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project details

project name Mountain View Sokhna 2 Resort
unit type chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas
owner company Mountain View
installment systems Payment plan: 30% can be paid as a down payment and the rest in installments over 3 years.
location In Ain Sokhna, n Suez Road, specifically at Kilo 111 not far from the new city of El Galala, and also only an hour away from Cairo, which makes it easy to reach at any time.

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Different meanings of joy and happiness offered to you alone in Mountain View Sokhna 2

Mountain View always fascinates us with its very distinguished coastal projects, Mountain View Sokhna Resort is one of those high-quality engineering works carried out by Mountain View Company in recent times.

Mountain View El Sokhna 2 has a very distinctive set of competitive features that make it among the major tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna, as it has a unique location close to different parts of Ain Sokhna and its surroundings.

It is also on an important axial road, the Suez Road, which is easily accessible and other major axes, in addition to making very distinct designs inside Mountain View El Sokhna so that it completely overlooks the sea.

All this is in addition to the various advantages and various services that were provided within Mountain View El Sokhna, and the prices and easy payment systems offered by the company in order to provide multiple facilities to the customer, so contact us now and get your unique unit overlooking the sea directly.

What do you know about Mountain View 2 location?

The location plays an important and distinctive role in the success of this large project, as it is located in the heart of Ain Sukhna, which is characterized by a moderate atmosphere in all seasons and is also close to several important tourist areas surrounding it.

Mountain View Sokhna Resort 2 was built on Suez Road, specifically at Kilo 111 of Suez Road, so it is not far from the new city of El Galala, and also only an hour away from Cairo, which makes it easy to reach at any time.

It is about 100 km away from the city of Suez and about 150 km from the Administrative Capital, and it is not far from the new El Galala Road.

Mountain View El Sokhna 2 is a short distance from the mountain view 1 resort. The resort is also easily accessible through Zafarana Road and the new Al-Kuraimat Road, and it is also minutes away from the Hurghada / Ismailia Road.

Distinguished Architectural Design for Mountain View 2 Ain Sokhna Resort

Mountain View is one of the few companies that is always looking for customer happiness in everything, even in project designs, and this was evident in the unique design that Mountain View 2 was built on.

The developer company hired its best architects and engineers to design this large edifice, which has a direct view of the Red Sea, known for its beauty and charm.

Mountain View El Sokhna is designed in the shape of the letter “M”, which gives the possibility for all units to see the beach directly, as well as the rest of the landscape in the resort.

Learn about all the features in Mountain View 2 Ain Sokhna Resort

Mountain View is always working on the convenience of its customers and providing the meanings of luxury, fun, and happiness for them through a wide range of different benefits and services it provides to them.

We will get acquainted with all the details of those competitive features that the project possesses:

  • The green spaces in Mountain View play a pivotal role in distinguishing this place, as it is filled with a large landscape surrounding the units on all sides, which decorates the atmosphere of relaxation and calmness inside the units.
  • The location of Mountain View is also of great importance for this resort, as it is close to several vital places and important roads that facilitate access from several directions in a short time.
  • And the engineering design on which Mountain View 2 was built, which made it very distinct from other resorts, all units overlooked the seashore directly.
  • Large spaces between the units provide the necessary privacy for the residents inside the place.
  • The presence of large bodies of water inside Mountain View 2 represented by the wonderful artificial lakes that spread throughout the entire project, which increases the atmosphere of freshness, as well as swimming pools of different sizes and spaces that are suitable for adults and children.

Various services you get inside Mountain View Ain Sokhna

  • An integrated health club with a gym, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and other various entertainment elements within Mountain View 2 so that you can enjoy a great deal of fun and luxury.
  • Dedicated venues for parties of all kinds at Mountain View 2.
  • A large commercial mall inside Mountain View 2 with many major stores that provide you with all the needs of you and your family.
  • An entertainment area for children inside Mountain View 2 with a number of entertaining games for them to spend enjoyable times and a holiday full of joy.
  • Mountain View 2 providing periodic cleaning and maintenance services in the place in order to continuously maintain general cleanliness and for the facilities to perform their role more efficiently.
  • The presence of an integrated medical center  in Mountain View 2 with a number of different specialties and pharmacies that serve Mountain View Ain Sokhna is available throughout the day.
  • A number of restaurants and cafes inside Mountain View 2 have been provided that provide excellent services to the residents in an atmosphere of calm and comfort, and they are close to all units.
  • The presence of a large mosque inside Mountain View 2 that was built to accommodate a large number of worshipers, and sterilization and disinfection measures were taken to maintain the general health of worshipers.
  • Mountain View 2 has a complete security system with a number of modern surveillance cameras that monitor all movements in Mountain View Ain Sokhna, which provides safety and security for worshipers.
  • A large garage designed to handle a large number of cars in Mountain View 2 and provide them with the necessary care.

Various spaces and different units in Mountain View 2 Ain Sokhna

This resort was built on an area of 33 acres, equivalent to about 138,600 square meters, which is a large space that has been divided between landscapes, artificial lakes, and facilities of various types, and these represent the largest part, while the rest of the space is allocated to units.

There are a large number of units, amounting to more than 292 units divided into several types, namely “chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas” and these units carry a variety of spaces suitable for different people.

In the following, we will explain more information regarding the various spaces in Mountain View 2 Sokhna:

  • The chalets in Mountain View 2 space starts from 80 square meters.
  • As for the twin houses in Mountain View 2 space in the village, it starts from 220 square meters up to 265 square meters.

Competitive prices and convenient payment systems that you can find in Mountain View 2 Ain Sokhna Resort

Prices are of great importance to customers when making a purchase decision, so the company that developed Mountain View Ain Sokhna was keen to offer competitive purchase prices and add distinct payment systems to it.

In order to facilitate its valued customers and motivate them to make a decision as soon as possible, we will present below more details regarding prices, payment systems, and delivery dates:

  • Chalet in Mountain View 2 prices start on average from 1,000,000 EGP up to 1,921,715 EGP.
  • As for the prices of the twin houses in Mountain View 2, they start from 3,092,006 EGP.
  • As for villas in Mountain View 2, their prices range between 5,683,123 EGP up to 12,015,883 EGP.
  • Payment plan: 30% can be paid as a down payment and the rest in installments over 3 years.
  • The units in Mountain View 2 will be delivered in 2022.

So, Mountain View 2 Sokhna Resort is your ideal destination to spend special times in an atmosphere of fun and luxury on the beaches of the Red Sea, which are very beautiful and unique.

Therefore, you must make the decision now and seize that opportunity that will not be repeated and book your unique unit within the international resort of Mountain View 2 Ain Sokhna.

The real estate developer of Mountain View 2 Sokhna Project

Mountain View is one of the best companies in Egypt now and is the most prominent in the field of real estate. This is evident since its establishment in 2005, and it was the pioneer in starting residential development within the Fifth Settlement area.

It has always carried to the Egyptian society a distinct vision of sustainable development and technological development, as it seeks with all its efforts and great experience to carry out various projects.

And it has devoted all efforts to making these works of high quality and a strong infrastructure in order to withstand the great technological development that the company seeks to put inside it.

Therefore, it recently contracted with Huawei to manufacture an integrated system for them to add to one of its major projects as an initial experiment, and it will be generalized to the rest of the engineering work carried out by the company.

In the following, we will explain an overview of the important works carried out by Mountain View Company in many different areas:


Project details