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project name Phia El Sokhna
unit type Chalets
owner company Tatweer Misr
installment systems Paying a 5% downpayment of the total unit price and the rest in equal installments for a period of up to 10 years.
location In a distinguished strategic location within the city of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, 11 km from Porto Sokhna, and the Movenpick Tourist Hotel is 7 km away.

Do you dream of spending the most beautiful and happiest moments with your family in an atmosphere full of happiness and activity and with international standards? Now to you, Phia Resort Ain Sokhna to offer everything you dream of in your hands

Tatweer Misr has presented a unique project that attracts all those looking for all kinds of entertainment and enjoyment, as Phia Sokhna resort is located in IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna in the Red Sea and its wonderful crystalline beaches and soft sands, which are known worldwide, Phia offers all kinds of entertainment and high-end services to the client.

  • Phia Tatweer Misr was designed to include many exclusive services that help serve the residents, by providing vast spaces, unparalleled prices, and payment systems, with wonderful views of the Red Sea beaches, coral reefs, and colorful fish, so that the customer can enjoy the happiest times with his family.

Phia Sokhna IL Monte Galala location

Phia is located in a distinguished strategic location within the city of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, as it is close to many important vital areas, most notably:

  • Phia Sokhna is located 11 km from Porto Sokhna, and the Movenpick Tourist Hotel is 7 km away.
  • Phia Sokhna is located near the Emirates Gas Station, at a distance of 3 km.
  • Phia Sokhna is close to many important main axes, facilitating easy access and exit from Phia Sokhna resort. It is only 120 km away from Cairo-Suez Road, and 95 km from Katameya-Sokhna Road.
  • Phia Sokhna is about 120 km away from Zafarana Road.
  • Also, Phia Ain Sokhna is close to the Gulf of Suez, and Hurghada Road, with a distance of 320 km.
  • Phia Sokhna is only about 40 km away from Suez-Ain Sokhna road.

The spaces and types of units in Phia Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

The spaces provided in the project facilitated the presence of many services and features that any client needs in his unit, as Phia Sokhna resort extends over a distance of 16 acres, wonderfully distributed between green spaces and buildings, and green spaces, lakes, and services had the largest share of the project space by 80% so that the client could enjoy a wonderful and picturesque view.

  • Chalets in Phia Sokhnawith spaces starting from 100 up to 139 square meters.
  • Lofts in Phia Sokhna space starts from 70 up to 112 square meters.

The great features of Phia Ain Sokhna

Tatweer Misr, the owner of the project, provided many advantages that serve clients to a large extent, from the recreational and social activities provided to the wonderful services that are indispensable to any client in the place of his dreams, and these features are as follows:

  • The wonderful and different design in the distinctive Greek style is very similar to the island of Santorini so that the customer feels that he has traveled abroad, but he enjoys all these services on Egyptian lands at Phia Sokhna.
  • The different types and sizes of units in Phia Sokhna allow residents to choose the appropriate unit for the needs of each client according to his requirements.
  • The calm and recreation found in Phia Sokhna resort allow all those fleeing the hustle and bustle of the city and the pressures in it to enjoy the beautiful, quiet life and the charming view in Phia Sokhna.
  • Green spaces harmonize beautifully with blue beaches and golden sands to provide a wonderful atmosphere in which customers can enjoy within Phia Sokhna.
  • The units at Phia Sokhna are designed in the form of tiered terraces so that all units overlook the wonderful, picturesque landscape.
  • The artificial lakes at Phia Sokhna, which included a space of ​​3200 square meters, and the sandy beaches with a length of 1200 meters increase the splendor of the view that the units overlook.

Services offered by Phia Resort

Phia Monte Galala provided exclusive services that do not count to ensure the provision of the best entertainment methods for the client, which was one of the most important reasons for the success of the project and drew the eyes of clients looking for recreation and luxury, and these services are:

  • Phia IL Monte Galala contains many swimming pools of various sizes and shapes to serve all ages.
  • Phia project includes a huge medical center that contains many modern devices, and a group of the best doctors in various fields to serve the population.
  • Huge hotels designed with the latest high-end methods and hotel services at the highest level, which attracts the eyes of customers to Phia Tatweer Misr resort.
  • Many restaurants and cafes spread along the beaches for the customer to enjoy the landscape while dining with a group of the best chefs to provide the best different cuisines to serve all tastes in Phia Resort.
  • A huge mall  in Phia Sokhna that includes many commercial units in the most famous and highest international brands, which makes the shopping process more enjoyable.
  • A health club with a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna  at Phia Sokhna to increase the relaxation and enjoyment of customers in their time.
  • A social club  in Phia Sokhna that provides a lot of recreational and social activities that bring members closer together and create a beautiful family atmosphere.
  • Gym equipped with all equipment and trainers at the highest level in Phia Ain Sokhna Tatweer Misr.
  • Gyms with many different games such as football and tennis within Phia Sokhna for everyone to practice their favorite sport, and there are many water sports such as windsurfing and snorkeling.

Prices and payment systems offered in Phia Ain Sokhna

Prices were among the most distinctive features of Phia Ain Sokhna Resort, where Tatweer Misr offered very competitive prices for the services provided by the project, and it is also unique in Ain Sokhna with such prices that suit the financial capabilities of all customers, and the prices of units vary according to the type and the space of the unit is as follows:

  • The unit price starts from 3,500,000 EGP inside Phia Resort Ain Sokhna.

Payment systems were among the most facilitating and flexible systems for other projects in Ain Sokhna. Tatweer Misr, the owner of the project, provided many systems that allow more than one option for customers to choose the payment method that suits their financial capabilities and not carry the burdens of installment and payment, as it spanned over many years up to 10 years as follows:

  • Paying a 5% downpayment of the total unit price and the rest in equal installments for a period of up to 10 years.
  • The units will be delivered with super lux finishing.

So, Phia IL Monte Galala is the gateway to achieving dreams for all investors, enabling you to live in the charming atmosphere that you have always desired, a joyful life in a place directly overlooking the sea, with different types of units with the services you wish around you.

You do not need anything from the outside, so choose your unit now and receive it fully finished with paying the best prices with payment facilities and installment systems, with modern designs to suit everyone who loves the high taste, and your unit is in a privileged location close to the main roads and axes, close to all services, do not hesitate and do not search for much and what you have been dreaming of is in your hands in Phia Ain Sokhna.

The real estate developer of Phia Ain Sokhna

The owner company of Phia Project Ain Sokhna is Tatweer Misr,  one of the largest and most important companies in the field of reconstruction and construction. Its founding dates back to 2014, during this period, it established many different projects that greatly serve the Egyptian markets by providing all the various services that customers need.

During this short period, Tatweer Misr was keen to gain the trust of many customers by providing all the advantages and service facilities that any investor dreams of in his project, and from here it began to draw many eyes through European international designs and vast spaces at fantastic prices, and among the most important projects that it has undertaken:

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