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project name Lafayette Village Mall, New Capital
unit type Shops and commercial units
owner company Home Town Real Estate Development
installment systems The customer pays 10% in advance of the unit value, and the rest of the unit price is to be paid in installments over 10 years
location In the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital, near both the Al Masa Hotel and the Monorail Central Station, as it is close to the Fairgrounds and the Chinese Towers.

Book now your commercial unit inside Lafayette  Village Mall and enjoy working in a quiet atmosphere away from noise and pollution and achieve the dream of success

Lafayette Mall is the latest megaproject established by Hometown Developments in the most prestigious areas of the New Administrative Capital, which includes many important cities and vital neighborhoods characterized by their economic and commercial activity and famous landmarks such as the Green River and the central park that extends from the beginning to the end of the new capital, which is an integrated commercial complex that offers many recreational services that investors are looking for.

The architectural designs of the interior units are of a high degree of luxury, sophistication, and modernity, in harmony with the surrounding green spaces, giving them a wonderful aesthetic touch.

To everyone who wants to invest his money safely and achieve the highest financial return, you should book your commercial unit inside Lafayette Village Mall, as it is a golden opportunity that cannot be compensated.

The location of Lafayette Village Mall and its most important features

The real estate developer was keen to choose the geographical location of the mall very carefully, as La fayette village is located in a commercially active strategic location in the Downtown area of New Administrative Capital, which contains many important areas and vital neighborhoods, which leads to attracting businessmen and investors to it from all sides.

La fayette village mall is close to many important areas and service facilities, including:

  • La Fayette Mall is located near both Al Masa Hotel and Monorail Central Station.
  • Close to the lively commercially active neighborhoods such as the government district, and the financial and business district, which includes many government departments and corporate headquarters.
  • La fayette village is 3 minutes away from the Green River.
  • La fayette village Mall is separated from the ring road about 3 minutes.
  • La Fayette Mall is Close to many prominent landmarks in New Administrative Capital, the most important of which are Expo City and the Chinese Towers.

Architectural designs and spaces within Lafayette  Village New Capital

La fayette is designed in modern styles of very luxury and sophistication, in addition to the availability of many facilities and entertainment services at the highest level. It also consists of four huge buildings with luxurious architectural designs separated from each other in addition to multiple entrances to it, making it easier for visitors to move between units within Lafayette Village Mall easily.

The real estate developer established La fayette village Mall on a space of ​​43,000 square meters, overlooking three streets, and the width of the street extends from 100 up to 300 meters in the Downtown area.

La fayette village Mall consists of a ground floor and five repeated upper floors that have been completely allocated to shops, and the units’ spaces start from 38 square meters up to 150 square meters.

Features available in Lafayette Village Mall

Lafayette Village Mall is the first project to have all commercial units with an interest in green spaces with its scenic landscapes and places for picnics and shopping. The real estate developer seeks to change the shape of commercial malls through his latest project, as it is a unique experience that contains all the means of luxury and its features vary, the most important of which are:

  • The green spaces that surround La fayette from all sides and are represented in landscaping, public gardens, and scenic parks, which represent 70% of La fayette space.
  • The water bodies that are found amid the green spaces, represented by waterfalls, artificial lakes, and crystal dancing fountains of a charming turquoise color.
  • The architectural designs of the units seem very luxurious, sophisticated, and modern, as they harmonize with the charming nature and give a complete sense of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Solar energy is largely relied upon within La Fayette project at a rate of 50% because it is a permanent renewable source that does not pollute the environment.
  • A high-speed internet network in all units within La fayette so that customers can perform tasks accurately and efficiently.

Services offered by Lafayette Village Mall New Capital

Lafayette Village Mall is the latest project of Home Town and is one of the largest malls in the Downtown area, through which it changed the concept of commercial centers as it is a complete commercial mall that contains many recreational services at the highest level that attracts the largest number of Arab and foreign investors, the most important of which is:

  • Restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services at the highest level represented in the finest drinks and the most delicious dishes and eastern and western meals in La fayette village Mall.
  • A place dedicated to the cinema on the fourth and fifth floors for more luxury and fun in La fayette village Mall.
  • A huge amusement area containing all kinds of games that are suitable for adults and children to get the highest level of luxury inside La fayette village Mall.
  • Security and security, as the project’s entrances and exits are provided with.
  • CCTV cameras and strict security guards operate 24 hours a day, in addition to the presence of electronic gates in La fayette village Mall New Capital.
  • Safe garages with a large space accommodate a large number of visitors’ cars and prevent their accumulation in front of La fayette.
  • A mosque designed in the latest Islamic styles so that visitors can perform religious rites inside.
  • A group of shops that provide many entertainment services, in addition to the presence of many international brands that suit all tastes in La fayette village Mall New Capital.
  • A bowling Hall in La Fayette Mall.
  • A skiing and snowboarding center and an area for posing with penguins in La fayette village Mall New Capital.
  • A children’s area with many safe games and various recreational activities suitable for their age inside La fayette village Mall New Capital.
  • Elevators and escalators were developed so that visitors can move easily between floors inside La fayette.
  • The presence of a shopping area similar to Khan El Khalili within La Fayette Mall.

Enjoy the best prices and payment systems announced inside Lafayette Village Mall New Administrative Capital

The real estate developer has set shocking prices for competitors, suitable for all businessmen and investors, where you can buy a commercial unit inside La fayette at special prices in addition to the endless services and benefits that you can take advantage of, as the price per square meter inside La Fayette project starts from 90,000 EGP.

Concerning the payment systems, convenient facilities have been put in place upon payment to suit all customers and investors, where the customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the unit price is to be paid in installments over 10 years in equal installments without interest.

Commercial unit prices start from 1,820,000 EGP.

The Real estate developer

Home Town Company, based on Lafayette Project, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate, was established by Engineer Diaa El-Din Farag Khalil a few years ago and started working on it on the 6th of October 2017, despite the short period in which it was present in the real estate market, However, it has implemented many successful projects, amounting to 15 projects, in many areas within the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as the Administrative Capital, New Cairo, Fifth Settlement, and other vital areas.

It was able to gain the trust of many clients and investors because it investigates accuracy in the implementation of projects and delivers them on time, and among its most important previous works:

  • Residential apartments in Al Lotus district, Fifth Settlement, and other areas.
  • Zaha Mall New Administrative Capital.


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