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project name Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna
unit type Penthouses, chalets and villas
owner company New Jersey Development
installment systems The customer pays 30% down payment and pays the rest at an annual interest of 12% within 30 months, or 10% can be paid upon receiving the unit, 10% maintenance payment, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over a period of up to 4.5 years.
location In the city of El Galala, on the most beautiful shores of the Red Sea, and it is a short distance from the Egypt-Suez road, making it easier to reach.

The latest and most prestigious projects of Ain Sokhna with the best international designs on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea, where Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna is located!

New Jersey Development has launched its latest coastal project in the city of El Galala, with an investment volume of 1.5 billion pounds, named Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna, and jura sokhna is one of the best projects it has implemented in Ain Sokhna.

If you are one of the residents of the project, this is the ideal choice for those who love to live in peace and enjoy a decent life full of luxury and pleasure, and Jura El Galala Resort is characterized by the availability of many services that cannot be dispensed with throughout the day, in addition to its unique advantages, including location and spaces and prices.

Jura El Galala Resort location

Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna enjoys an unparalleled location in the heart of El Galala city, close to the most important roads and the eastern desert in Egypt, and it is close to the main roads and axes.

Features of Jura Ain Sokhna Resort’s location

  • Jura is located on the most beautiful shores of the Red Sea, and it is a short distance from the Egypt-Suez road, making it easier to reach.
  • Jura project is separated from the Movenpick Hotel, a short distance of minutes.
  • Jura Sokhna is about 550 square meters away from El Monte Galala Resort.
  • You can travel about 5 km from Jura to reach the most famous resort, which is Porto Sokhna.
  • Jura project is only 31 km away from the Ain Sokhna gates.
  • Jura Sokhna is located behind Emirates Gas Station, and it is one of the most popular petrol stations in Ain Sokhna.

Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna Project space

Every effort was made by the developer of the project when implementing it to choose the appropriate space for it, which is estimated at about 10 acres, which allowed this space to establish multiple service facilities, landscaping, and beautiful green views everywhere that surround the village of Jura El Galala, which occupies 80% of the total space, while the remaining 20% ​​of the space was used for residential buildings and construction within Jura village.

Jura Al Galala also overlooks directly on the seashore, with an extension of 180 square meters and a depth of 200 square meters, Jura Sokhna includes a number of buildings with exquisite designs, and each housing unit contains 2 modern electric elevators, in addition to that there are 2 private entrances for the residents.

Jura Resort is characterized by many distinctive services in Ain Sokhna

Jura Sokhna is characterized by many distinguished services, which make it one of the finest and best projects in Ain Sokhna, and among those distinguished services:

  • A number of large swimming pools are distributed throughout Jura El Galala, so you can enjoy the privacy of your unit.
  • A special area for children with all the games suitable for all ages, and it is fully secured, so they can spend the best times inside Jura resort.
  • A large commercial area within Jura project with a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets that contain the best goods and supplies.
  • Jura resort is fully secured as security and guard personnel has been appointed throughout the day, working to secure all parts of the project.
  • Hotel apartments and exclusive unparalleled services for the residents of Jura village.
  • At Jura a five-star hotel with excellent reception services, HouseKeeping is open 24 hours a day.
  • Jura resort is equipped with a gym, with the latest equipment for fitness lovers, and a spa house with all the recreational services that residents can enjoy within the project.
  • Sound protection systems and alarms that operate directly in the event of any fires at Jura.
  • Golf car application within the project to facilitate transportation with ease and to serve the residents of Jura.
  • A place has been allocated for berthing yachts and ships, which includes a large number of them, to further enjoy the distinctive marine atmosphere.
  • Long tracks inside Jura for jogging, running, and cycling were allocated among the green spaces and away from the main road for cars.
  • Infrastructure with all the services needed by the residents in Jura Ain Sokhna.
  • Large garages inside Jura for each unit within the project in order to organize parking and prevent crowding in the village square.
  • A mosque with a large space that includes a huge number of worshipers to perform the obligatory prayers.

Endless features inside Jura Ain Sokhna

  • One of the first advantages of Jura Ain Sokhna is that it is located near the main roads and axes, as it is based within the most prestigious tourist villages.
  • The units of Jura Ain Sokhna directly overlook the most beautiful landscapes, including the Red Sea beach, which enjoys its picturesque blue waters.
  • Green spaces and scenic landscapes largely surround the village and occupy about 80% of Jura Ain Sokhna space.
  • Large golf courses have been built inside Jura Ain Sokhna, where you can spend a long time in the green spaces playing these fun games.
  • Water bodies are represented in lakes and water fountains that operate throughout the day and give it an attractive urban view inside Jura Galala.
  • Large water pumps serve the units inside the village and supply them with water to avoid being cut off.
  • Ampath theater shows all the plays based on science fiction and inspired by the world heritage.
  • Medical services were provided in the form of a group of clinics in different specialties that provide health care at a high level.
  • Beach Club House has all the games and services that meet the needs of the residents within the village.
  • Malls displaying the best fashion, with the best brands and international brands, where you can enjoy the best shopping experience within Jura Ain Sokhna.

The units within Jura Ain Sokhna and the most important spaces available

Jura Ain Sokhna is located on a large space and part of it has been allocated for the construction of buildings and construction, and is divided into (chalets – villas – penthouses) and provides different spaces that suit all customers, as Jura Ain Sokhna occupies about 80% of the services and features enjoyed by the residents within the village, the building consists of a ground floor, and 6 duplicate floors, where there are also cabins on the beach and all units.

The spaces that were provided within Jura Ain Sokhna, especially the units, as the chalets start from 75 square meters up to 115 square meters, as for the duplexes, the space starts from 116 square meters up to 220 square meters, and these spaces vary so that customers have the freedom to choose the space they want, all designed with the best architectural finishes.

Exclusive and special prices for Jura Ain Sokhna by the owner company

The prices of residential units within Jura El Galala Resort are competitive and suitable for all customers, compared to the various services and benefits that customers benefit from within the village of Ain Sokhna, as the prices inside Jura Ain Sokhna start from 2,717,000 EGP, and that price is the best ever in that coastal area.

Announced payment systems for owning a distinct unit inside Jura Galala Ain Sokhna

The company announces unparalleled payment systems to provide customers with the ability to easily own the unit they want, as follows:

  • You can pay a 30% downpayment of the total unit value, with a 12% annual interest payment over a period of 30 months, and the customer will be delivered three checks for the value of the interest.
  • Or you can pay a 10% upon receiving the unit and pay a 10% down payment for the periodic maintenance of the facilities, and the remaining amount is to be paid in installments over a long period of up to 4.5 years.
  • The customer signs an authorization contract to rent his unit after receiving it, and he also gets an annual return ranging in value from 10% up to 15%.

For more information, you can contact us directly!

The real estate developer New Jersey Development

New Jersey is the real estate developer of the project and has implemented that project, which is its first launch in Ain Sokhna, and the company has extensive experience extending for more than 10 years in the field of real estate investment, and it has succeeded in gaining the trust of customers thanks to its cooperation with senior engineers, designers, and consultants.

And it has many projects that have won many successes in Egypt and European countries, including America, and since the date of its establishment, it has been providing the finest residential and coastal projects that enjoy many services and multiple facilities.

The most important projects that the company has implemented and won many successes:

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