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project name Nutshell Stone Residence
unit type apartments - studios - penthouses
owner company Roya Development Company
installment systems you can pay the cost in comfortable installments with 10% down payment over the longest feasible term 7 to 9 years
location inside New Cairo and within one of the most prestigious residential areas, the Fifth Settlement about 5 minutes away from 90th Street,

Nutshell Stone Residence Fifth Settlement

Nutshell is one of the phases of the Stone Residence Compound, which was built on a huge area of ​​about 450 acres, and that space was divided to include green spaces, distinctive services, and multiple facilities, and the strategic location was chosen for it to approach the most important roads and strategic places that enhance your access in a few minutes.

Roya Group, the owner of that stage, was eager to design it according to the most recent international models and works to provide all aspects of privacy and complete comfort for all customers, and it has hired some interior engineers to add creative touches based on innovation to produce us a charming painting that combines sophistication and luxury.

You can also now book the unit you want within the Nutshell stage of the Fifth Settlement and get special prices that the company announced in order to meet the needs of customers, achieve everything they desire, and with flexible payment systems for the longest possible period.

Nutshell Stone Residence Compound’s location

This stage is one of the stages set up by Roya Real Estate, which chose a prestigious location for it, as it is inside New Cairo and within one of the most prestigious residential areas, the Fifth Settlement, as it is characterized by its proximity to the most important streets and a few minutes away from the most important places.

Nutshell Stone Residence location has the following features:

  • Nutshell Stone compound is about 5 minutes away from 90th Street, which is the major entry of New Cairo.
  • Nutshell Stone’s also only 10 minutes from some of the most major new cities, such as Heliopolis.
  • Nasr City and Maadi are both 10 minutes distant from Nutshell Stone project.
  • Nutshell Stone project is connected to the main router via a ring road.
  • The American University is around 15 minutes away from Nutshell Stone compound, while Cairo International Airport is about 20 minutes distant.
  • The Pyramids and Giza are around 30 minutes away from Stone Residence.

Features of Nutshell Stone Compound

Roya has presented the latest stages within tone Residence project, and Nutshell Stone Residence Compound is considered one of the most luxurious and finest compounds, which has great technical and engineering expertise and capabilities, which results in a distinctive project with international designs, and we mention the following:

  • Nutshell Stone compound in Fifth Settlement enjoys a geographical location, as it is close to the most important roads, main sites, and major projects in New Cairo, which makes it easy for you to reach your destination in a few minutes.
  • For recreation and enjoyment of water games in Nutshell Stone, they have distributed a number of different swimming pools to suit all ages.
  • Green spaces of landscapes, gardens, and vast parks inside Nutshell Stone that contain seating for recreation and relaxation in the clean outdoors.
  • The presence of water features in Nutshell Stone such as fountains and waterfalls, with their gleaming crystal waters bathed in sunshine, adds to the psychological comfort of the area.
  • In order to provide enjoyment for everybody in Nutshell Stone, we have created a specific section for children with all of the required activities for them, as well as security and control measures to assure their safety.
  • Nutshell Stone compound contains a 5-star hotel with top-notch services, a complete lobby, and rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Nutshell Stone project was equipped with sound and fire alarm protection equipment to give occupants a more comprehensive level of security.
  • Within Nutshell Stone compound’s main playgrounds, you may enjoy a variety of games such as tennis, table tennis, and football.
  • We created large paths designed for walking at Nutshell Stone, jogging, and cycling that were separate from the public road for cars.

Services provided by Nutshell Fifth Settlement

  • Gymnasiums with technologies and equipment that provide a high level of client satisfaction in Nutshell Stone.
    Within Nutshell Stone property, there are covered swimming pools specifically created for women.
  • Nutshell Stone project has vast and well-equipped sports courts where you can play exciting activities like tennis and squash.
  • Within Nutshell Stone property, there are several sports and social groups to let you enjoy and connect with family and friends.
  • A world-class mall with various stores and distinctive brands that gives a more than delightful shopping experience for everyone in Nutshell Stone.
  • At Nutshell Stone Cafes and restaurants of the finest caliber serve the tastiest and most delectable cuisine and drinks in a serene and sophisticated setting.
  • Nutshell Stone Residence houses the headquarters of multinational firms and administrative authorities, as well as being close to a number of bank offices and ATMs, allowing inhabitants to conduct a variety of administrative and financial operations.
  • For individuals who are interested in fitness, we have set up a fully equipped gym with all the necessary instruments and equipment.
  • Distinguished and premium medical services are provided by the compound’s main clinics, which are open 24 hours a day to accommodate patients.
  • By allocating their own places, they may participate in interesting and pleasant social and cultural events.
  • Inside Nutshell Stone Large garages for compound inhabitants’ automobiles, with enough space to handle the highest number of cars and avoid overpopulation.
  • A high-tech, high-speed internet connection is available in all of the apartments.
    The residents in Nutshell Stone were also serviced by a distinguished housekeeping and dry cleaning service.

The chance is still available; reserve today to receive a variety of special services within Nutshell Stone Residence Fifth Settlement.

Nutshell Stone Residence Compound’s units and space

Nutshell is one of the phases of the massive stone residence project, which spans 500 acres and has been divided into 142 residential sections, as well as 462 luxury structures.

Each level has eight apartments with varying sizes and various foreign decor. The units in it are (apartments – studios – penthouses), each of which has several spaces so that the client may select the one that is most appropriate for them.

The following are the spaces of the units at Nutshell Stone Residence:

  • Nutshell Stone smallest penthouses start at 62 square meters.
  • Nutshell Stone studio apartments at the compound range in size from 42 to 71 square meters, with a roof area of 71 square meters.
  • The size of studio apartments starts at 62 square meters, with a roof area of 111 square meters.
  • There is a studio of 91 square meters and a roof of 170 square meters.
  • Nutshell Stone Apartments are 121 square meters in size, with a 228 square meters open roof.

Prices and payment systems inside Nutshell Stone Residence

Roya Development was eager to offer special prices for the units available within its luxury project, Nutshell Stone Residence Fifth Settlement, and it was announced that the price per square meter starts at 14,200 EGP, and the unit price starts at 980,000 EGP, making it one of the most renowned prices in the area.

In addition to giving one of the finest payment methods, Roya Group claimed that you may reserve the residential unit you want as long as you can pay the cost in comfortable installments over the longest feasible term, and the unit will be delivered within a year of signing the contract.

Within the compound, the following payment systems are available:

  • You can make a reservation down payment of 10% of the unit price, get 5% immediately, and pay the remainder in equal payments over the next 7 years from the date of contracting.
  • You can also pay a 10% down payment, 10% upon receipt, and the remainder of the unit price in equal installments over an 8-year period.
  • Alternatively, pay a 10% reservation deposit and a 15% deposit upon reception, with the remainder of the unit price paid in 9-year payments.

You can reach out to us for additional information!

Real Estate Developer

Roya Development Company is one of the largest major Egyptian companies, founded in 2007, and is considered one of the most successful and fastest-growing companies in the field of real estate development, due to its keenness to provide sophisticated and modern residential communities, as it works with great consideration when establishing any project, and implements it very carefully, looking forward to investing for a better future.

One of the company’s most distinguishing characteristics is its dedication to its whole objective, and it is also transforming society via the formulation of visions and strategic plans. It began as a part of Hisham Shoukry’s medical enterprise, RE, which he created in 1997. With a capital of more than 2 billion Egyptian pounds, it is one of the greatest holding corporations in the sector of tourism and real estate development, with over 3 billion US dollars in investment volume.

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