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project name The canyon Mostakbal City Compound
unit type Studios, townhouse, twin house, duplex, apartments and villas
owner company Maxim Real Estate
installment systems The customer pays a 5% or 10% down payment, and the rest is paid in installments over 5 or 8 years
location In the heart of New Cairo in the new city of reconstruction in Egypt, which is Mostakbal City, near important projects such as the Madinaty project.

Enjoy owning your unit now in The Canyon New Cairo

Do not miss your chance to own your residential unit in The Canyon Mostakbal City New Cairo, as the project is a great opportunity not to be repeated for living and investing.

The Canyon is located in a strategic and geographical location distinct from others, and its average prices compared to other prices are considered the most suitable for all customers as well as providing all services, and designing units in large spaces, The Canyon is also unique with wonderful designs characterized by the most beautiful views of large green areas and delightful water bodies that give the project an aesthetic shape and attractive appearance.

For everyone looking for sophistication and urbanization methods, you will only find that in The Canyon Mostakbal City, everything you are looking for you will find around you, so we designed the compound with the latest technologies to give customers the luxurious lifestyle they are looking for.

The Canyon Mostakbal City Project location

The Canyon compound is characterized by an important strategic location that distinguishes it from others as it is close to the most vital areas in the heart of New Cairo in the new city of reconstruction in Egypt, which is Mostakbal City.

One of the best features of the compound’s location is its proximity to the most important roads and main axes, as it is close to the famous cities in Cairo, and we mention this in detail as follows:

  • The Canyon is located near important projects such as the Madinaty project.
  • The Canyon is close to the most famous university in Cairo, the American University, a quarter of an hour away.
  • The Canyon is also close to the new cities, which are New Administrative Capital, Nasr City, and New Cairo.
  • The Canyon project is a short distance from Teseen Street, and Cairo-Suez Road.
  • The Canyon can be accessed through it to the most important roads, including Ain Sokhna Road, Mohammed bin Zayed Road, which connects New Administrative Capital with New Cairo.

The space and design of The Canyon Mostakbal City

Maxim Real Estate, the developer of The Canyon project, was interested in establishing its bases on a large area that includes many residential units, buildings and facilities, and green spaces that have a large share of that space.

An estimated space of ​​200 acres was selected on which the canyon project rules are based, and these spaces were divided so that the percentage of buildings was 18%, and 82% of the area was allocated to green spaces, scenic landscapes, lakes, and recreational places.

The Canyon compound has been designed in a world-class manner with the highest quality structural designs that are different from the rest of the traditional urban buildings to suit all tastes and meet the needs that customers are looking for.

The Canyon project includes many recreational services, in addition to the vast green spaces interspersed with residential buildings, in order to enjoy an atmosphere of calm and comfort and to live in a clean community away from the pollution that urbanites suffer from.

Services available within The Canyon Mostakbal City

  • Within The Canyon compound, large green spaces are surrounding the residential units and include many gardens and tall trees, as well as a landscape with facilities of the highest level.
  • The company is keen to implement educational services by providing international schools for teaching languages, and teachers with a level of expertise and sophistication.
  • A private university has also been established inside the canyon compound that includes multiple departments, in order to facilitate the education process without the need to leave The Canyon compound.
  • Wide recreational areas within The Canyon compound of the Lagoon with its crystal waters, which give an attractive urban view.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes for all ages. inside The Canyon
  • Major commercial services include a number of malls and stores that include international brands and brands in The Canyon.
  • A health club with all the highest levels of services from Spa House rooms, Jacuzzi, and massage rooms within The Canyon.
  • A clubhouse of the highest standards, equipped with all services that provide everyone with all the various recreational requirements at The Canyon.
  • Allocating a spacious track for walking, running and cycling, in order to preserve the lives of citizens inside The Canyon compound away from public roads for cars.
  • Inside The Canyon New Cairo, there is a social club that welcomes all families and friends and has all the services and facilities of the highest level.

The most important advantages of The Canyon Mostakbal City Project

  • Maxim was interested in expanding the scope of security and guarding at the entrances and exits of The Canyon compound, to preserve and secure public and private properties.
  • Private garages for each unit inside The Canyon compound to park and maintain cars to avoid any collision away from public roads.
  • Many public parks to enjoy fresh and healthy air.
  • Water fountains, and artificial lakes in the latest shapes in front of the units, giving a civilized and sophisticated view.
  • World-class restaurants and cafes, supervised by specialized chefs, in addition to various drinks.
  • Within The Canyon compound, there is a smart home that works with modern smart systems and international technologies, and there are administrative offices to meet all the needs and requirements of the residents.
  • Allocating open areas for barbecues with all the various services available amidst green spaces and there are various activities mixed with an atmosphere of luxury.
  • Gymnasiums that include a number of modern equipment for playing various games and sports.
  • Allocating recreational areas for children that include a large number of modern educational activities and include all games appropriate for their ages.
  • Many surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of The Canyon compound prevent any theft.
  • Covered swimming pools for women to interact freely and feel more privacy and security.

The space of the units inside The Canyon Mostakbal City

The Canyon project includes residential units of various sizes and types, including (apartments – duplexes – townhouses – twin houses – studios – villas)

The units within the Canyon were divided into phases:

  • The first phase includes villas and townhouses, the space starts from 230 square meters to 450 square meters.
  • The second phase includes apartments and duplexes
  • The third phase includes apartments and studios, and the spaces range from 45 square meters to 200 square meters.

Maxim has been keen to diversify the units in terms of spaces to meet the needs of customers in choosing the appropriate space for them.

The Canyon Compound Prices

Maxim Developments, the owner of The Canyon Project, has set competitive prices that suit all customers while providing all the various entertainment services that meet all their needs within the compound. It has also announced prices for owning an integrated unit within the luxury project mixed with sophistication and civilization methods. It also established the bases of the units on a variety of spaces to suit all families and to have complete freedom to choose the most appropriate for them.

  • The price of a one-room apartment starts from 1,180,000 EGP.
  • The price of a two-bedroom apartment starts from 1,650,000 EGP.
  • The price of a 3-room apartment starts from 1,990,000 EGP.
  • The price of a duplex varies depending on the space, starting from 3,460,000 or 4,100,000 EGP.
  • The price of the townhouse starts from 4,680,000 EGP.
  • The price of a twin house starts from 5,490,000 EGP.
  • Villas prices start from 6,600,000 EGP.

Payment systems for owning a housing unit within The Canyon Compound of the Future project

Own your residential unit by paying a 5% downpayment of the total value of the unit, and the rest in installments over 7 consecutive years.

We also provide you with another payment system where you can pay a 10% downpayment, and pay the rest over 8 equal years without interest.

The Canyon Compound Owner Company and Previous Works

Maxim is considered one of the best companies in the field of real estate development and investment at the present time. It is always keen to establish and develop major projects that mix with sophistication and innovation. It has established multiple projects within the Egyptian market, which have achieved prosperous and remarkable success, including:

  • Bo Island North Coast
  • Bo Sands Sidi Abdel Rahman

The company has several previous works that achieved a leap of success, which we mention as follows:

  • Kempinski Hotel Project.
  • Shorouk City Project.
  • Maxim Residence project.
  • The Canyon El Mostakbal City Project.
  • Royal Maxim Plaza project (one of the largest malls)
  • Country Club project in New Cairo.

It is also establishing world-class and modern projects, and providing all the various services to meet all the needs of customers within the compound, and the company is currently establishing new project bases with international designs in the heart of the North Coast, it is one of the environmentally friendly projects that operate on solar energy. It is also keen on recycling irrigation water and designing many projects in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


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