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project name Venulet Business Complex New Capital Mall
unit type Shops, administrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner company Lagoum Real Estate Development
installment systems Multiple payment systems, starting with a down payment of 15% and up to 30%, and installment periods from 7 to 8 years
location In the area (MU23), specifically in plot (E10), i.e. directly in the heart of the capital, and the project is close to Mohammed bin Zayed North and Suez Road.

Start your project now in the International Venulet Business Complex Mall inside the new capital

Do you dream of owning your own unit inside one of the largest commercial projects in the New Capital, Venulet Business Mall offers you your dreams in your hands, as it is a large commercial, administrative, and medical mall in the heart of one of the most important areas of the capital, making you close to a large residential complex, which positively affects the popularity and prosperity of Venulet Business Complex project.

Venulet Business Complex Mall has a distinctive architectural design that highlights the beauty of the decorations and engineering details in the place. This design also guarantees a lot of calm for business owners within their units, and the place has been provided with a huge number of different features and services that serve the investor and increase the chances of success of Venulet Business Complex project as a whole.

Within Venulet Business Complex, there are a large number of various units, including commercial, administrative and medical, which are characterized by multiple areas and varying sizes, in line with the different tastes of customers, so book your unit now and start realizing your own dream inside Venulet International Mall.

Exceptional location in the heart of the new capital

Venulet Business Complex mall enjoys a very special location in the new capital, as Venulet mall is close to several vital facilities and large residential communities, which increases the population density surrounding the place, and this leads to visiting the chances of success of the various projects built inside it.

In addition to being close to a group of main hub roads that facilitate the movement between it and the different areas of the capital, as well as between it and other areas outside the capital, and in the following we will learn about some of those places and main streets that are close to it:

  • Venulet Business mall is located in the area (MU23), specifically in the plot (E10), that is, directly in the heart of the capital.
  • Venulet Business project is also close to Mohammed bin Zayed North and Suez Road.
  • Venulet Business Complex is also familiar with three different facades of the capital, including the Axis of Alamal.
  • This makes it close to several important facilities, including residential complexes, major hospitals, and international schools and universities.

Venulet Business Complex, Administrative Capital… Classy designs and distinctive decorations

Lagom Real Estate Development and Development Company, which is the owner of Venulet Business Mall, has dedicated all its expertise and engineering capabilities to the design of this large architectural project.

It has hired a number of distinguished engineers and architects to do the architectural designs for Venulet Mall to bring us a wonderful masterpiece in the center of the Administrative Capital. The project was designed in a luxurious European style that was characterized by beauty and accuracy in the internal and external details of Venulet Business Complex project.

Venulet Business project consists of three buildings overlooking different sides of the capital, and all buildings have distinctive glass facades that give a great width to the units, in addition to paying attention to the interior decoration of the place, which gives a wonderful aesthetic shape to Venulet mall.

Comfortable workplace and full of features you can only find at Venulet Business Complex

Venulet Business Complex is one of the largest and best administrative, commercial, and medical projects on the land of the New Administrative Capital. It is a distinguished project with full services and facilities and meets basic and recreational needs. It is characterized by luxurious architectural design and high-end units with elegant modern designs, in addition to a distinguished set of different competitive advantages within it, which we will learn about It has the following:

  • The presence of green space surrounding the place gives a lot of calm and comfort to the visitors of Venulet Business project.
  • A distinctive architectural design that combines sophistication, architectural beauty, and wonderful views of the landscape in Venulet Business project, increases calm and comfort for visitors and customers.
  • A privileged location in the New Capital, located between the R2 & R3 areas, makes it close to many different roads and axes in Venulet Business Mall.
  • There are also fully secured smart gates to provide security and safety for all owners and visitors in Venulet Business New Capital.
  • Venulet Business Mall is an environmentally friendly project, as it contains a special solar energy system that provides the necessary energy for the place without causing any pollution.
  • For more safety, the project was provided with a special and equipped fire-extinguishing system inside Venulet Business New Capital.

Various services and major facilities are available at your fingertips within Venulet Business Complex New Capital

  • Equipping Venulet Business Mall with a central air conditioning system that serves the mall inside and outside the units.
  • A place has also been provided for reception services and various inquiries in Venulet Business Complex New Capital.
  • Underground garage to reduce crowding and overcrowding in front of Venulet Business Complex as it was equipped according to the highest safety standards and can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • There are also a number of electric elevators that facilitate the movement between the different floors in Venulet Business Complex New Capital.
  • There is also a large food court in Venulet Business Mall, which includes a large number of the most famous international restaurants.
  • Fun entertainment places were provided for children and adults to spend a pleasant and pleasant time with family and friends in Venulet Business Complex New Capital.
  • Venulet mall is equipped with an advanced security and guarding system with a number of surveillance cameras, which operate 24 hours a day.

Get your distinctive unit with different areas of your choice in Venulet Business Complex New Capital!!

Venulet Business Complex Mall was built on a large land area, which is 2.3 acres, or up to 9,000 square meters, which is a large area and has been divided into several units “commercial, administrative,
And medical” with different areas to suit the different tastes of customers.

Venulet project consists of three separate buildings, which represent the smallest part of Venulet project space. The rest of the space is allocated to the existing services and facilities. Each building contains ten repeated floors and includes the ground floor, the first floor, and the second floor as commercial units, while the rest of the floors are divided between administrative and medical units. We will explain the areas presented below:

  • The spaces of the commercial units in Venulet Business Complex Mall start from 35 square meters.
  • As for medical and administrative units in Venulet mall, they start from 40 square meters.
  • The medical and administrative units are delivered in a fully finished system, while the commercial units are delivered on the clamshell.

Competitive rates and affordable payment plans only available at Venulet Business Complex New Capital

Lagom Real Estate and Development Company is doing its best to provide all the different features to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and investors and create a unique work environment within Venulet mall project.

One of the most important features that Venulet Business Complex mall has is the uncompetitive prices offered by the owner company and the convenient payment systems available to customers, which are important and not prior competitive advantages, and we will mention below some details regarding the prices and the payment plan:

  • The price per square meter in commercial units starts from 105,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter for administrative units starts from 47,300 EGP.
  • The total price of commercial units starts from 3,675,000 EGP, and administrative units start from 1,891,960 EGP.

Payment plan at Venulet Business Complex Administrative Capital

  • Commercial units: a down payment of 15% can be paid, and the rest of the unit value is paid over a period of 7 years.
  • A 20% down payment can be made, and the rest of the unit value can be paid in installments over 8 years.
  • Administrative and medical units: 20% is paid as a down payment, then 20% is paid after 30 months, then the rest of the installments are paid over 7 years.
  • Or 30% downpayment is paid, then 15% is paid after 30 months from the date of the contract, and the rest of the unit value is paid in installments over 7 years.

So, everyone who is looking for sophistication and luxury, and for every new project owner here in Venulet Business Complex Mall, provides you with all the different features and services that you need, creating an integrated work environment for your project to thrive and develop, in addition to providing attractive prices, convenient payment systems, and various offers that suit all customers, so book your unit now and get your own place in this huge project in the heart of the new capital.

Real estate developer of Venulet Business Complex New Capital

Venulet Business Complex Mall was built in one of the most important areas of the New Administrative Capital, which is densely populated, serving all the businesses inside the mall, It is one of the important projects that established the Lagoum Real Estate Development and Development Company, and its board of directors is Eng. Mohamed Essam Younes.

The company also contracted with one of the largest real estate development and marketing companies for the establishment of this huge mall, which is Creative Real Estate Development Company, Which has been able to develop and establish many projects in all residential, commercial, and tourism sectors, and Lagoum Al-Eidi Company has provided distinguished works that are characterized by sophistication and beauty and the presence of many distinctive facilities in them.

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