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project details

project name Porto Sokhna
unit type Duplexes, chalets, residential units and villas
owner company Amer Group
installment systems The customer pays a 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 9 years
location Porto Sokhna on the Gulf of Suez Road, and the Ataka Mountains in the Red Sea, 55 km from the city of Suez and 140 km from Cairo

Enjoy a magical summer experience, watching nature from inside the cable car at Porto Sokhna Resort

A new start was presented by Amer Group for the Porto Ain Sokhna project, where the entire resort overlooks the sea, and you can enjoy watching the charming landscapes and the seashore, distinguished by its blue waters and soft white sand.

Porto Sokhna resort is located in the most prominent area in Ain Sokhna, which is considered one of the best tourist interfaces that provide the greatest amount of luxury and pleasure. The project is located on Suez Gulf Road and Ataka Mountains in the Red Sea, and you can reach it easily and easily due to its proximity to several important and distinctive main roads and axes.

Porto Sokhna resort was built on a very large space of ​​about 618 acres, a huge space to accommodate villas, Porto Sokhna Apartments, duplexes, and chalets in Porto Sokhna for sale, and there is a percentage of green spaces, distinctive landscapes, fountains, gardens, and parks, along with all the services and public facilities that the project provides you with.

The payment systems are very flexible and easy, along with competitive prices, to suit all customers and be able to buy and own a unit in Porto El Sokhna.

Do not hesitate and hurry to book a unit within the project and enjoy all the services and advantages that you will get, in addition to enjoying a luxurious life on the seashore and enjoying the distinctive blue waters and sand.

Enjoy the view of the crystal clear seawater and the soft white sand at Amer Group Porto Sokhna Resort

One of the most important features of any residential project is its privileged Porto Sokhna location, as Porto El Sokhna is located on the Gulf of Suez Road, and Ataka Mountains in the Red Sea, 55 km from the city of Suez.

The project is located near several vital and important places such as:

  • Porto Sokhna is 140 km away from the city of Cairo.
  • Porto Sokhna is 25 minutes from the new administrative capital.
  • Porto Sokhna proximity to several important and vital projects, and attracts many clients.
  • Buyers  in Porto Sokhna can buy land in Ain Sokhna Trade Road, Galala University, and Galala University services have been started.

Book your unit inside the most prestigious and luxurious tourist resort that provides you with all the services you need

  • A huge mall  inside Porto Sokhna that includes many shops that contain international brands.
  • For more security, a special guard has been allocated to secure Porto Sokhna resort from any intruders, as well as surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day to monitor any strange movements and move with them immediately.
  • Porto Sokhna Beach Resort offers restaurants and cafés that serve world-class food and drinks by the most skilled professional chefs in their field.
  • A recreational area for children inside Porto Sokhna to spend the most beautiful times with friends and practice all recreational activities, and includes many games.
  • A high-speed internet network to serve all units at Porto Sokhna.
  • A huge garage inside Porto Sokhna that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent traffic congestion and pollution resulting from car exhaust.
  • A huge supermarket at Porto Sokhna that includes all the supplies you need daily.
  • A team for periodic maintenance to repair any malfunction that may result in the units of Porto Sokhna.
  • Inside Porto Sokhna A mosque in an Islamic style accommodates a large number of worshipers.
  • Dedicated places for jacuzzi and sauna for lovers of relaxation and enjoyment within Porto Sokhna.
    A walkway and also you can cycle and run away from the cars.

Enjoy the most important features inside Porto Sokhna Beach Resort

  • All units at Porto Sokhna overlook the beach directly and enjoy watching the blue waters and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and the wonderful view.
  • Porto El Sokhna is characterized by the presence of places to practice fishing, enjoy and spend a beautiful time at the sea.
  • Various swimming pools suit adults and children, and there is a cover for women for more privacy.
  • It is characterized by holding parties, birthdays, and special carnivals for more luxury and distinction.
  • It is characterized as the first resort that has a cable car so that you can see the landscape from a high place and enjoy that special experience.
  • It provides a gym for sports lovers in the early morning, equipped with the latest devices and modern equipment.
  • Porto Sokhna resort is characterized by the allocation of a special area for barbecues away from the residents in the open air.
  • Among the most important features that you will enjoy in Porto El Sokhna are the first golf courses on the top of the mountain overlooking the calm waters of the Red Sea, football, basketball, volleyball, and other recreational activities for adults.
  • 500 square meters have been allocated to the suites that overlook the pool or the adjacent garden.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a hotel that offers distinctive hotel services such as dry ironing service, limousine, cleaning, and baggage service.
  • The project is characterized by the presence of Aqua Park.
  • It is characterized by its views of green spaces, distinctive landscapes, fountains, and artificial lakes, giving all this a wonderful and distinctive view.
  • Club House contains all recreational activities.
  • Cinemas to show all modern foreign and Arab films.
  • Porto Sokhna Beach Resort is characterized by the presence of diving centers and excursions in the beautiful fresh Red Sea, seeing colorful fish and picturesque coral reefs, as well as boat trips.
  • You can sit on the beach and enjoy the blue water and the soft white sand.
  • Porto El Sokhna is characterized by the presence of a salt cave; Many Egyptians and foreigners use it in the treatment of many diseases such as neurological and psychological diseases, extracting negative energy, relieving stress and exhaustion, removing stress, extracting toxins from the body with reactive iodine card, and also in treating thyroid gland, chest allergies, and high blood pressure.

Types of units and spaces within Porto Sokhna Resort

Porto Ain Sokhna was built on a very large space of about 618 acres, equivalent to 2,500,000 square meters, with an extension of 270 meters above sea level. The space was divided between buildings and green spaces, so the lowest percentage did not exceed 20% for buildings and constructions, while the remaining percentage came to various green spaces such as gardens, parks, landscapes, fountains, water bodies, swimming pools, and all services and public utilities.

The units inside it vary, including apartments, duplexes, villas, and chalets, all of which come with a variety of different spaces.

  • The residential apartments space starts from 62 square meters up to 103 square meters.
  • The chalets range from 120 square meters up to 500 square meters.
  • While the space of duplexes and villas varies to suit the needs and desires of customers.

Competitive and imaginative prices and flexible payment systems within Porto Sokhna Resort

The prices are very special to match the large number of distinguished services provided by the project, so the prices are competitive and cannot be compared to any other project; where:

  • Chalet prices start from 1,900,000 EGP.
  • While the hotel apartments have an area of 63 square meters, consisting of a bedroom and a bathroom; Their price starts from 700 thousand EGP.

While the payment systems were flexible and easy to suit many customers and they were able to choose what suits them; A reservation downpayment of 10% of the unit price is paid, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 9 years from the date of contracting in equal installments.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

Amer Group, which is the executing company of the Porto Ain Sokhna project. The company has over 25 years of experience in the real estate field. The company was founded in 1985 and is considered one of the leading companies in its field. The company owns many diverse projects, including restaurants, hotels, malls, resorts, and residential units.

Amer Group seeks to expand to ensure the highest quality of expertise and continues to adhere to these values, while raising the standards of innovation, outstanding design, quality, and superior market value, and the company plans for the future needs of customers while anticipating the surrounding market conditions.

Most important previous works:


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