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project details

project name Verde Villas Zayed
unit type Villas
owner company Arqa Real Estate Development Company's (ADG)
installment systems Convenient payment plans that suit the various investment options.
location In the center of Sheikh Zayed City, which is regarded as one of Giza Governorate's greatest new cities,

Verde Villas Zayed Compound

Inside Verde Villas compound, you will find luxury in its purest form!

Verde Villas Zayed project is Arqa Real Estate Development Company’s (ADG) newest residential complex, which is being built on a large plot of land in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, close to various service and recreational amenities to fulfill the diverse demands of consumers and investors in Verde Villas Sheikh Zayed.

Verde Villas compound’s real estate developer was interested in adopting historic and opulent architecture that resembled Italian styles inspired by Roman temples and museums inside Verde Villas Sheikh Zayed. What are you waiting for to buy a unique property surrounded by several huge natural areas and lake bodies with enticing crystal clear water?!!

Location of Verde Villas Zayed

The real estate developer was determined to locate the compound in the center of Sheikh Zayed City, which is regarded as one of Giza Governorate’s greatest new cities, distinguished by its peacefulness and isolation from pollution sources in neighboring cities within Verde Villas Sheikh Zayed.

The project’s position is unique in that it is close to the most luxurious residential complexes, as well as being close to the most essential main roads and highways in Verde Villas.

Amenities of Verde Villas Sheikh Zayed

Because you deserve it, Verde Villas Project provides you with an amazing set of different features that help you live within an integrated and unique residential model that brings you the prosperity and happiness you desire, and the following are the most prominent distinguishing features within Verde Villas Sheikh Zayed compound:

  • The wonderful geographical location in Sheikh Zayed City, which includes a group of high-end neighborhoods and is characterized by the presence of mosques, educational institutions, and entertainment venues, as well as the availability of various modes of transportation to allow residents to move around more easily within Verde Villas Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Availability of beautiful landscapes for lovers of relaxation and recreation; Where there are spacious green gardens that include places dedicated to practicing yoga and others for lovers of reading in the middle of the distinguished landscape in Verde Villas Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • There are also artificial lakes in the compound, to add beauty and charm to the place, as well as dancing water fountains that enable you to spend joyful times with your friends and family next to them in Verde Villas Compound.
  • Attention to providing the greatest degree of privacy for residents by taking into account the provision of distances between residential units inside Verde Villas Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Verde Villas Zayed is designed in the dazzling Italian style that combines Greek and Roman, which makes the residents feel unique and distinguished.
  • There is a children’s play area with a variety of fun games in Verde Villas.

Services within Verde Villa Sheikh Zayed

Verde Villas Zayed Compound has a number of essential service and recreational amenities that give its inhabitants all they require and more, as well as the luxury they want. The following are the most important of these services:

  • Establishing a sports club that includes many different and spacious playgrounds for fans of different sports within Verde Villas Compound.
  • To perform prayers and many religious ceremonies, a mosque in beautiful Islamic architecture has been constructed.
  • Providing swimming pools with different designs and sizes to suit adults and children.
  • The compound has a health club with private saunas, jacuzzis, and a modern spa house, as well as a large gym with the most up-to-date sports equipment and technology to keep residents active.
  • A big supermarket that offers all of the items and supplies that the residents of the compound require, as well as home delivery.
  • Customers and investors will be able to enjoy world-class cafés and restaurants.
  • The Club House has several leisure areas where you may sit and deepen your bonds with your neighbors in the property.
  • To ensure the inhabitants’ protection and safety, highly trained security and guard staff were hired, as well as advanced surveillance cameras that monitor all movements.
  • Different types of residential units and their spaces in the compound
  • Verde Villa Sheikh Zayed Compound is situated on a vast plot of land with a variety of service amenities, open areas, water bodies, and recreational activities to give inhabitants a unique living experience.

Arqa Real Estate Development has created a unique residential complex with the greatest interior and exterior features that reflect the originality and elegance of Italian design. Verde Villa Sheikh Zayed project consists of a lovely collection of villas of various sizes to satisfy the various preferences and requirements of consumers and investors.

The best prices and payment systems inside Verde Villas Zayed Compound

The prices of the various villas within the compound are very reasonable for customers, especially when compared to the wonderful services and exceptional benefits that the real estate developer was eager to provide, as well as the easy and convenient payment plans that suit the various investment options inside Verde Villas Compound.

Book your apartment now for a life that you won’t find anywhere else, and contact us for more information.

The company that owns Verde Villa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Arqa Development Group is an Egyptian real estate development business that has taken care to make its activities plain in its name; ARQA stands for “Elegance,” and ADG has completed an astonishing variety of commercial projects and residential complexes where elegance and creativity are visible.

Verde Villa Compound is the company’s most recent residential project in Sheikh Zayed City, where it aimed to deliver a full real estate service in line with worldwide quality standards, ensuring the satisfaction of a wide range of consumers and investors.

I Business Park, the Administrative Capital, is considered one of the most important previous works of Arqaa Real Estate Development Company.

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