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project name Mv Park The Lake
unit type Townhouses, apartments and villas
owner company Mountain View
installment systems The customer pays an advance of 10% when contracting from the total value of the unit and installments of the rest over an equal 9 years without interest.
location In the heart of October city, close to the most famous club, the Shooting Club, which is 5 minutes away from it and it is separated from Juhayna Square by several minutes, which can be reached in just 5 minutes.

A golden opportunity for life with a new concept, you can book your unit now in the most beautiful international view in 6th of October City, where MV Park The Lake.

Mountain View, the leading real estate development company, launched its new project, MV Park The Lake, which is located in the 6th of October City. Huge sales have been achieved by about one billion pounds, on a vast area of ​​70 acres, and contain a total of 1,800 units, with investments amounting to 4 billion EGP in Mv Park The Lake Compound.

Mountain View Park The Lake is distinguished by its vital and geographical location, as Mv Park The Lake Compound is a new definition of modern life. Mv Park The Lake Project is one of the most important and luxurious areas that have been established in the 6th of October City. Its location is a modern face that gives customers a lot of complete privacy inside Mv Park The Lake Project.

Work has been done by the real estate developer to provide the highest level of luxury and sophistication, and the units within MV Park are characterized by achieving a great deal of complete comfort and enjoyment of complete privacy within this luxury project.

Also, many large companies that are distinguished by international designs were hired to implement a wonderful plan and an integrated project that combines luxury and modern lifestyles that mimic the European style in Mv Park The Lake Compound.

The developer, Mountain View, was keen to put in place an unparalleled suitable price plan in order to own an integrated unit with multiple services, and Mv Park The Lake is also possible to pay on a convenient installment system that suits all the desires and capabilities of customers in Mv Park The Lake.

Mv Park The lake 6th of October location

Mountain View Park The Lake is located in an exceptional and strategic location in the heart of October city, which made it a wonderful place for all families, and it is connected to a group of vital centers in the city.

We mention below the most important features of the location:

  • Park The Lake MV is close to the most famous club, the Shooting Club, which is 5 minutes away from Mv Park The Lake Project.
  • In Mv Park The Lake the largest mega mall in Cairo, the Mall of Arabia, can also be reached in 12 minutes.
  • Mv Park The Lake is separated from Juhayna Square by several minutes, which can be reached in just 5 minutes.
  • In just 7 minutes, Mountain View Square can be reached.

MV Park The Lake Project space

MV Park 6 October Project is distinguished by its being built on a land space of 70 acres, and green spaces, gardens, and facilities occupy the largest proportion of that total space, allowing a calm and clean atmosphere for your family away from crowds, noise, and pollution, in which you enjoy a real sense of calm and freshness.

Mv Park The Lake also includes a number of luxurious units designed with the latest building materials and the modern international system, and each of them differs from others in terms of types and spaces, in order to allow customers the freedom to choose the most appropriate for them.

Units design inside MV Park 6th of October

You can own your innovative unit in MV Park, where the developer worked on designing Mv Park The Lake October with the finest innovations and smart plans inside the residences, which Mountain View Company has been keen on in order to prepare to keep pace with the modern era and develop advanced life concepts through smart designs.

In Mv Park, you are taken from the hassle and life full of noise and pollution to another level, where we provide you with your home with a wonderful and unique view, with advanced digital entrances without using old methods that increase the safety of your family.

Park The Lake MV also provides you with many entertainments and basic services that are designed innovatively and with high accuracy, and provide all methods of security and safety for the entire project.

The units are designed to be a smart city and include smart robots and optical sensors that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and they are one of the modern international systems. They are also equipped with a smart sound that works with wonderful soothing music that works from the moment you step inside the building.

Mountain View Park The Lake was built within a clean area for a pure environment inspired by nature. The houses are equipped with programmed chutes for garbage, which are recycled in a way that is suitable for the environment, ensuring a clean life and enjoying fresh healthy air.

Book now your luxury residential unit and enjoy the great outdoors and clean environment inside MV Park.

The unique services of MV Park The Lake 6th of October

Mountain View has provided many services and features that are unique to Mountain View Park The Lake, to meet all that customers are looking for in that project, and we mention them as follows:

  • Mv Park The Lake contains Green spaces, landscaping, gardens, and wonderful landscapes expand greatly and surround the units, giving them an attractive urban appearance.
  • Mv Park The Lake contains Central Park is distinctively designed, with a large number of gardens attached to high-level facilities, where you can enjoy tranquility and relaxation in the wonderful healthy air.
  • Mv Park The Lake contains A large corniche corridor with a length of 380 square meters, prepares you for a natural climate for a natural therapeutic walk.
  • Park The Lake MV also features a long walkway to the lake, which gives it attractive artistic touches that raise the eye and touch the heart with its beauty.
  • Mv Park The Lake contains A private gate to the villas islands for more privacy and to take a bit of serenity and tranquility with the wonderful views overlooking them.
  • Mv Park The Lake contains Long paths away from the public roads of cars, which are intended for lovers of early morning exercise, running, and walking.
  • Within the MV Park, there are places for healthy eating within a beautiful garden, amidst the singing of birds, and around the attractive landscape.
  • Private garages and parking spaces for each unit include a large number of cars, in order to maintain the general view of Park The Lake project and prevent crowding.
  • Working to provide all methods of security and safety from guards, at the entrances to Park The Lake  project in order to secure them, in addition to modern electronic gates.
  • Mv Park The Lake also  containsspecial rooms for The Youth development program to run special programs to develop young people’s ideas, and train them on activities, which helps them acquire knowledge and self-development.

There are many huge features within MV Park The Lake 6 October

  • One of the most important features that make MV Park unique is that it is built on a vast space with a strategic and exceptional location that is distinct from other projects.
  • The various units  in Mv Park The Lake that imitate the European style through their wonderful designs have been hired by experts and engineers in order to implement this, which gives it charming and attractive touches that surround the landscape.
  • A health club with gyms equipped with the latest equipment, modern methods, and trainers of the highest standards at Mv Park The Lake.
  • Entertainment places in MV Park for children have many games suitable for their ages, and they are trained on modern activities that develop their ideas Mv Park The Lake.
  • Using and enjoying innovative products in smart ways such as digital electronic gates without the need for a key, and facial recognition systems, ensuring the security of your home within Mv Park The Lake.
  • The lights are powered by smart sensors, which are one of the most important environmentally friendly things, and sounds with music are used when entering your unit, giving you a side of calm and relaxation in Mv Park The Lake.
  • Different sports can be played in several places. The sports pod gives you the freedom to play your favorite sport in the best places at Mv Park The Lake.
  • Gorgeous flats and springs inside MV Park, which has 11 relaxing water features, packed with indoor sounds you love to hear and enjoy within Mv Park The Lake.
  • inside Mv Park The Lake The iconic 11-meter-wide Boulevard, inspired by Californian Rodeo Drive, separates the Villas district from Central Park, and drivers can enjoy a ride on the highest level paved road without any hassle.

Residential units and their space within MV Park The Lake Project

There are many types of housing units within Park The Lake  project, as it includes a number of (residential apartments – standalone villas – townhouses), each of which is designed in a modern world style and differs among themselves in terms of spaces, prices, and designs, in order to give the customer complete freedom to choose the most suitable for him.

  • The apartments’  at Mv Park The Lake space starts from 130 square meters up to 165 square meters, while Ivilas’ space starts from 190 to 230 square meters.
  • The townhouses in Mv Park The Lake space is 185 square meters, while the space of the standalone villa is 285 square meters.
  • Lake House with a space of 385 square meters.

Unit prices and payment systems

  • The prices of apartments in Mv Park The Lake start from 1,750,000 EGP, and residential villas start from 2,600,000 EGP, while townhouses start from 3,500,000 EGP.

An easy and flexible payment system has been announced based on convenient installments, where you can pay a 10% downpayment upon contracting the total value of the unit and install the rest over 9 equal years without interest.

What are you waiting for, the opportunity is still in front of your eyes, I own your integrated and distinctive unit at great prices and payment methods!!!

The developer company – Mountain View Development

Mountain View is one of the most luxurious and major companies in the field of real estate development and is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market. The company has proven its worth in that field, and it also includes a distinguished group of experts and engineers specialized in modern urbanism.

Mountain view always strives to provide the best of its giant and huge projects that are built on the latest international patterns and on modern designs and the use of the best building materials, and it competes with the largest companies in the field of investment as it has major successful projects that were established within the Egyptian lands and gained great demand from investors and clients.

Here are some of its major projects:


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