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project name The Curve Compound New Capital
unit type Bent House, Duplex, Loft Apartments
owner company Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company
installment systems The customer pays the full unit value in installments for 5 years without a provider or pays 5% or 10% in advance and after 3 months pays another 5% to installment the rest of the amount over 7 years
location In the administrative capital of the eighth residential district (R8) specifically inside the piece (i6) on the green river garden and minutes from the fairgrounds and the Cathedral of The Birth of Christ.

Are you looking for quiet, comfortable, and luxurious accommodation? The Curve is waiting for you!

The Curve Compound is the right choice for lovers of luxury and those looking for comfort, privacy, and sophistication far from any source of pollution and noise; It enables them to live with new concepts and enjoy endless services with international standards on Egyptian soil.

Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company has implemented The Curve on a large area of ​​13 acres and has chosen a distinctive location in the heart of the capital to be near several vital and important places and facilities that meet all the needs of the residents.

The Curve has a range of services and distinctive facilities that make it your ideal place to live a life full of luxury and privacy that you desire for you and your family, so book your unit now in one of the most important residential complexes in the New Capital.

A striking and distinctive design owned by The Curve Compound

Achieving the difficult equation and combining sophistication, luxury and sophistication took place here within The Curve; It is a wonderful project inspired by the cosmopolitan city of New York, which is characterized by attractive modern buildings.

The Curve is called by this name due to the unique architectural form that it enjoys; It is full of distinctive curves, which are comfortable on the eye and give a great sense of comfort and calm.

In addition to the green spaces that occupy the entire place, are designed in a modern and wonderful way, so that your eyes will always fall on the most beautiful landscapes in the whole capital.

Excellent location in The New Capital inside Curve

“Proximity to vital facilities and pivotal roads, and away from disturbance and noise” This is the slogan adopted by Corner Stone Real Estate Development when locating the Curve construction site in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

The eighth residential neighborhood (R8) was specifically chosen within the plot (i6) as the location for the construction of this large project, and it is within short distances from many important places that are represented in the following:

  • Curve Compound is located directly in the famous Green River Park.
  • The Curve Corner Stone Compound is also minutes away from some of the lively areas such as the fairgrounds and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  •  Next to The Curve project, there are a number of important neighborhoods, including the Diplomatic Quarter, the Government Quarter, and the Ministries Quarter.
  • The Curve is located near several important main roads and hubs such as; The regional ring road, the hope axis, the southern and northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, the Ain Sukhna desert road, and other axes that make the movement between outside and inside the project easy and convenient.
  • The Curve project is also surrounded by a number of different residential complexes, including Midtown Solo and Menorca New Capital.

Different spaces and various units are available to you only in The Curve

The Curve was established on an area of ​​about 13 acres, equivalent to 54,600 square meters, and a large part of it was allocated to green spaces, recreational services, artificial lakes and swimming pools, and the smallest part is about 18% for residential buildings and construction; Which provides privacy and luxury for everyone.

Compound Curve includes four residential areas (LANTANA & CASSIA & BONSAI & CACTUS). These areas include about 15 buildings and contain 540 housing units, varied between “apartments, lofts, duplexes, and penthouses” and divided into various spaces that suit all the different tastes and needs of customers and investors.

Each building consists of a ground floor + 7 upper floors, and all units have a distinctive view of the beautiful green spaces scattered throughout the place. We will learn more about the units and their different areas as follows:

  • The apartments’ inside the curve spaces start from 80 square meters up to 250 square meters.
  • The Curve duplexes start from 313 square meters, and you will find a private garden with an attractive layout.
  • The sixth and seventh floors are dedicated to loft units, and they have a swimming pool and a beautiful garden.

Enjoy a lot of unique features and services at Curve!!

When you book your unit in the distinctive Curve, you will get a number of various services and facilities that make the place in which you live a unique world away from sources of pollution and disturbance.

The Curve project really provides you with everything you dream about and what you always strive for so that your children will have a great deal of luxury and fun inside it, we will mention below some of these important competitive features available to you alone at The Curve Compound:

  • The Curve project is characterized by the presence of a distinctive landscape spread throughout in a harmonious manner that makes you feel that you are in your own oasis, enjoying all this beauty around you in a wonderful atmosphere of calm and comfort.
  • An exceptional location of The Curve in the heart of the new capital, surrounded by important areas and main roads, making it easy to move from it to any other part of the capital.
  • Unique architectural designs that emulate the best international models in sophistication and luxury, extending from the attractive facades to the details and engineering decorations inside the units, in addition to the attention to the distribution of green spaces and water bodies that guarantee your unit a wonderful view always overlooking The Curve Corner Stone Compound.
  • The presence of solar energy units that provide The Curve Corner Stone Compound New Capital with the necessary energy and do not cause any pollution; is a type of clean energy.
  • The presence of distinctive artificial lakes in The Curve to enjoy a wonderful aesthetic view and sit in a wonderful atmosphere that relaxes the nerves.
  • There is also a new feature inside The Curve, which is (the Tree Lounge), which is a designated area at the top of each building for various gatherings between families and friends, and enjoy reading or taking a delicious drink.
  • Providing a range of swimming pools that vary in size to suit all ages within The Curve project.
  • A large commercial area with a huge mall that provides you with everything you and your family need from various necessities, in addition to an excellent shopping area within the compound that provides you with an enjoyable buying experience in The Curve compound.
  • The presence of a children’s area with a number of fun and entertaining games for them at The Curve New Capital.
  • Establishing an integrated social club with a number of different activities that enhance social rapprochement among the residents of The Curve Compound New Capital.
  • The presence of a large clubhouse with various recreational activities to enjoy an enjoyable time in The Curve Corner Stone Compound New Capital.
  • Provides a sophisticated cinema that presents the latest Egyptian and international films inside The Curve Corner Stone.
  • Establishment of a comprehensive gym in Curve with all the equipment and equipment to constantly practice your favorite sport, in addition to places dedicated to yoga and morning exercise.
  • Providing a large underground garage to reduce overcrowding and overcrowding within The Curve project.
  • The presence of a modern guard system consisting of advanced surveillance cameras and trained security men deployed in the place 24 hours a day The Curve project new capital.

Find out with us the prices and payment systems offered at The Curve Compound

One of the important features of The Curve is the unique prices that do not exist in that area and the convenient payment plans that suit the different capabilities and desires of customers. The project provides you with a new finishing system (Flexi Finish) which is that your unit is 80% equipped and another 20% is left to your taste private.

We will explain the rest of the details below:

  • The average price per square meter in The Curve is 15,000 EGP.
  • The entire unit value is divided into 5-year installments without a down payment.
  • Or that 5% down payment and another 5% after three months, then pay the rest over 7 full years.
  • It is also possible to pay an 8% down payment of the unit value, then 5% after three months, and pay the rest in installments for 8 years.

If you are still looking for an exceptional place for luxurious living; You must choose Curve to enjoy the beauty, luxury, and tranquility, the place there is not compared to any other place, as it offers you different spaces and competitive prices with excellent payment plans.

A new life that has been professionally and meticulously planned to meet the desires of lovers of luxury; So take the initiative now and get your special unit in this great architectural edifice, and for more details, contact us!

The real estate developer of “The Curve”

Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company appeared in the seventies and is currently headed by “Eng. Ashraf Boulos”, who made major expansions in the company until its capital exceeded 600 million pounds.

The company has worked for you on a number of major projects outside and inside Egypt, as it is always keen to provide luxurious engineering models with different advantages, including the extensive use of technology in the entire projects and the provision of green spaces with unique designs that give you a space of comfort and wonderful calm.

It has also constructed a number of important architectural works in the capital, El Alamein and Ain Sukhna, in addition to building several projects in Cyprus as well.

The Curve is one of its most important residential compounds, which is filled with a huge number of exceptional services and benefits that customers and investors are looking for for a life of luxury and luxury.

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