The Cribs Jefaira Neighborhood

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project name The Cribs Jefaira Neighborhood
unit type studios, and chalets
owner company Inertia Real Estate Development
installment systems the client can pay 10% of the unit price and pay the remaining at 8 full years.
location In the Mediterranean, as it is located directly by the sea n Ras El Hekma Bay, specifically at kilo 200 of the Alexa / Matrouh road.

The Cribs Jefaira Neighborhood

Do not miss the opportunity to own your dream unit in The Cribs Jefaira Resort Ras El Hekma North Coast!!

In order to enjoy a different and enjoyable vacation, you must look for a distinctive and attractive place with all the services and facilities that provide you with all that. Here is the global resort of The Cribs Jefaira that offers you everything you wish and dream of in your hands.

“A lush oasis among charming nature.” This is the most appropriate description of the beauty of Cribs , as it is an integrated place with endless services, basic and entertaining facilities that provide the residents with a unique and different life.

The design of the project is marked by modernity, creativity, and a mixture of various elements of beauty. Jefaira The Cribs also enjoys a very unique location overlooking directly the sea and close to several important areas on the North Coast.

Inertia, the executing company of the project, also provides a group of units of various spaces to freely choose what suits you and the size of your family. It has also set a matchless price, payment system, and facilitates in that region in order to gain client’s satisfaction and trust.

In this article, we will learn more about this wonderful tourist resort… so stay tuned

A stunning architectural design marked by The Cribs North Coast

The architecture of Jefaira The Cribs is different and unique than the rest of the traditional products, it has been cleverly created to avoid buildings crowding or jamming in general in The Cribs Jefaira North Coast.

The different designs also play an effective role in the beauty of this place, as it bears a Greek-style mixed with an original Nubian style, which created a wonderful artistic icon that adds extra splendor to Jefaira The Cribs it also marked by the spread of white color inside the entire place, which increases comfort and a sense of relaxation.

In addition to the different combinations of green spaces, bright beach sand, and crystal seawater, it provides a variety of units to suit the varying tastes of clients.

“The Cribs Jefaira” is a privileged geographical location in the heart of the North Coast

The North Coast region is the precious jewel of the Mediterranean, as it is located directly by the sea, which increases the beauty and splendor of the place, so Inertia was keen to choose this site specifically to build its largest project, Jefaira North Coast.

The Cribs Jefaira resort is located near several very vital facilities and places, which increases the uniqueness and its differences to make it easily accessible from several sides. In the following, we will learn more about the resort’s location:

  • The Cribs Jefaira project is located in Ras El Hekma Bay, specifically at kilo 200 of the Alexa / Matrouh road.
  • It’s easily accessible through El Dabaa Road.
  • It is located 300 km away from Cairo.
  • It is about 100 km away from Matrouh.
  • It is about 200 km away from Alexandria.
  • It is about 170 km away from Borg El Arab Airport.
  • It is also about 65 km away from the North Coast Marassi resort.
  • The distance between it and El Alamein International Airport and Marsa Matrouh Airport is about 50 km.
  • In addition, it has a distinctive surrounding of major tourist resorts, including Mountain View Resort and La Vista Resort.
  • It is also a short distance away from the famous Porto Marina resort.

Enjoy a life full of comfort, luxury, and endless benefits at The Cribs Jefaira Ras El Hekma Resort

Inertia is well-known for providing the best to its honored clients in terms of architectural design and distinctive features in the projects that it undertakes.

The Cribs project is one of the largest and most important projects undertaken by the company, so it has provided it with many features and various basic and entertaining services, which we will learn about together in the following:

  • The aesthetic view is one of the distinguishing factors in the resort of The Cribs Jefaira, as it enjoys a wonderful atmosphere surrounding the units from every side through the wonderful seawater and distinctive landscapes, as well as the white sands of shining beauty.
  • An exceptional location in the heart of Ras El Hekma, the most beautiful area of the North Coast, as it enjoys beauty and proximity to several places and many main roads.
  • The project Resort also sparkled with the beauty of its designs that make the units unique jewels filled with landscapes that surrounds all sides. It is inspired by the remarkable Greek style that is marked by simplicity and elegance at the same time.
  • The North Coast region is marked by mild weather throughout the year, and this enables you to spend an enjoyable vacation in this place at any time of the year.
  • Also a distinctive beach club with many beach games and fun entertaining activities to have unforgettable times on the shore of the Mediterranean.
  • In order to have wonderful cruises and impressive fishing experiences, a large yacht marina was built inside The Cribs Jefaira North Coastt and fully equipped with all the necessary equipment.
  • A large aqua park built on a huge space that includes entertaining beach games, to increase the dose of entertainment that you will get in this project.
  • The Cribs include a number of large crystal lagoons that spread throughout the entire place, giving an atmosphere of freshness and relaxation, also there is a number of swimming pools suitable for adults and children.

Get premium services at The Cribs Jefaira Neighborhood

  • A large sports space with different playgrounds of various sizes and purposes to enable you to practice your favorite sport continuously.
  • A gym overlooks the sea directly, which has modern equipment and advanced devices that you need to exercise constantly.
  • A huge commercial area in The project with a large commercial mall and a number of shops and shopping areas that provide a different buying experience so you will find everything you and your family need in it.
  • The Cribs Jefaira North Coast includes international schools that offer an outstanding level of education and universities with many specialties.
  • An international 5-star hotel that includes a group of well-equipped hotel rooms it’s always available to visitors and offers them excellent hotel services.
  • Food court with large restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services close to the units.
  • In The project, a huge walkway along the beach, equipped for you to practice your favorite morning sport or to ride bicycles to be safe as it is far from the car roads.
  • In The project large gardens and parks with several comfortable seats and places for practicing yoga and meditation for great relaxation, calm, and serenity of mind.
  • A large garage for cars and their maintenance in order to reduce the crowding in the resort and maintain the civilized aesthetic form.
  • A comprehensive security system was established in the project in order to maintain the security and safety of the residents.
  • The project includes large, elegantly designed houses of worship, ready to receive prayers, which are continually sanitized to maintain public safety.
  • Multiple halls are suitable for a number of occasions such as conferences and other events, which are fully equipped.
  • Providing cleaning and maintenance services on an ongoing basis to keep the resort in its splendid appearance.

Find out about the different units, attractive prices, and convenient payment systems offered at The Cribs Resort, Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira The Cribs Neighborhood is located in a large space and was divided among the landscape surrounding the place of all sides and within the units in a harmonious and attractive way, and the remaining part is dedicated to the different types of units available in The Cribs Ras El Hekma.

The project contains a big number of units that vary between studios, and chalets which include various spaces that suit the different tastes and desires of clients.

Inertia has also been interested in providing competitive prices and convenient payment systems so the clients can obtain their super-beautiful units in the private world of The Cribs of Jefaira with ease and simplicity, and we will explain more details regarding spaces, prices, and payment plans in the following:

  • In The project, there are about 123 studios, varying between ground, first and second floors, with an average space of 40 square meters.
  • As for the chalets, it’s about 266 units, the number of rooms varies from one to three large rooms, and the spaces start from 47 square meters and reach 120 square meters.
  • The average prices for the studios start from 800,000 EGP, which is the best price for units on the North Coast.
  • As for chalets, the average price starts from 1.2 million EGP.
  • Payment plan: the client can pay 10% of the unit price and pay the remaining at 8 full years.

Therefore, this huge resort allows you to experience an unprecedented living amidst the beautiful colors of nature, and enables you to spend a distinguished vacation throughout the year, and makes you enjoy the luxury and fun that you will not find in this wonderful way except in The Cribs Resort, Jefaira North Coast.

So, this opportunity will not be compensated, seize it now and own your unique unit among the parts of an international resort on Egyptian soil.

The real estate developer of The Cribs Ras El Hekma project

Inertia Real Estate Development was established in 2007 and since then has had a clear and specific vision of capturing a large market share of the Egyptian real estate market.

And that is through the many projects that it is being constructed in a number of major areas all over Egypt, and it has already started building this dream step by step by designing and implementing huge and distinguished architectural works.

Inertia’s projects are marked by diversity and high quality, as it has made residential communities, tourist resorts, commercial, medical and administrative facilities, and all of these works have many advantages that make them unique and different other their counterparts in projects.

We will mention some of the major works that Inertia has made in several different regions, namely:




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