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project name Telal Soul Resort North Coast
unit type Twin House, Chalets and Villas
owner company Roya developments.
installment systems The customer pays 5% of the total value of the unit and 5% after 3 months, and the rest is installmentd over 7 years.
location Strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, at Kilo 141 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road, and it is one of the most beautiful areas of Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay and a few minutes away from the most luxurious tourist village, Hacienda Bay.

For lovers of luxury and looking for comfort, privacy, and sophistication with European standards, book now your unit in the best tourist resorts, Telal Soul North Coast

Telal Soul North Coast is one of the projects of Roya developments. It is the second phase that it launched in the heart of the coast, and it is one of the best and most modern tourist villages.

Telal North Coast extends over a vast space of ​​134 acres, overlooking a 1500-meter beach, and many recreational services and facilities are available at the highest level, surrounded by vast green spaces that give attractive cultural touches within Telal soul North Coast.

Roya developments were keen that its project be complete with basic facilities, as well as the finest basic and recreational services. In this tourist village, you will find everything you are looking for with ease in Telal Soul Roya.

Telal Soul Roya resort consists of a group of units, including (chalets – twin houses – standalone villas) with distinctive views of the seashore, knowing that they differ between them in terms of prices and spaces, in order to provide you with the freedom to choose the most appropriate one within Telal Soul Roya.

Book your residential unit now with the space you want and with the best payment and payment methods that suit you, to get what you want in the best of Roya developments’ projects, and live in an atmosphere full of psychological comfort and luxury next to the endless available services inside Telal Soul Roya.

Telal Soul Location

Telal Soul Project is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, close to the most vital areas, in addition to its wonderful designs that combine luxury and sophistication, inspired by the modern world style.

This location is considered one of the most important factors that attract attention to it, in addition to the presence of services needed by its residents, which combine luxury and sophistication that fulfill all their desires in Telal Soul Roya.

Among the most important features of Telal Soul Roya project:

  • Telal Soul North Coast is located at Kilo 141 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road, and it is one of the most beautiful areas of Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay.
  • Telal Soul Roya is a few minutes away from the most luxurious tourist village, Hacienda Bay.
  • The design of the resort came in the form of terraces of different heights.
  • Telal Soul Resort overlooks a wide beach of 1500 square meters and a depth of 800 square meters.
  • Telal North Coast space is 134 acres, while buildings and facilities occupy about 20%, while green spaces, water bodies, and facilities occupy the largest proportion of the total space.

Why was North Coast chosen to be the main location of the resort?

The real estate developer was interested in establishing Telal Soul Resort in the heart of the North Coast, as it is the first interface for investors and lovers of luxury and sophistication, and is considered the most attractive place for tourism in Egypt, as it is characterized by a wonderful climate and warm water throughout the year. and providing a variety of services that meet the needs of customers in Telal Soul North Coast.

The tourist villages on the North Coast are also distinguished by their vast green spaces that give a beautiful painting. It has distinctive views of a soft sandy beach and its clear blue waters, making it the most suitable place to own or rent, as housing options vary within the North Coast, from apartments to palaces within Telal Soul North Coast.

The space of Telal Soul Resort North Coast

Telal Resort is built on a space of 134 acres, and this large space is divided between designated areas for buildings and construction, while the rest of the space is occupied by facilities, services, and the vast green spaces that surround Telal North Coast from all sides.

Telal Soul has wonderful views of the beachfront, as it extends with a length of 1500 square meters and a depth of 800 meters, which makes the units overlook a comfortable and relaxing landscape inside Telal Soul.

Units designed in Telal North Coast Resort

  • Telal North Coast includes a number of diverse and distinctive units, which are designed in a modern international style, and carry wonderful and different spaces to suit all tastes.
  • Telal Soul North Coast project was designed according to the most luxurious modern international designs, in the form of natural terraces, where the units enjoy a wonderful view of the sea from various directions.
  • The company has been keen to add modern, non-traditional touches that distinguish it from other projects in Telal Soul North Coast.
  • The developer is always working on introducing new and different projects to be more distinguished in the region inside Telal Soul Resort North Coast.
  • Telal Soul Resort North Coast also employs many of the most skilled engineers and architects who have high qualifications, in order to develop distinctive implementation plans for Telal Soul project.
  • The units inside the village are also designed with the latest decorations and wonderful designs inside and outside Telal Soul.
  • Telal Soul North Coast project is delivered on a fully finished Super Lux system, and the buildings are divided into a ground floor and 3 consecutive floors.

Book your unit now and enjoy the best services and features at Telal Soul Resort North Coast!

Your dream is now fulfilled in front of your eyes in the heart of the most luxurious tourist resorts in Egypt, which are characterized by sophistication and civilization in addition to the various distinguished services that we have provided for you and your family at Telal Soul North Coast Resort.

The following are the most important services and advantages that Telal North Coast is known for:

  • Telal Soul North Coast Resort has the most distinctive and beautiful designs, as it was formed in the form of natural terraces, and in order for all units to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea from various directions, the most skilled engineers were hired to produce units of the highest standards that suit their customers in Telal Soul Project North Coast.
  • Green spaces, landscapes, and gardens surround the village from all sides, giving it an attractive landscape, and the units overlook the seashore with its clear blue waters, which makes it relaxing and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in Telal Soul Project North Coast.
  • Swimming pools are spacious and distributed throughout the project in various shapes, suitable for everyone from adults and children inside Telal Soul Project.
  • Providing distinctive hotel apartments of various sizes, suitable for many individuals, equipped with the highest standards, and great services within Telal Soul Project North Coast.
  • Luxurious commercial areas within the project, with all brands and international brands designed to the highest standards, and providing the best services.
  • Multiple entertainment areas with all the facilities at the highest level, thus achieving luxury and enjoying different games in Telal Soul Project.
  • A luxurious health club with all services from gyms with the latest international sports equipment, a spa house, and a jacuzzi, which helps to relax and unwind.
  • Water bodies occupy a space of ​​6 acres of magnificent crystal lagoons, which gives an attractive aesthetic view in Telal Project North Coast.
  • Providing multiple and different playgrounds with various areas, to play favorite sports.
  • International restaurants and cafes that provide the best services of oriental and western foods, and various drinks.
  • Recreational places for fun and happiness for children, with all the games appropriate for their ages, and teaching them the best educational activities accompanied by trainers of the highest levels.
  • Large private garages for each unit, which include large numbers of cars away from public roads to maintain the general appearance of the project.
  • As well as taking care of security by providing guards at the entrances and distributing surveillance cameras everywhere, which work daily without interruption.

Units spaces in Telal Soul Resort North Coast

Telal Soul Resort North Coast includes many residential units of different sizes, including (twin houses, chalets, in addition to standalone villas), and a part has been allocated to include green spaces as well as water bodies that give a feeling of comfort, calm, and relaxation when looking at them in Telal Soul.

The resort contains many of the various units that were mentioned, amounting to 976 units, each of which is designed in distinctive spaces to suit all tastes, and we mention the following are the most important spaces:

  • Thier is a luxury villas in Telal North Coast for sale with a space of 260 square meters.
  • Chalets with wonderful spaces to suit all tastes, with a space of 96 square meters up to 125 square meters.
  • Twin houses in Telal North Coast for sale have a space of 165 square meters.

Unit prices within Telal Soul North Coast

The real estate company, Roya Developments, executing Telal Soul project, announced suitable prices for everyone, especially for the multiple housing units that the resort contains, compared to the services that will be provided, in addition to providing several payment systems that help the customer choose the unit that suits his needs.

Here are the most important advertised prices and payment methods:

  • Telal Soul project includes various units of chalets, villas, and twin houses, each of which differs from the others in terms of spaces.
  • The residential units within the project are finished according to the full finishing system and the modern international system, to suit all tastes in Telal Soul Project North Coast.
  • Chalets space starts from 2,500,000 EGP up to 4,500,000 EGP.
  • Twin houses’ prices start from 5,500,000 EGP up to 8,000,000 EGP.
  • The compound contains standalone villas starting from 11,000,000 to 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and they are semi-finished to give customers all the freedom to complete them according to their desires.

Payment systems inside Telal Soul North Coast

Seize your chance now and own a unit of the finest and most luxurious levels with unique international designs, distinctive seaside views, and affordable prices for everyone.

A facilitated payment system has been announced for all customers, based on the idea of installments with the longest possible period and the lowest down payment. We mention them as follows:

  • You can pay a downpayment of 5% of the total value of the unit, 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 8% maintenance deposit.
  • Units will be delivered after 4 years from the date of construction.

The real estate developer of the project

Roya is one of the largest companies known for real estate investment and development in the Egyptian market. It was established in 1997 and since that date, it has always been working to provide the best distinctive residential projects that enjoy international and modern architectural designs.

The company has presented a number of works in the real estate field and is characterized by luxury and sophistication, in addition to the beautiful designs that protect international standards, which made it one of the strongest competitors and pioneers that enjoy a good reputation. It has presented many projects that have achieved prosperous success, including:

The company is still working on the search to provide the best residential projects and luxury tourist resorts in all parts of Egypt and is always keen to provide all services to meet the wishes of its customers.


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