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project name Ramatan New Capital Compound
unit type Twin House, Apartments and Villas
owner company Al-Naghi for Engineering Construction and Contracting Works
installment systems The customer pays 7.5% in advance and the remaining unit price is installmentd over 6 to 10 years in equal installments and without interest.
location In the heart of the New Administrative Capital, near the diplomatic district, the embassies district, the ministries, the government district, and the financial and business district, which includes a large group of corporate headquarters, the global stock exchange, and international banks with their various branches.

Book your unit inside Ramatan Compound the Administrative Capital, and enjoy living in a lively, quiet area away from noise and pollution

Ramatan New Capital Compound is a full-service residential complex built on a vast area of ​​about 20 acres. It offers the highest levels of luxury, comfort, and tranquility. Its interior units are distinguished by their unique high-end designs surrounded by green spaces and water bodies from all sides, giving them a wonderful aesthetic appearance; If you want a life full of sophistication and elegance, you should book your unit now within this distinctive edifice in Ramatan New Capital.

Ramatan is an Arabic word that means beauty and comfort. The project was established by Al-Naghi Engineering Consultants; It is its latest project and is located specifically in the heart of the eighth district in the New Administrative Capital, which includes a group of the most important cities and high-end economically active neighborhoods and has many facilities and services that many customers and investors are looking for from everywhere inside Ramatan New Capital.

The location of Ramatan Compound and its most important features

One of the most important features of Ramatan Compound is its geographical location; The developer has chosen it very carefully within one of the most important and prestigious neighborhoods in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is the eighth residential neighborhood R8 in plot H1.

Ramatan New Capital project is close to many important areas, high-end lively neighborhoods, and many main roads and axes as follows:

  • Ramatan New Capital Compound is located near the diplomatic district, the embassies district, the ministries, the government district, and the financial and business district, which includes a large group of corporate headquarters, the global stock exchange, and international banks with their various branches.
  • The Green River is 1 minute away.
  • A minute and a half separate Ramatan, the new administrative capital, and the Egyptian Opera House.
  • Ramatan New Capital is about 6 minutes away from both the investment zone and Cairo International Airport.
  • Close to the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ and Al Fattah Al Alim Mosque.
  • Ramatan project New Capital is 7.5 minutes away from the Medical City.
  • The distance between the compound and the Olympic City is approximately 9 minutes.
  • The main street of the project overlooks the Presidential Palace and Parliament Building, while the back street overlooks the schools, shopping areas, and shops.

The total area of Ramatan New Capital Compound

If you are one of those looking for excellence and luxury and love to live among green spaces with picturesque landscapes, then the most suitable place for you is Ramatan Compound, the Administrative Capital.

The developer built the project on an area of 20 acres, and the compound consists of 24 residential buildings and 11 villas, and the space of the units within Ramatan compound varies between green spaces such as landscapes, gardens, parks, water bodies, and residential units inside Ramatan New Capital.

Features available inside Ramatan New Capital Compound

Enjoy with your family living in Ramatan, where high luxury, psychological comfort, and tranquility, and get many of the endless advantages available inside, including:

  • The distinctive strategic location is close to all main roads, axes, vital places, and service facilities in Ramatan Compound New Capital.
  • The vast green spaces cover most of the areas and surround the residential units of public parks and picnic spots with scenic landscapes within Ramatan Compound.
  • The water bodies in the midst of green spaces, such as artificial lakes and dancing fountains with turquoise waters, draw attention to them.
  • The residential units are diverse and distinguished by their luxurious in Ramatan Compound New Capital, elegant, and modern architectural designs, as there is harmony between them and the landscape around them.
  • Central internet, with excellent speed, is available in all units, in addition to a central shower to reach the highest levels of luxury and enjoyment.
  • The track is intended for walking, running, and cycling, away from cars, in order to preserve the safety of citizens inside Ramatan Compound New Capital.

Services provided by Ramatan New Administrative Capital

Ramatan New Capital includes many excellent services that conform to international standards and can not be dispensed with to provide the highest level of luxury and fun, where you can enjoy with all your family members a lot of endless entertainment, including:

  • A huge mall that includes a large number of shops that provide many goods and services and a group of international brands that suit all tastes, in addition to containing medical clinics and administrative offices with integrated services within Ramatan Compound.
  • Within Ramatan New Capital, Kids Area has a wide range of safe games and various recreational activities for children, appropriate for their ages, to make them happier.
  • Under each apartment building, there is a large garage with a large area to park the cars of the residents inside and prevent them from being crowded in Ramatan Compound New Capital.
  • Sky Roof contains a group of luxury restaurants that serve the most delicious oriental and western food, and cafes that serve the finest types of drinks.
  • A large mosque with luxurious Islamic architectural designs for performing the five daily prayers in Ramatan Project New Capital.
  • The real estate developer of Ramatan New Capital seeks to provide all means of security and safety to preserve the lives of citizens, as there are surveillance cameras distributed everywhere, in addition to security guards that operate 24 hours a day without interruption in Ramatan Project New Capital.
  • Gyms in Ramatan Project New Capital that contain the latest equipment and equipment, in addition to a group of the most skilled trainers.
  • It offers spa units, a sauna, and a jacuzzi for more recreation and luxury.
  • Within Ramatan Compound, the Administrative Capital, there is a Club House that contains the latest equipment and has entertainment services at the highest level.
  • Pharmacies with all kinds of medicines and medical supplies needed by the residents of Ramatan New Capital compound.
  • Swimming pools inside Ramatan Project distributed in most parts of the project vary in areas and depths to suit all ages.

Various residential units and their spaces within Ramatan

In addition to the wonderful features and service facilities that meet all the needs of the residents, Ramatan Compound includes various residential units between luxury apartments and twin houses and standalone villas with breathtaking urban designs that attract many clients and investors.

Each residential building consists of a ground floor and seven repeated upper floors, each floor contains 4 apartments, and the total number is 784 units in Ramatan, and the spaces are as follows:

  • The apartment types in Ramatan New Capital vary between A&B&C and have an area of ​​155 square meters.
  • The twin houses have a space of 299 square meters.
  • Standalone villas inside Ramatan have a space of 451 square meters.

Prices and payment systems available within Ramatan New Capital Compound

The real estate developer of Ramatan Compound has been keen to set unbeatable prices that are suitable for all customers compared to the excellent facilities and entertainment services it provides; The price per square meter starts from 15,500 EGP within Ramatan.

As for the payment systems, convenient facilities have been set up when paying for all customers, whereby the customer pays 7.5% in advance, and the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over 6 to 10 years in equal installments without interest within Ramatan Project New Capital.

The units in Ramatan Compound are delivered with a fully finished system after 3 years from the date of construction, and for more details, contact us!

Real estate developer of Ramatan New Capital

Al-Naghi for Engineering Construction and Contracting Works is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development. It is the owner of Ramatan Compound. It was established in 2008 and has received many certificates of thanks and distinction and won the trust of many businessmen and investors; This is due to its distinctive style in luxury designs and its commitment to delivering the units on time over 13 years of achievements.

Al Naghi Company includes a group of senior engineers, the most efficient experts, and the most skilled workers, which contributed to making it one of the largest companies in the real estate market as it provided many services in:

  • In the field of contracting and became qualified to undertake major projects in Egypt.
  • Interior Design; It creates contemporary interiors, creating a suitable atmosphere full of luxury and comfort.
  • Real estate development, as it has a great deal of experience and complete professionalism to enter this field, depends on its innovative designs in all residential and commercial projects.

Al Naghi Company has implemented many successful projects, the most important of which are:

  • Rihana Compound in 6th of October City.
  • The project is to construct the strategic leadership buildings in the administrative capital, which is owned by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.
  • The project is to establish strategic command villas, which are owned by the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces.
  • Karnak Compound in New Cairo.
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