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project name Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement
unit type Twin houses, apartments and villas
owner company Emaar Misr
installment systems 5% is paid as a down payment of the unit value, then 10% is paid after three months, and the rest is paid in installments for a full 6 years
location In the heart of Fifth Settlement, specifically in the Golden Square area, close to Southern Teseen Street and about 5 minutes from the American University (AUC) and Future University, and it is also close to the German University (GUC).

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement … Your perfect place to live a perfect life!

Have you heard about Mivida Compound New Cairo before? It is the most prestigious residential complex in Fifth Settlement, which was implemented by one of the major real estate development companies, Emaar Misr, which we have always enjoyed with everything new.

Mivida compound is one of the most important and largest residential projects in New Cairo. It is a unique engineering icon designed in a modern and innovative way that gives you the privacy and tranquility you aspire to.

Mividae has a wide range of facilities and multiple services that provide endless comfort and luxury, and the project offers a diversity of residential spaces, international designs, competitive prices, and other unique features that increase the difference and uniqueness of the place.

In the Spanish language, the word Mivida means (my life)… Indeed, here at Mivida New Cairo, you will find everything you need to enjoy your life full of luxury, fun, and beauty.

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement Design

Living in an environment that carries many green landscapes… This is the slogan from which the idea of ​​creating this residential complex was launched. This large architectural edifice was built on a vast land space with nearly 80% of beautiful green spaces that cover the entire place with clean and fresh air that brings the residents out of the noisy city atmosphere that is full of noise and pollution.

The combination of the original Egyptian style and modern engineering designs remains a wonderful thing that suits only those with good taste, and this is what Emaar Misr is keen on to always satisfy its valued customers, as it has hired one of the major international companies, which is (The Collaborative West), which designed the compound on the highest standards quality and luxury in the world, and these designs mimic the famous Santa Barbara area in California in America and were implemented by skilled Egyptian engineers, which adds a lot of distinction to Mivida compound.

The company did not stop at this limit of creativity, as it established the project with a solar energy system, which is an environmentally friendly system that does not cause pollution. The design and implementation of this system were entrusted to the global company (Philips) to benefit from its great experience in this field.

The Unique location of Mivida New Cairo Compound

Staying away from the city’s congestion, pollution, and proximity to vital areas… This is the principle on which Mivida project was launched, as it is located in the heart of Fifth Settlement, specifically in the Golden Square area, close to Southern Teseen Street.

Mivida is also a short distance from many different vital roads and facilities, which are:

  1. Mivida is about 5 minutes from the American University (AUC) and Future University, and it is also close to the German University (GUC).
  2. Mivida compound is located in Fifth Settlement in front of the new monorail train station.
  3. Mivida هس about 15 minutes from it to reach Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  4. Mivida is only 25 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  5. Mivida is within 15 minutes of the ring road.
  6. And Mivida is about 15 minutes away from Suez / Ain Sukhna.
  7. Mivida is separated by a small distance from several new areas, including the Al-Rehab area and various residential neighborhoods such as Al-Banafseg and Al-Yasmeen neighborhoods.
  8. Mivida is about 30 minutes away from New Administrative Capital.
  9. About 10 minutes from Cairo Festival Mall to Mivida.

Mivida Boulevard Residence

Mivida Boulevard Residence Compound – inspired by the Spanish city of Las Ramblas, is located in the Golden Square of Fifth Settlement within Mivida Emaar Compound, as it enjoys its high-end designs that achieve the luxury and well-being that customers aspire to.

Units Space in Mivida Boulevard Residence

Mivida compound includes 500 housing units ranging from mivida villa for sale, townhouses, and twin houses, with spaces and creative designs that vary to meet the desires and aspirations of all customers.

The space of the units in Mivida Boulevard Residence starts from 95 square meters and reaches up to 289 square meters, and includes one, two, or three bedrooms to get the housing that suits your needs and expectations, and all units have wonderful views of the picturesque green spaces and crystal lakes.

Mivida Boulevard Residence features

  • Mivida is characterized by the presence of many shopping places that meet the needs of diverse customers and provide a package of the most luxurious international brands.
  • The residential units in Mivida are surrounded by picturesque green spaces that spread an atmosphere of sophistication and tranquility within the compound.
  • Mivida includes many restaurants and cafes that provide the best services, as they vary to satisfy the tastes of all customers.
  • Mivida includes many artificial lakes that sparkle with their crystal colors to achieve more joy and sophistication.
  • Mivida features a gym that includes sports equipment that helps customers maintain their fitness.
  • Mivida includes a children’s area that includes the best activities and fun games that give children the opportunity to go out, enjoy and use their energies.
  • Mivida is characterized by the presence of many swimming pools that vary in size and designs to suit all age groups.
  • Mivida Boulevard includes a health club with spa services, a sauna, and a jacuzzi to help residents reach the best levels of relaxation and relaxation.

Competitive prices offered by Emaar to its customers in Mivida Boulevard Residence

You can enjoy ideal prices that meet your needs and requirements at Mivida Boulevard in exchange for exceptional services and benefits designed especially for you; The meter’s price starts from 20,000 EGP, while the units’ prices start from 2,666,000 EGP.

Multiple features in Mivida Fifth Settlement

Mivida compound comes on top of the list of pioneering projects in New Cairo, as it has a large number of main and entertainment features and services that make it an attractive and unimaginable place. Here we will mention some of these important competitive features:

  • The picturesque views of the wonderful green spaces that contain beautiful lakes and water bodies spread throughout the entire Mivida compound, as well as a walkway and a number of beautiful gardens and parks in Mivida.
  • The privileged location close to the most vital areas and roads in Fifth Settlement is one of the important features that are available in Mivida compound, as it is located on the famous
  • Teseen Street in Fifth Settlement.
  • An environmentally friendly residential community, this is the slogan adopted by the executing company when building it, as it is lit by clean solar energy that does not cause any pollution.
  • Establishment of a clubhouse at Mivida with a spa and a jacuzzi of international standards, equipped with the latest tools and devices that provide the utmost sense of relaxation and comfort for the residents of Mivida project.
  • A large integrated gym specially equipped for those who love to exercise regularly and has a selection of professional trainers to help you always.
  • Mivida is a comprehensive administrative area that includes several offices, shopping areas, and entertainment areas as well. It is a large square that provides you with everything you need to perform your work comfortably.
  • The lake area is one of the points of distinction that the developer of Mivida project has created in creating its idea and design with high quality, and it is a large space filled with beautiful landscapes and multiple social activities, and in the middle of this place, a very impressive artificial lake surrounded by several equipped and comfortable seats to enjoy with your family in a different entertaining atmosphere inside this exceptional outdoor experience.

Various services and facilities in Mivida New Cairo Compound

Emaar Misr offers the best of its expertise and implementation mechanisms in this giant architectural edifice to make it a comprehensive residential complex more like a large city with integrated facilities and services whose residents live a life of absolute comfort and luxury.

  • A sports club that has been designed in a harmonious way to provide a large number of different courts for several games, including tennis, basketball, and squash, in addition to the presence of multi-sized swimming pools to suit everyone and paved tracks for morning exercise, running and others.
  • Rambla Street is one of the most famous streets in Spain, from which the design of Mivida Boulevard was taken. It is a large walkway connecting Business Park and Lake District, filled with beautiful trees and flowers spread throughout Mivida, and there is also an international shopping area that contains Shops with a huge range of major brands and brands, as well as a number of entertainment and entertainment venues.
  • Mivida Business Park is the true meaning of the integrated work environment. A huge administrative building with a space of 100,000 square meters holds several administrative offices, meeting rooms, and various events designed in a unique way that provides an atmosphere of calm and focus, this place is also surrounded by multiple restaurants and cafes, coordinated smoothly within the beautiful green spaces, specially equipped for you to enjoy a rest in this dazzling climate, which increases productivity and reduces stress at work.
  • Eterna Medical Center is a large and integrated medical complex with a group of hospitals, multi-specialty centers, pharmacies, and medical laboratories as well, in addition to the presence of a medical team trained at the highest level and available to serve the population 24 hours a day.
  • The executing company did not neglect the importance of education, so it provided large international schools in
  • Emaar Mivida Compound, namely Repton English School and Esnk German School, which provide an integrated educational system for your children.
  • A garage on a large space that can accommodate a large number of cars and is secured to reduce congestion in front of the units in Mivida compound.
  • Providing security and guarding through modern surveillance cameras that work throughout the day to record all movements in Mivida project, in addition to the presence of security men trained at the highest level and deployed throughout the place.

Units types and spaces within Mivida Emaar Misr

This unique architectural icon was inaugurated on an entire space of 890 acres divided between residential units of up to 300 units, as well as various facilities and vast green spaces.

To complement the distinction found in Mivida Compound, it has been divided into several residential areas with various residential units, namely apartments, twin houses, villas, clinics, and administrative offices, and they have been divided as follows:

  • Mivida: It is a modernly designed clinic and administrative office area located in the heart of Mivida Compound directly, and the spaces start from 44 square meters.
  • Avenues Residences: This area consists of excellent apartments with a space starting from 95 square meters up to 200 square meters, with rooms ranging from two to three rooms. The place also has a number of swimming pools and places for children.
  • Gardens: It is an area designated for twin houses that have been designed in a modern and elegant style, and its space starts from 348 square meters.
  • Greens: This place has a unique collection of luxurious villas that provide you with an unparalleled living experience, with spaces ranging from 356 square meters up to 391 square meters.
  • Boulevard Residence (from 1 to 6): apartments in the beating heart of Mivida, as it is the largest space in
  • Emaar Mivida Compound
  • and close to a number of facilities and services in the project, and spaces start from 521 square meters and reach 779 square meters.

Mivida New Cairo Prices

The exclusivity of this project includes everything from designs to prices and payment methods. It has developed a non-competitive price plan to suit all categories, namely:

  1. The price per square meter in Emaar Mivida Compound ranges from 22,400 EGP up to 36,564 EGP.
  2. Medical offices and clinics in the compound at a price starting from 3,926,888 EGP.
  3. Apartment prices start from 5,011,000 EGP.
  4. Twin houses with various spaces have prices starting from 9,626,888 EGP.
  5. As for the villas, they start from 13,701,000 EGP.

Payment systems in Emaar Mivida Compound

The compound has unique payment systems dedicated to Emaar Misr customers, which is to pay 5% as a downpayment of the unit value, then pay 10% after three months, and pay the rest in installments for 6 full years. So, seize this rare opportunity and own your dream unit in a world of magic and beauty in the heart of New Cairo.

All units are delivered with a full finishing system and delivery will start in 2021.

The Owner Company of The Project

Emaar Misr is a name with a long history in real estate that entered the Egyptian market. Since its establishment in 2005, it has achieved several important and huge projects that compete with the largest international real estate development companies.

It is indeed a pioneering company in this field and has worked in several different locations, including New Cairo, Mokattam, and North Coast, to innovate every time and produce an important and distinctive architectural work that adds a lot to its busy career, and we will explain below some of these projects:

  1. Marassi North Coast Resort.
  2. Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  3. Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  4. Development of the new Alexandria Library.
  5. Uptown Cairo New Cairo project.
  6. Mivida Business Park Fifth Settlement.
  7. Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement.
  8. El Alamein Hotel Project.
  9. Mivida North Coast Compound.
  10. Burj Khalifa.
  11. Presidential lounge in Dubai.
  12. Modern boutique hotel.
  13. Tuscan Valley in Turkey.
  14. BeitMisk in Lebanon.


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