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project name Midtown Solo New Capital Mall
unit type Administrative offices and commercial units
owner company Better Home
installment systems The customer pays 10% of the unit value, and pays the rest of the amount over 5 years using equal installments
location At the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the seventh residential neighborhood R7, near the southern axis of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, which is one of the most famous axes in Cairo.

You still have the opportunity to own the best commercial units of different sizes inside Midtown Solo Mall New Administrative Capital!

Midtown Solo Mall New Administrative Capital is one of the largest commercial projects affiliated with Better Home, one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. Midtown Solo project was established in New Administrative Capital, knowing that Midtown Solo Mall Project was established in one of the most important investment destinations in the future. Midtown Solo was designed on the latest international models and luxurious styles and provided with all facilities and services that meet the needs and requirements of customers and investors.

The real estate developer, Better Home was able to set up Midtown Solo New Capital in the best distinctive locations with a diversification between the spaces of the units inside so that customers have complete freedom to choose what goes in line with its field and to offer distinctive and easy payment plans to facilitate owning the units inside Midtown Solo mall.

The distinctive geographical location of Midtown Solo Mall New Administrative Capital

The real estate developer has established the huge commercial project in the most vital areas of New Administrative Capital, specifically in the seventh residential neighborhood R7, which occupies a great reputation among the most prestigious neighborhoods of New Capital, and is close to the most famous roads and main axes, which are among the most important features that are unique to it because of its of great strategic value.

The most important features of Midtown Solo Mall New Capital:

  • Midtown Solo mall is located near the southern axis of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, which is one of the most famous axes in Cairo.
  • Midtown Solo project is a short distance from the diplomatic district and Expo City.
  • Midtown Solo is close to the most famous landmarks in New Capital and the Middle East, which are the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
  • mid town solo is a few minutes away from the International Conference Hall, the Presidential Palace, and the Ministries District.
  • Midtown Solo mall is adjacent to the largest hotels and megaproject in New Capital, Al-Massa Hotel.

The space of Midtown Solo Mall Project New Capital

Better Home was keen to establish Midtown Solo Mall with a vast space, estimated at 26,630 square meters, and the space of midtown solo building was about 2,200 square meters, and it surrounded the mall building from all four sides with a large fence for more security, and it directed its full attention to dividing this distinctive space between green spaces, water bodies and gardens to occupy about 80% of the total space of Midtown Solo mall, which provides you with all methods of comfort and recreation.

As for the units, they are designed with different spaces in a modern international style.

The great services offered by Midtown Solo New Capital

Midtown Solo Mall includes all the services and features that you will not find in any other mall, it is one of the best commercial projects in the new construction city, as Midtown Solo has a special character and equipment that no one can compete with, and the most prominent services are:

  • Many shops and administrative offices so that customers can choose what is most appropriate for them and in line with its field, and the largest decoration companies that designed it were used on the modern system in Midtown Solo.
  • Underground garage with a large space, in order to park the cars of customers and visitors to maintain them and the urban view of Midtown Solo New Capital.
  • Available in Midtown Mall Solo New Administrative Capital, the Food Court area includes many different restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious food and drinks.
  • An entertainment area for children to help them enjoy the best times and the most appropriate games for them while they are in Midtown Solo New Capital.
  • Security services and tight security at the entrances to Midtown Solo mall and the deployment of surveillance cameras inside, which work 24 hours a day to maintain security and secure property.
  • Inside Midtown Solo mall, you will enjoy the best-distinguished services, where there is a fitness center equipped with the latest necessary equipment, a sauna, and private rooms for a jacuzzi.
  • Medical services are available in Midtown Solo New Capital, including a 24-hour pharmacy, as well as distinguished health centers that provide excellent treatment services, meaning that it is an integrated project and not just a shopping mall.
  • In the courtyards of Midtown Solo mall, there is a mosque for prayer, and there are more services than others inside Midtown Solo mall, in order to meet the wishes of customers and unit owners.

The unique features of Midtown Solo New Capital

  • Midtown Solo Mall is surrounded by vast green areas, magnificent water bodies, and sparkling crystal waters, in order to entertain customers, as all units overlook wonderful landscapes.
  • The luxurious architectural design of Midtown Solo New Capital, as its distinctive facades are designed with the latest anti-heat and dust-proof building materials, in addition to its various units overlooking the Green River, in addition to its strategic location in the heart of New Administrative Capital.
  • Smoking area, for more privacy and non-disturbance for non-smokers while they are inside Midtown Solo mall.
  • Multiple automated teller machines for banks, which provide an important service to customers and visitors where they can withdraw and deposit without leaving its scope in Midtown Solo New Capital.
  • Reception services are available throughout the day to answer any inquiries for mall visitors or even unit owners inside Midtown Solo New Capital.
  • Dedicated meeting rooms have been equipped to the highest level and have the latest equipment and huge screens to suit senior businessmen in Midtown Solo  Mall New Capital.
  • Fire extinguishing units and alarms on each floor inside Midtown Solo  Mall New Capital, in order to avoid any accidents and control them as quickly as possible.

You can now book your commercial unit and enjoy endless services with European standards on Egyptian soil!

Distinguished commercial units within Midtown Solo Project New Capital and its most important spaces

The units within Midtown Solo  Mall New Capital vary to be between shops and administrative offices, where the space of ​​the shops starts from 125 square meters, and the real estate developer of the project established Midtown Solo mall to consist of 3 floors, including a ground floor and topped by first and second countries, and it also established distinct units with multiple spaces within those floors, which are valid for commercial, administrative and integrated medical units.

The spaces between them have been created to be diverse, as the administrative units’ area starts from 75 square meters up to 265 square meters, while the commercial units’ area ranges from 125 square meters up to 402 square meters, and these units vary in terms of spaces and interior designs so that you have complete freedom to choose what suits you.

Prices of units and the most important various payment systems announced by Better Home

If you are looking for a real investment opportunity, then book your unit, whether it is an administrative unit or a commercial unit in Midtown Solo Mall New Administrative Capital!!

The real estate developer has announced the price per square meter inside the units, as it starts from 54,000 EGP, and the commercial unit price starts from 5,000,000 EGP, and that price is the best in the R7 area at all compared to all the services you will get inside Midtown Solo mall.

Payment systems announced by the real estate developer

As for the payment system in Midtown Solo mall, Better Home decided to offer it to be in the interest of the investor, where you can pay 10% of the unit value, and pay the rest of the amount over 5 years using equal installments, which qualifies you to own the best units without trouble or fatigue.

For more inquiries, you can contact us!

The Real Estate Developer, Better Home Group

Midtown Solo Mall is one of the projects of Better Home, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, which has extensive experience in construction and various mega projects. It is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and it competes with major real estate companies until it has become one of the most prominent in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which has achieved many tremendous achievements and developments.

The company has implemented many real estate projects, and has achieved many achievements, among the most prominent of its projects:


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