morning, accompanied by a group of qualified trainers in Jaz Sokhna.

The main features of Jaz little Venice Sokhna

  • Jaz Little Venice is characterized by the provision of a large number of hotel services that make it at the forefront of important hotels located on the shore of the Red Sea.
  • The largest golf course with 27 holes, for you to enjoy playing golf; It is located on the hills of the Red Sea Mountains on vast green spaces, which makes the view more than wonderful, and makes the place special.
  • Jaz Little is distinguished by its varied hotel rooms in the design of the decorations to suit all tourists and suit businessmen and small families.
  • The presence of cafes, cafes, and bars serving many different drinks requested by the guests.
  • There are a number of translators who are used when translating between many languages ​​from English, Italian, German and French.
  • Electric elevators for easy movement and movement within the hotel.
  • Jaz Little features an aqua park.
  • Landscape, artificial lakes, and a special beach all contribute to making the hotel integrated.
  • Jaz Little features a double-height lobby with a receptionist for meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Jaz Little provides a private corner for smoking and shisha away from the rest of the customers.

Room reservation system at Jaz Little Venice Ain Sokhna Hotel

You can book rooms through the hotel’s official website or hotel reservation sites, where the arrival and departure date and room type are determined, for example:

  • A special suite for guests, equipped with various basic services in Jaz Little Venice Golf resort.
  • Business rooms with a bed, reception room, minibar, small indoor pool, or jacuzzi for more relaxation and recreation in the hotel.
  • Rooms suitable for children, there are twin rooms, triple rooms, and other rooms suitable for twin children, equipped with a number of distinguished services.
  • In Jaz Ain Sokhna Hotel, there are other rooms of the superior category, whether they are double, triple, or twin
  • The hotel of Jaz Little Venice is characterized by providing a number of services inside, such as TV screens, a refrigerator, some drinks and snacks, and within some rooms there are a minibar, reception rooms, Wi-Fi service, and an indoor swimming pool in Jaz Little Venice Ain El Sokhna.

Prices inside Little Venice Ain Sokhna

The prices varied within the project to suit all customers.

  • 200 square meters chalet in Little Venice Sokhna for sale, consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, while prices start from EGP 2,400,000 EGP.
  • Ground chalet with a garden of 130 square meters and a garden of 140 square meters in Jaz Little Venice at a price of 2,600,000 EGP.
  • 105 meters Chalet in Jaz Little Venice, second floor, at a price of 2 million EGP.
  • Jaz Little Venice Townhouse of 128 meters and a roof of 100 meters, at a price of 2,300,000 EGP.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

Hassan Allam Group is the executor of this project. The company owns many important and distinguished projects. The company has 80 years of experience in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa. It is considered one of the largest companies in the Arab world; The company has succeeded in the real estate market by implementing many real estate projects through which it has achieved success within the real estate field; Founded in 1936, it is a privately owned company and a leader in engineering, construction, and infrastructure.

The company works in various sectors of building and construction projects, building materials, electrical and mechanical solutions, investment and development of facilities, and the company always seeks to support the economic reform of the state and the development of the national economy; Where it implemented many hotels, hospitals, civil and tourist buildings, electricity and sewage stations, water networks and other projects that helped develop the economic situation in Egypt.

Most important previous works:

Project details