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project name Stau Compound New Capital
unit type Duplexes and apartments
owner company club of Al-Azhar University,
installment systems The customer has the possibility to pay the price of the unit by installments system up to a long period of up to 9 years
location In the most distinguished and attractive areas of the Administrative Capital, it occupied a great location in the seventh district, R7, near the British University, the City of Culture and Arts, and the Fairgrounds.

Stau New Capital, a luxurious project that provides its customers with an enjoyable life in an atmosphere full of all the elements of comfort and sophistication, as Stau New Capital includes a variety of services and benefits. It was implemented according to a new vision and a modern concept, which made it one of the best residential projects that have recently joined New Administrative Capital. Stau New Capital is distinguished by its lively location and elegant design, as well as offering its clients the best rate and the longest repayment period.

The location of Stau Compound New Capital

Stau Compound was implemented in the most attractive and distinguished areas of New Administrative Capital, as it occupied a great location in the seventh district R7 near services and important places, most notably the following:-

  • Location close to the British University, the City of Culture and Arts, and the fairgrounds.
  • The location was further distinguished by its proximity to the Ministries District, New Administrative Capital Airport, and the Convention Center inside Stau New Capital.
  • Stau Compound is characterized by facing the two service areas, which increased the vitality and importance of the site.
  • Any area of Stau Compound can be reached with ease, as it is very close to the express train station and the regional ring road in Stau Project.

Stau New Capital space

Stau Project occupied large space of 68 acres divided between services and buildings, which made it a distinct and integrated project in its own right. All the needs and desires of the residents will be just a few steps away from them.

Stau project includes apartments by 70% and villas by 20%. These units have been implemented in varying areas that satisfy all needs. The apartments’ space started from 90 square meters to 355 square meters, and the duplexes’ space started from 270 square meters, while the villas’ space started from 450 square meters inside Stau New Capital.

Stau New Capital Services

Stau project is unique with exclusive services that it provides to its clients that provide them with comfort and pleasure, as the abundance and diversity of services make the residents enjoy a classy life and a luxurious standard of living. Among the most prominent services provided by Stau project to its clients are the following:-

  • A large plot of Stau New Capital project has been allocated to green spaces, which provide the residents with psychological comfort and fresh air, and thus a healthy environment without pollutants.
  • Stau Compound includes a high-end social club that includes a gym and a Jacuzzi with high-end equipment, in addition to a group of swimming pools that vary in size and sizes, making them suitable for all residents without being limited to a certain age group.
  • A huge medical complex that includes various medical specialties to ensure that the best level of medical care is provided to the population throughout the day without having to search for it in remote places in Stau C ompound.
  • A mosque with a distinctive design, an area suitable for accommodating a large number of residents in Stau Compound.
  • All high-end products and famous brands can be obtained by shopping in the large commercial mall located within the boundaries of Stau The Capital project.
  • The children can receive a distinguished level of education by joining the nursery family, which has been carefully equipped to provide the youngsters with all the attention and care they need.
  • Residents can park their cars inside the covered garage without having to park them far from them in Stau.
  • Guarding and security services work periodically throughout the day throughout the project to provide protection and safety for the residents, making them feel calm and reassured.
  • High-quality and efficient surveillance cameras throughout Stau New Capital project, thus providing comprehensive insurance for the residents.
  • Ready meals with their wonderful taste can be eaten inside the luxurious restaurants that are spread in more than one place within Stau project.
  • Cafés with a distinctive design serve various types of drinks preferred by the residents.
  • Wonderful entertainment areas that contain a range of fun games, ensuring that the residents spend fun times with friends and family.
  • Stau project provides regular cleaning and maintenance services for more comfort and sophistication for the residents.
  • Paved paths that the company has allocated to Stau customers so that they can practice various sports such as jogging, walking, and cycling.
  • Stau New Capital project has beautiful places surrounded by green spaces for sitting and contemplating the charming nature.

Prices and Payment Systems

The prices of the units within Stau Project are characterized by being suitable for the various purchasing capabilities, which increased the attraction of a large segment of customers towards this project, as the prices started from 9000 EGP per square meter and the unit prices vary according to their type and space in Stau New Capital.

The company also announced that the unit price can be paid in installments for a long period of up to 9 years. It also announced that all units that will be contracted with customers will be delivered within two years starting from the date of contracting, which means not to wait for a long time to take advantage of the unit as in many other residential complexes in Stau Project.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Stau New Capital is attributed to the work of the faculty club of Al-Azhar University, which is one of the famous real estate developers in the Egyptian real estate market, which is always keen on choosing designs for residential projects with utmost precision, thanks to the use of one of the best and most famous engineering consultants, Dr. Ahmed Fouad Sabry.



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