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project name Silver sands North Coast
unit type Twin House, Chalets and Villas
owner company Ora Developers
installment systems Multiple payment systems with a 5% advance and up to 40% and repayment periods of up to 8 years
location On the north coast of an area between Almaza Bay and Sidi Hanish in kilo 208 Alexandria Desert Road - Matrouh.

A golden opportunity for life in a new concept, you can book your unit now with a global tourist interface in the heart of the North Coast…

Silver Sands North Coast is the latest project of Ora Developers, the project overlooks the Mediterranean shore in the heart of North Coast. Silver Sands resorts has become a luxurious edifice that includes many integrated services that bring a wonderful summer atmosphere, as it is located in a place characterized by sophistication and luxury, which is completely away from noise and pollution in an environment Distinctive and unique insde Silver Sands North Coast.

It is one of the most important resorts known for modern life, overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean with its clear blue waters, and an interface in harmony with the attractive nature, the prices at Silver Sands North Coast resort are the best in this area at all, as it is characterized by a variety of spaces so that each client will find the unit that suits him and suits his capabilities and desires.

You can also book your residential unit with the space you want and pay for it on a convenient installment system so that you can enjoy your stay at the resort and benefit from all the services and facilities that provide you with all kinds of fun and entertainment within Silver Sands Resort North Coast.

Silver Sands Location

Own your most distinguished residential unit on the most beautiful sea in the North Coast in the village of Silver Sands in the Sidi Hanish area and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque and charming nature on the shores of the Mediterranean, the mild outdoors throughout the year, the wonderful clear waters and the soft white sand, ORA announced that the best strategic and distinctive locations were selected as the most important tourist attractions in Silver Sands Resort North Coast.

The most important feature of the Silver Sands Resort location:

  • Silver Sands Resort North Coast is located between Almaza Bay and Sidi Hanish Al Sahel.
  • Silver Sands Project is located at Kilo 208 Alex-Matrouh Desert Road.
  • Silver Sands Resort North Coast is located at km 208, specifically next to the village of Fouka Bay.
  • It is about 75 square meters away from Marsa Matrouh.
  • Silver Sands is located near Borg El Arab Airport.
  • Silver Sands project is away from the city of El Alamein, Marina, about 100 square kilometers.
  • It is about 75 km away from the resort of Marsa Matrouh and Al Jarawla Bay, so it can be reached within an hour and a quarter.
  • Silver Sands North Coast is about 108 km from the resort of Dabaa and Sidi Abdel Rahman, which can be reached within an hour.
  • Close to many prominent service areas and famous resorts such as Marassi, El Patio El Zahraa, June Sodic, and Bo Island.

The real estate developer was interested in choosing the strategic location that surrounds the vital areas, where the North Coast was chosen to be an honorable and distinguished tourist interface in Silver Sands. The beaches in Sidi Hanish are characterized by the charming beauty that mimics nature and is characterized by its charming attractive beauty, enjoy your summer vacation now at Silver Sands Resort.

The North Coast is the perfect choice for building Silver Sands Resort

North Coast is the bright future of Egypt, as it includes many resorts and tourist areas that bring tourists from different parts of the world and enjoy the charming and picturesque nature, and the unparalleled turquoise blue waters, in addition to the various recreational activities that everyone can enjoy within Silver Sands.

North Coast is a place inspired by art and designed to capture your heart with panoramic views of the sea. You can also spend the most beautiful nights and days with the best resorts and luxury hotels that provide services at the highest levels in Silver Sands Project North Coast.

The space of Silver Sands Project North coast

Silver Sands North Coast was built on a large space to include many wonderful units, facilities and construction, where the village area is 485 acres with a beach length of up to 1000 meters in Silver Sands Project North Coast.

Silver Sands is divided into several housing units of a variety of different types and sizes. It contains (independent villas – twin houses – chalets on the ground floor and rooftops).

The units are characterized by large and varied areas, and they are fully finished and attached to modern air conditioners, starting from 300 square meters up to 391 square meters, and on a land area of 700 meters up to 2000 square meters inside Silver Sands Project North Coast.

Available services in Silver Sands North Coast Resort

Silver Sands has many features and services that meet all basic needs, and thus becomes an integrated city that combines privacy and sophistication, the following are the most important services:

  • Vast green spaces and landscapes surrounding the resort, charming and picturesque landscapes, represented by high dense trees, wide gardens and parks of different colors.
  • Swimming pools distributed throughout the village, which gives an attractive aesthetic view inside Silver Sands Project.
  • Artificial lakes with their crystal waters, and wonderful European-style water fountains that give the village an attractive urban view inside Silver Sands Project North Coast.
  • Restaurants and cafés with the best hotel services and offering the best food and a variety of drinks, designed in a modern international style within Silver Sands.
  • Luxurious and integrated commercial areas that include many commercial malls, which contain all international brands, and a supermarket with all household necessities.
  • A health club with all sports and recreational activities, in addition to gymnasiums that include modern sports equipment inside Silver Sands Project.
  • A hotel that combines luxury and sophistication, with the highest standards and the best services in Silversands North Coast.
  • Clinics equipped with the best medical devices and supervised by the most skilled and qualified doctors and nurses within Silver Sands Project North Coast.
  • Ample parking and garages to house a large number of cars.
  • Aqua Park is available for water games, which achieves an atmosphere of enjoyment and happiness while providing all amenities inside Silver Sands North Coast.

The unique Features of Silver Sands Resort North Coast

  • Silversands North Coast was designed with the most luxurious modern international designs that simulate the distinctive international patterns and keep pace with the spirit of the times, as it relies on high taste, and combines creativity and innovation in Silver Sands North Coast.
  • Hiring experts and consultants to develop and implement a new and unique implementation plan in modern architecture within Silver Sands North Coast.
  • All the various recreational services that meet all the needs of the population.
  • Free internet services within Silver Sands North Coast village, which facilitates the ease of electronic communication for everyone.
  • Cleaning services throughout the day at the best level, and a concierge service through which customers can easily book in Silver Sands village North Coast.
  • Halls and rooms equipped especially for smokers, in order to maintain the general atmosphere inside Silversands North Coast.

Silver Sands North Coast Units Space and Prices

Silversands North Coast Egypt includes many different residential units, including (chalets – twin houses – villas), each of which is equipped and designed in a unique international style, and everyone can enjoy staying inside Silver Sands village North Coast and benefiting from all services.

The company that developed the project was keen to provide the appropriate and appropriate prices for all customers, while providing easy means of payment, which is based on a convenient installment system for all in Silver Sands village.

The following are the most important prices announced for owning an integrated unit in Silver Sands Resort:

  • Chalets with spaces start from 155 square meters up to 200 square meters built on a land space of 350 square meters, Silver Sands price start from 6,500,000 EGP.
  • Villas ranging in size from 300 to 391 square meters, and built on a plot of land ranging from 800 square meters to 2000 square meters, with prices starting from 15,000,000 and up to 60,000,000 EGP in Silver Sands North Coast.
  • Twin house with a space of 280 square meters, and a plot of 500 square meters, and its prices start from 9,500,000 EGP in Silver Sands village.

Payment systems announced by Ora Development

Ora offers a range of facilities and facilitating systems that help in choosing the appropriate system for the customer, so you can book and own an integrated unit with the lowest down payment, the longest payment period, and no interest.

Here are the easiest payment methods:

  • You can pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price, and the rest in installments over 5 years.
    Or you can pay 10% and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 15% and the rest in installments up to 7 years.
    20% can be paid over 8 years at an annual return of 45%.
  • 40% is paid and the rest is paid after receipt directly from the date of contracting.

The Real estate developer, ORA Development

Ora Development is considered one of the largest real estate companies in the Egyptian market, owned by the famous businessman, Eng. Naguib Sawiris, which has enjoyed a prestigious position since its inception, as it has carried out a group of giant and unique projects and projects.

Ora is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market, which is owned by businessman Naguib Sawiris, where it has enjoyed a prestigious position since its establishment.

It carried out many giant projects inside and outside Egypt in London, Cyprus and Pakistan, and implemented the best projects in Sheikh Zayed, which witnessed great success in the region.

Ora Developpement always aims to establish housing projects that meet all the necessary needs, and has also made more investments, which led to investments and the development of the modern urban community in a way that keeps pace with the times, and it also keeps pace with all the specifications that customers are looking for, and this is what the company is always keen to achieve. when building their projects.

The most prominent previous projects of the company that achieved overwhelming success:


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