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project details

project name Village Gardens Katamya Mall
unit type Shops and business units
owner company Palm Hills Developments
installment systems The customer pays 10% in advance and then 15% tomorrow 3 weeks and the rest in installments in 4 years
location in the heart of New Cairo in Katameya District with a short distance from the most famous university, the American University. and also The mall is adjacent to the largest known sports club in Cairo, Wadi Degla Club.

Own your commercial unit now inside Village Gardens Kattameya Mall, where is New Cairo

Village Gardens mall is located within Village Gardens Katameya Compound, which is one of the projects of Palm Hills Developments. The ideal location was chosen for it in New Cairo in the most important areas in the east with a group of residential developments, universities, and multiple facilities, and all the great ways and services were provided that suit customers and suffice their needs and fulfill their desires.

The prices offered by the real estate developer are very distinctive and are among the best prices in that region, and they have also developed suitable payment systems for all customers in order to own the commercial unit easily and effortlessly, for a long payment period and based on convenient installments.

Village Gardens Mall Location

When executing the project, Palm Hills Real Estate Company was keen to choose a strategic location to be at an appropriate distance from the most important areas and main roads to approach the most famous and important axes. It is located in New Cairo, which is the most densely populated area, which makes it one of the malls that welcome the most number of visits and is the focus of the attention of customers and investors.

The most important feature of Village Gardens Mall Katameya location

  • Village Gardens mall is located in the heart of New Cairo in Katameya District.
  • Village Gardens is a short distance from the most famous university, the American University.
  • Village Gardens mall is adjacent to the largest known sports club in Cairo, Wadi Degla Club.
  • Village Gardens most important major projects can be reached through the mall, and it is next to Palm Hills Kattameya 1 and 2.

The space of Village Gardens Katameya Mall New Cairo

VGK Mall is located in the heart of New Cairo and is part of Village Gardens Katameya Compound, which includes a number of units amounting to 1119 units, and the total area of ​​the project is 12800 square meters, and the mall features multiple types of units, including (restaurants, cafes, and shops commercial).

The real estate company has been keen to implement it in different areas in order to give the customer the freedom to choose the most appropriate space for his commercial unit.

The most important features inside VGK mall

  • Village Gardens mall has amazing engineering designs that attract many eyes, as anti-dust and anti-noise facades have been created inside the mall for you to enjoy comfort and relaxation.
  • The units within Village Gardens Mall have wonderful views of scenic nature, giving you a wonderful atmosphere of psychological calm.
  • The presence of many major shops inside Village Gardens that offer you the finest brands, and international brands that suit the owners of fine taste.
  • Private spaces within Village Gardens mall are dedicated to a large number of restaurants and cafes that provide the best services in a healthy and distinctive atmosphere.
  • Inside Village Gardens Mall, there are spacious rooms designated for meetings, and others for holding various conferences, each of which is equipped with the latest audio equipment with high technologies, and wonderful designs.

The services provided by Village  Gardens Mall and the most important features it enjoys

You can now book your commercial unit inside Village Gardens Mall and enjoy the best services and multiple features that bring you endless benefit, and we mention this as follows:

  • Administrative offices with suitable spaces with a range of services and facilities available for joint use between the contracting companies within Village Gardens.
  • Also, inside Village Gardens mall, there is a private gym with the latest modern sports equipment for fitness and fitness lovers.
  • Distinguished medical services are available inside Village Gardens, including equipment, first aid, doctors, and specialists in the field with high efficiency.
  • An ancient mosque in Village Gardens mall square and original designs for performing prayers.
  • ATMs, and places designated for smokers, in order to increase privacy and maintain the distinctive atmosphere inside Village Gardens.
  • Internet services with modern technologies that operate at maximum speed, for ease of work within the different units in Village Gardens.
  • Entertainment places for adults and children to spend the most enjoyable times amid the green spaces surrounding Village Gardens mall with all the fun games that enable them to spend their best times.
  • Modern electric elevators and stairs with high technology make it easier for everyone to move between the different floors inside Village Gardens.
  • Distributing numbers of security and guard personnel to maintain stability in Village Gardens mall, and modern surveillance cameras that monitor all movements and events inside and outside the mall.
  • In order to maintain the civilized appearance of the mall, a two-storey garage was built, and it can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • Central air conditioning service is available to distribute the renewable air inside Village Gardens mall, and a number of backup generators to avoid power outages.
  • Inside the mall and on each floor there is a fire alarm system, building management services, sound systems, and multiple technologies that serve customers.

The units available inside the mall and the most important spaces announced by Palm Hills

When constructing Village Gardens mall, Palm Hills has provided the best various units inside it, taking into account the provision of all spaces and types, so that the customer has complete freedom to choose between them according to the field in which he works. There are major commercial units and a number of restaurants and cafes, and each of them differs from the other in terms of designs, whether interior or exterior, all of them are modern in style, using the best building materials, and equipped with the most international technologies.

As for the prices, they are suitable for you and with ease, you can own your commercial unit inside Village Gardens Mall with the best payment systems, as the space of the commercial unit starts from 85 square meters up to 102 square meters and its price ranges from 3,500,000 up to 8,000,000 EGP.

The Payment methods announced by the real estate developer, Palm Hills Developments

All of these features and services within VGK mall that you can enjoy, so book your unit in the space you prefer and contract with Palm Hills, which provides you with different payment methods and payment systems that suit customers so that everyone can benefit and enjoy access to these multiple advantages.

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment and then another 15% after 3 weeks of booking, and installments over 4 years.
  • A maintenance deposit of 5% of the unit value.

The Real Estate Developer

Palm Hills Developments is one of the largest and most advanced companies that was keen to provide its best in the field of real estate to compete with the largest companies within the Egyptian real estate market and in the entire Middle East, and it is affiliated with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and includes a group of companies operating in Singapore, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and is expanding In many real estate, administrative and economic projects.

The company has many giant projects that have achieved prosperous success, including:


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