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project name The Marq Ville Mostakbal City
unit type Townhouses and villas
owner company The Address Developments
installment systems The customer pays a 5% or 10% down payment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal intervals over 8 or 9 years.
location In the heart of Mostakbal City at kilo 35 on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road with a short distance from the famous 90th Street, which includes many distinctive shops, and various service facilities.

Looking for a non-traditional place that has all the necessities of upscale housing? The Marq Ville is waiting for you!!

The Address Developments offers “The Marq Ville Compound”, which is a huge real estate project in a unique strategic location in the heart of Mostakbal City to provide the greatest degree of privacy for residents, and is characterized by its quiet nature and the spread of picturesque green spaces and water bodies that give an unparalleled aesthetic view and inspire comfort in the souls.

The project was implemented on a large space of ​​50 acres, equivalent to 202,343 square meters, including many high-end services and exceptional features that attract many customers because they are not available anywhere else; As it provides you and your family with real reasons for the luxury of living such as; New and different design of the various residential units between townhouses and standalone villas, and technologies that help you easily communicate with the rest of the compound residents, as well as smart homes designed with innovative engineering visions.

If you are looking for a new living experience, hurry up to own your unit now in The Marq Ville Mostakbal City; Where there are payment facilities and varying prices to suit your taste and capabilities.

Learn about the distinctive strategic location of The Marq Ville Mostakbal City

The Marq Ville El Mostakbal is one of the luxury compounds of The Address Developments that has carried out many attractive urban projects, and based on the fact that the location is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any project; The company has been keen to choose it in the most distinguished and quiet places away from the hustle and bustle of cities and their pollution.

The compound is located in the heart of El Mostakbal City, close to many vital places and the most important main roads that facilitate the process of moving to and from it, and most important advantages of the location are as follows:

  • It is located in Mostakbal City, which is located at kilo 35 on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road.
  • A short distance from the famous 90th Street, which includes many distinctive shops, and various service facilities.
  • The Marq Ville future project is close to the American University, which provides excellent educational services to its residents.
  • It is just a few minutes away from the regional ring road.
  • It is close to the most important high-end residential projects in the region, such as; Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement, Palm Hills Compound, and Mountain View ICity Compound Fifth Settlement.

Everything you dream about you will find inside The Marq Ville when you own it now!! Here are the most important features available within it.

You will be able to enjoy many advantages if you are one of the owners of The Marq Ville Project, the most prominent of which can be clarified through the following:

  • The distinguished geographical location in the heart of the future city, which is unique in its quiet nature and away from crowded places and sources of pollution.
  • The owner company introduced different and new designs inside the compound that match the elegant international models.
  • The spread of vast green spaces and artificial lakes with shiny crystal waters between the units; gives it unparalleled views of the scenic landscape.
  • Taking into account the presence of large distances between the units and some of them in order to preserve the privacy of the residents.
  • Themed Gardens help you relax and psychologically rest and enable you to practice yoga.
  • The compound is designed with the latest means and technologies that make it unique; Where you can use technology and enter your home without a key through the smart home system in the different buildings, and there is also a “Living App” which is a safe virtual place to communicate with residents each other.
  • You can choose the distinctive design of your home and its logo through the “Personalized House Branding” system.

Countless great services inside The Marq Ville Mostakbal City

The Marq Ville Compound includes many services that everyone dreams of, as the owner company looked forward to the services that everyone needs and worked to implement them with a different strategy in order to give the project a new image of the neighboring compounds, and the most important of these services are as follows:

  • Paying attention to the security aspect by distributing highly trained security and guard personnel everywhere in the compound, in addition to installing many modern 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Safe paths away from cars for walking, running, and cycling outdoors.
  • The presence of a social center that includes many recreational areas, special places for family celebrations, and other places to hold wonderful barbecues.
  • International restaurants and cafes provide excellent services in a quiet romantic atmosphere.
  • Allocating an entertainment area for children with various fun games that help them to be cheerful and spend the most beautiful times.
  • The compound includes multiple swimming pools in separate places and varies in shape and size to suit adults and children.
  • A cinema designed with the latest urban styles and the most beautiful decorations and high-end furniture to enjoy the screening of the most beautiful international films.
  • A beauty center that includes a high-end spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for added recreation and luxury.
  • A huge gym equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment for lovers of maintaining their fitness.
  • A mosque designed in an elegant Islamic style for performing various religious prayers and rituals.
  • To preserve the health and safety of the residents of the compound; There are clinics equipped with the latest equipment and the most skilled doctors and specialists, as well as pharmacies that have all kinds of medicines and provide the best treatment services and work around the clock.
  • A huge commercial area that includes everything you are looking for and many shops that include the finest and most luxurious brands and international brands that suit lovers of fine taste.
  • Private garages for each unit to prevent overcrowding within the project.
  • You can check on your children while performing your tasks in a safe nursery that helps them develop their different abilities.
  • A hypermarket that includes all goods, services, electrical appliances, and other household needs.
  • A commercial mall built that includes all the needs of you and your family.
  • Electric elevators and escalators for easy movement between the floors.

Units types and their different spaces within The Marq Ville Mostakbal Compound

The Marq Ville El Mostakbal is located in a wonderful location close to New Administrative Capital, which is the future of investment in Egypt, Cairo Governorate, and various educational, medical, and entertainment services, and at the same time it is very far from any pollution or noise; Which makes it the best place for a quiet residence and a comfortable life full of luxury.

The project is built on a huge space of about 50 acres divided into 40 acres for various luxury housing units between townhouses and independent villas of different spaces that suit all customers’ tastes and needs, and a wonderful landscape spreads among them with green spaces and charming industrial lakes that give an atmosphere of beauty and luxury, and 10 acres of commercial units that provide the best services to the residents of the compound.

The Marq Ville Compound consists of 300 housing units designed in unique urban styles that mimic the splendor and beauty of international designs, and their spaces can be clarified through the following:

  • Townhouses spaces start from 200 square meters up to 250 square meters.
  • The spaces of Standalone villas, The Signature Villas, start from 215 square meters up to 225 square meters.

Get the best rates and payment systems offered by The Address Developments in The Marq Ville Mostakbal City

Although all the services and attractive features are available in The Marq Ville Compound; The real estate developer is also keen to offer very special prices that are suitable for different customers, in addition to having easy payment and payment systems that extend over many years.

The prices of the different units are as follows:

  • The prices of Townhouses Middle, ranging between 200 and 210 square meters, start from 3,200,000 EGP.
  • Corner townhouses with spaces ranging between 240 and 250 square meters start from 3,900,000 EGP.
  • The prices of standalone villas, The Signature Villas, start from 5,600,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems within The Marq Ville compound, they are as follows:

  • The customer pays a 5% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal intervals over 8 years.
  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal intervals over 9 years.
  • A 10% maintenance deposit is paid.
  • Units are delivered within 4 years from the date of contracting.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

The Address Developments is a leading Egyptian company that has provided a range of luxury real estate projects by applying international quality standards and relying on a selection of the most skilled architects, consultants, and specialists, and works around the clock to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and is always looking for the latest updates and the best deals in the real estate market to prove that it is the best option for clients and investors, as it strives to be one of the leading real estate consultancy firms in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa region.

Recently, the company launched its latest projects in the heart of Mostakbal City “The Marq Ville”, which is considered one of the most important and luxurious projects in the region. Where she put in it a summary of her experiences and her technical and material capabilities to produce a new residential compound of its kind.

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