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Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement

Stei8ht Fifth Settlement Compound is one of the new projects offered by Land Mark Sabbour Real Estate Company in the Egyptian market, specifically in New Cairo, and the company worked to make Stei8htCompound a great deal of beauty and distinction.

Many distinctive things in it increase the extent of enjoyment that will be shared by the residents of Stei8ht Fifth Settlement, and one of the most important things that the company cared about is the aesthetic view drawn by the green spaces that are wonderfully located in Stei8ht New Cairo.

And other unique elements that increase the comfort and enjoyment in which you will live inside Stei8ht Compound, and in the following paragraphs there is a more detailed explanation of the information that you want to know about  Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement … so follow us

The distinguished location of Stei8ht Compound

New Cairo is a distinguished name among lovers of luxury and enjoyment of a different atmosphere, and this is because this city is considered one of the new cities in which the state has developed many distinctive details in terms of architectural design, divisions of multiple neighborhoods, wide streets, and also paid great attention to green spaces and parks in the city.

Also, New Cairo is in an exceptional location in the east of Greater Cairo, and its importance comes from being near many important axes that make access to the city more accessible, and also makes New Cairo close to several other cities and can be reached in a short time.

As for the Fifth Settlement area, specifically in New Cairo, it is considered one of the distinguished neighborhoods in the city, which has already attracted the attention of many celebrities to have a home in it due to the many and certainly important advantages in the area.

When establishing its new project, Land Mark Sabbour, the distinguished Stei8ht Compound, chose a strategic location for it in Fifth Settlement, in order to make access easier and also to allow the residents of Stei8ht Compound to live in a truly unique and different environment.

Here is the location of Stei8ht Compound New Cairo, and the most important places near it:

  • Stei8ht Compound is located east of Cairo, specifically in the prestigious Fifth Settlement area, and is minutes away from Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • Stei8ht New Cairo is minutes away from Swan Lake Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • There is a short distance between Stei8ht Compound and Al Rehab City Gate.
  • Also, Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement is not far from Suez Road.
  • In the vicinity of Stei8ht Compound, there are many important institutions, including major hospitals, schools, and universities, including the American University.
  • In addition, Stei8ht Project is located near the ring road and can be reached from Al Sebai road.
  • Stei8ht Compound can reach more than one area in Greater Cairo, including Nasr City and Heliopolis, in just minutes.

It is truly an exceptional location in the heart of Fifth Settlement that makes the place very close to distinctive places in New Cairo, the importance of the architectural design of the place is no less important than its location, because the design helps the residents to exit and enter Stei8ht Compound more easily. The rest of the architectural design details are mentioned in the next paragraph.

The architectural design of Stei8ht Compound, Fifth Settlement

The architectural design of the place has a great deal of diversity and difference because it cares a lot about the comfort and entertainment that the customer gets in Stei8ht Compound, especially since the compound is located in one of the distinctive areas in New Cairo, which is Fifth Settlement.

In Stei8ht Fifth Settlement, there is an important feature that many nature lovers are looking for, which is the presence of large areas of gardens and green spaces of wonderful beauty, which give a wonderful and healthy atmosphere to the place to live with your family while you are assured of your family’s health and the extent to which it enjoys the refreshing atmosphere.

The architectural designs supervised by Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy reflect the creativity and sophistication that Land Mark Sabbour is keen on continuously in its projects, Stei8ht Compound has a distinctive European character in which luxury and exquisite colors are evident that relaxes the eye and makes you enjoy the beauty of living amidst the wonderful colors of nature.

Stei8ht New Cairo has many units, but all of them are luxurious villas of different types, as well as the divisions of spaces in them with a degree of diversity to give you greater freedom to find what suits you, and all units share spacious designs that give greater comfort to live with.

Here we move to another point, which is the advantages, which is the core of one of them, and in the next paragraph, a greater explanation of the features of Stei8ht Compound.

Features of Stei8ht New Cairo

Pleasure and harmony between nature and the wide spaces of the units are one of the features of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement, which offers you a wonderful engineering model that connects entertainment and living an integrated life in a wonderful place.

There are many different things that the company that developed the compound was keen on, including the various features added to the place that enable it to be a family-friendly compound and increase your sense of reassurance for your children and the uniqueness of the atmosphere in which they live.

  • The most important advantages of Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement:
  • Vast green spaces in Stei8ht Compound allow the customer to have a measure of calm and enjoyment in the place they are in.
  • In addition to the presence of large water areas, including artificial lakes and several swimming pools that vary in size.
  • Stei8ht Compound also has many Stei8ht units that vary in terms of design and space, so that you can better find what you want in the place.
  • The developer in Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement also provided competitive prices and very good payment systems that allow you to own your unit in the place faster.
  • The wonderful architectural design on which the place is based, allows the person to get a measure of comfort in the place and is easy for him to move around.
  • Stei8ht’s location in Fifth Settlement is one of its advantages because it is close to several important places in New Cairo and outside it as well.

It is a wonderful place and it has many advantages that are of course integrated with the services in Stei8ht Compound, which we explain in the next paragraph in more detail.

Stei8ht Compound services

Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement is one of the wonderful residential complexes located near the Mohamed Naguib axis. Stei8ht Compound is distinguished by being close to several important facilities and roads that make you find greater freedom and comfort in accessing your home at any time.

Al Ahly Sabbour Company was keen that its new project, Stei8ht Compound, includes an appropriate amount of various features and services divided between basic and recreational services that contribute greatly to having your distinctive world within Stei8ht Compound.

Here are some of the various services that you will get in Stei8ht New Cairo:

  • In Stei8ht Compound, there are many sports fields located in the sports club located in the place and located on a large space, which enables you to practice your favorite sport in the compound.
  • A large entertainment area in Stei8ht Compound, a food court, in which there are several restaurants and cafes that provide the residents with excellent services and are close to the residential units.
  • Stei8ht Compound is a large health club with many modern equipments that enables you to have a great deal of relaxation in the place.
  • A children’s area with very entertaining games has been fully secured for the safety of your children.
  • Several swimming pools of various sizes, contribute to the customer obtaining a degree of relaxation and suit different ages.
  • Stei8ht New Cairo has garages on a large land area that keep the compound away from any crowds or overcrowding and provide a safe place for parking cars.
  • There is also an integrated security system in Stei8ht Compound that preserves the compound and ensures safety and security for the residents.
  • The presence of several surveillance cameras provides more security and monitors all movements in the place.
  • Stei8ht Mall Fifth Settlement includes a large clubhouse that provides you with a wonderful atmosphere of excellent fun.
  • A gym on a large area of land enables residents to exercise in Stei8ht Compound.
  • A large commercial area with many shops that display international and Egyptian brands and the goods and products needed by the residents.
  • The presence of a medical center in the place includes many specialties, which work throughout the day to serve the population.
  • A large pharmacy that provides all medical services 24 hours a day.
  • Places of worship to establish prayer are equipped and disinfected continuously to maintain the safety of worshipers.
  • Maintenance and cleaning teams are working continuously so that Stei8ht Compound is always in good condition.

And many other services and facilities that help you live a different life, but these facilities and services need a large land space and also have distinct divisions, and this is what we explain to you in the next paragraph.

Spaces and types of Stei8ht Fifth Settlement units

Space is one of the main elements that any real estate developer cares about, and Land Mark Sabbour is known to always choose strategic places for its projects, so it chose a large piece of land in Fifth Settlement in order to build this wonderful Stei8ht compound on it.

Stei8ht Compound covers an area of 550 acres or more than 2 million square meters, and it is a vast area in which engineering design certainly plays a very important and effective role. The engineering design company that worked on the project worked on making it an excellent example of the beauty of harmony between green spaces and spacious units.

A wonderful image was built in Stei8ht Fifth Settlement through the extent of harmony between the wonderful landscapes of gardens and green spaces as well as artificial lakes and the units in Stei8ht Compound in order to give more sense of comfort and tranquility in the place.

The types of units and spaces in Stei8ht Compound New Cairo are as follows:

  • Stei8ht Compound is dedicated to villas of all kinds, whether townhouses, twin houses, or standalone villas.
  • The townhouse space starts from 220 square meters, and it has a large terrace of approximately 40 square meters.
  • The twin house space starts from 260 square meters, and it has a terrace of approximately 60 square meters.
  • The space of the standalone villas in Stei8ht Compound starts from 280 square meters and has a terrace of approximately 60 square meters.

It is really a place of great beauty and attention has been given to the details in it with great care in order to obtain a great deal of comfort and tranquility in it, and all of this is commensurate with the prices and payment systems offered by the company, which are mentioned in the next paragraph.

Stei8ht New Cairo prices and payment systems

The prices and payment systems in the project represent one of the advantages that Landmark Sabbour Company has worked to provide in the place in order to find in it what you want in terms of various services and many wonderful ingredients that help in the comfort of the residents and increase the rate of well-being that they feel in Stei8ht Compound.

It is good to find a place that knows your needs well and can meet them in an innovative and distinctive way, and also adds to it some details that increase your enjoyment in the project and make you feel more comfortable and enjoyment inside it, and prices and payment systems are considered one of the important advantages of the place, as follows:

  • Townhouse prices in Stei8ht Compound start from 9 million EGP.
  • Twin house prices in Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement, start from 13 million EGP.
  • Standalone villas prices start from 15 million EGP.

The developer also introduced a very special payment system in Steight New Cairo, which is:

  • The customer can pay a 5% downpayment of the unit price and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years.
  • The units will be delivered in 2025.

All this and more are found in Stei8ht Compound Fifth Settlement, which the developer company has worked on professionally to bring this beauty to light, and in the following, we will explain some details of the company that developed the compound.

Real estate developer and former business

Landmark Sabbour Development is considered one of the giant companies in the field of real estate development and development, which was founded in 2007 by Eng. Ahmed Hussein Sabbour, the well-known architectural expert, with whom the National Bank of Egypt participated.

It is known as a company that is always working on developing and including a lot of major technologies in the projects that it undertakes in order to meet the needs of the customer to a large extent, and this allows you to find what you are looking for in their projects more easily.

Land Mark Sabbour worked in many countries, including Dubai, Spain, Greece, and many other major countries. It also owns a large business newspaper in the Egyptian market through which it was able to build bridges of trust with customers.

Previous works of Land Mark Sabbour:

  • Layan Compound, New Cairo.
  • Aria Sabbour Landmark Compound.
  • Zoya village, North Coast.
  • Rakan Compound in Dubai.


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