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project name Korpenta Heliopolis
unit type Villas
owner company Heliopolis Developers Group
installment systems You can pay a down payment of 20% of the total price of the unit, and pay the rest in installments over 5 years.
location n the heart of New Heliopolis,ear the most important major and vital areas and cities, as it is directly near Madianty on the Suez Road.

Do you want to live inside a compound building for villas only for those looking for luxury away from the crowds of other places? All that only in Korpenta New Heliopolis!!

Korpenta is a small compound dedicated only to five-way villas, designed on the modern CLUSTERS system, and surrounded by vast green spaces surrounding its units, in order to provide an atmosphere of naturalness and tranquility in the most prestigious places in New Heliopolis, which provides all services and facilities for residents.

Korpenta New Heliopolis compound also provides all the high-end living and the great recreational activities that customers are always looking for, as the project belongs to Heliopolis Developers Group, which has allocated unparalleled prices and payment systems for payment in order to own an ideal unit for the longest period through convenient installments.

Korpenta Heliopolis Location

The project is located in the heart of New Heliopolis, achieving a unique and attractive vision, as it is a vital and unparalleled location linking the main roads and the axes frequented by many residents, thus becoming one of the projects that receive great attention from investors and discerning clients in Korpenta New Heliopolis.

Features of Korpenta Heliopolis location

  • Korpenta New Heliopolis project is located near the most important major and vital areas and cities, as it is directly near Madianty on the Suez Road.
  • Korpenta compound is only 3 minutes away from Ismailia Road.
  • Korpenta New Heliopolis project is close to the most famous airport by about 15 minutes, which is Cairo International Airport.
  • Korpenta is about 40 minutes from the center of Cairo.
  • The project is also adjacent to Sarayat El Korba villas, and it is a short distance from the most important major project, which is Valore Sheraton Compound.

The space of Korpenta Heliopolis Project

Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis was built on a suitable space to include a number of villa-type units, which differ among themselves in terms of spaces, and this space also includes green spaces and gardens with its high trees that surround Korpenta New Heliopolis project to give it a special charm of beauty, tranquility and psychological comfort.

The design of Korpenta Heliopolis Compound

Heliopolis Developers Group offers innovative designs that you will not find anywhere else. It includes a group of five-family villas with the Clusters system, which is a group of adjoining villas with one garage entrance, but each one has a private garden and a private swimming pool within Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis.

In addition, a lot of spaces are provided, and thus the cost falls on the client, in parallel with the enjoyment of full privacy, as Heliopolis Developers Company wanted to combine the elements of rich living with the practical exploitation of the infrastructure for the benefit of the owners in Korpenta.

As for the villa units in the project, they are characterized by luxurious classic facades, surrounded by green spaces, very distinguished services, the best prices, and endless payment facilities for the longest possible period inside Korpenta Compound.

The distinctive services provided by Korpenta Heliopolis and its most important features

  • An automatic fire alarm system was provided in the event of a fire in order to be able to control it without causing any consequences for the residents in Korpenta.
  • An underground parking garage with CCTV cameras that houses a huge number of cars.
  • There is a private garden for each villa in Korpenta New Heliopolis that works to provide psychological comfort, so you can enjoy calm and relaxation in front of your unit inside Korpenta.
  • Modern electronic gates are also available at the entrance to the compound for more comprehensive insurance and to preserve the property within Korpenta Compound yard.
  • Modern electric elevators inside each unit enable you to move between floors with ease.
  • An area that includes a number of restaurants and cafes that offer the best food and distinctive drinks of the highest quality inside Korpenta Compound.
  • The spread of a number of modern surveillance cameras equipped with the latest international technologies that work throughout the day without interruption to monitor events in Korpenta Compound.
  • Distinguished Internet services that work for free and with high-speed technologies help you to accomplish business in Korpenta New Heliopolis.
  • A commercial area that includes a number of shops where all the goods and supplies for homes are available, and it has express delivery services in Korpenta.
  • Huge malls with the best international brands and brands that give you a unique shopping service that you will not find anywhere else without leaving the scope of Korpenta project New Heliopolis.
  • Automated teller machines of many banks where you can deposit and withdraw your money with ease in Korpenta Compound.

The unique features of Korpenta Heliopolis Project New Cairo

  • One of the unique features of the project is that it is located in the heart of the main city, which is New Heliopolis, and access to the rest of Cairo is very easy, as it links many roads and axes.
  • The units enjoy unparalleled distinctive views, so you will enjoy the clean outdoors and complete calm away from the noise of other cities inside Korpenta project New Heliopolis.
  • A distinctive infrastructure that includes services that are available to the residents, including natural gas, water, and electricity, in order to maintain the civilized appearance of Korpenta project.
  • Strict security personnel is appointed to protect the compound and its residents, and it is available 24 hours a day within Korpenta.
  • A private entrance to the garage inside the compound, which is intended to house a number of residents’ cars, which works to preserve and away from the public road to prevent overcrowding in Korpenta project.
  • Within the compound square, there are vast green spaces, and gardens with tall trees that give a wonderful view of the residential units in Korpenta Heliopolis and make you feel unparalleled psychological comfort.
  • The spread of a number of different swimming pools in terms of shapes and sizes to suit all ages, taking into account the depth in them and providing you with an aspect of privacy inside Korpenta.
  • The project has luxurious classic facades for the units, in addition to a cleaning service for the exterior facade throughout the week to maintain its civilized appearance inside Korpenta project.

Book now your special unit within the Korpenta Project and enjoy exclusive services that you will not find anywhere else!

Units within Korpenta Heliopolis Project and the most important available spaces

The project includes a number of distinctive units within Korpenta Heliopolis, as it includes a group of five-storey villas designed on the clusters system with private gardens that give you psychological comfort and tranquility, and the spaces for the project have been announced to start from 317 square meters to 400 square meters, and Diversification has been done among them so that the customer has complete freedom to choose the most suitable for him and in line with his capabilities in Korpenta project New Heliopolis.

The villa also consists of three floors: a basement, a ground floor with a private garden, and a first floor) and it is finished on two systems, either fully finished or semi-finished according to the customer’s desire, and you can receive it immediately or after a year of contracting inside Korpenta.

The prices announced by the real estate developer and the most important and easy payment methods for owning a unit within Korpenta Heliopolis Project

The prices of the units in the compound are among the competitive prices that can not be compared, and it also includes a number of many services that are unique to the luxury of the architectural design, and the unique location in the best cities of Cairo, which is New Heliopolis.

It was announced that the units within Korpenta project New Heliopolis start from 2,700,000 EGP, and this price is provided with many easy payment systems where you can buy the villa that you are still looking for and with payment methods for the longest period.

Distinguished payment methods within Korpenta Compound

You can easily own your desired unit, and one of the most important advantages offered by the owner company is easy payment opportunities and various alternatives that the customer can choose from according to his circumstances and purchasing capabilities, where you can pay a down payment of 20% of the total price of the unit, and pay the rest in installments over 5 years in Korpenta.

The Real Estate Developer, HDG Development

Korpenta Compound is the latest launch of Heliopolis Developers Group (HDG), which is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market and seeks to be number one in the Arab world by providing creative and innovative services in all its projects to add high value to its customers.

Heliopolis Developers Group is a consortium consisting of a group of the most successful and largest real estate developers in Egypt, all of whom have contributed over the previous years to the entire reconstruction of New Cairo, and the establishment of several projects within it with an investment cost of more than 600 million pounds, and the group of companies contributing to the developers of Heliopolis have a prominent role in drawing the civilized and urbanized face of the city of New Cairo.

It also owns many projects that have achieved tremendous success, including:

  • El Korba Heights New Heliopolis Compound.
  • New Korba Compound New Heliopolis.
  • Ozone Mall New Cairo.
  • Midway Mall New Heliopolis.
  • Cairo Capital Center New Cairo.
  • Elegantry Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Business Plus Mall New Cairo.
  • North Plus New Cairo Project.


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