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Don’t miss the opportunity, be part of the amazing Z4 Mall Janna Zayed waiting for you!

As a continuation of the series of successes of West Way Real Estate Development, it announced the Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, which provides unparalleled investment opportunities through commercial units and medical clinics. The developing company was also keen to provide everything the client needs in one place, starting with the ideal location chosen with extreme care, alongside unique designs suitable for refined tastes, as well as many facilities in the prices of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed and flexible installment and payment programs.

Discover the unique location of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed that combines the charm of beauty and strategic advantage!

The ideal location is a key element of any major investment project’s success and the reason for increasing investment value. The developing company succeeded in choosing the location of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed near vital areas and cities that make transportation to and from it extremely easy. This area is characterized by high population density that ensures attracting a large number of customers to all units in Z4 Janna Zayed.

Some of the most important areas near the new Z4 Mall Janna Zayed are:

  • Z4 Mall is located near many important projects such as The Wave Mall and The Yard Elite Compound.
  • Z4 West Way Mall is close to the new Egyptian Museum.
  • Easy access from Z4 Mall Janna Zayed to Al-Remaya Square and Gehina Square.
  • The project is located minutes away from Dahshur Link Road.
  • Z4 West Way Mall is located near Media Production City.
  • Z4 West Way Mall is a short distance from Arab Mall and Egypt Mall.
  • Possibility to reach Hyper One from Z4 Mall Janna Zayed in a few minutes.
  • The most distinctive feature of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed’s location is its proximity to main axes such as the 26th of July Axis.
  • Z4 Mall Janna Zayed project is located near the Alexandria Desert Road.

Let the innovative design of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed inspire your dreams and draw the perfect picture!

You can enjoy the beauty of European cities on Egyptian lands at Z4 West Way Mall, which meets customers’ expectations at the present time. The developing company collaborated with a group of highly competent engineering consultants and architects. The project is distinguished by its plaza and landscape area, which includes enchanting natural scenery and ponds with clear water. The design of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is as follows:

  • Z4 West Way Mall comes with a total area of ​​about 2,243 square meters.
  • The bulk of the total area is dedicated to the plaza and landscape area, and the remainder is for the mall.
  • The Z4 Mall Janna Zayed project consists of 2 basements, a ground floor and 3 recurring floors.

The most prominent feature of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is its contemporary designs that suit those looking for sophistication and modernity in one place. West Way Real Estate Development relied on an elite group of architects to implement the project properly. All units enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful natural scenery, as well as glass facades that add an aesthetic touch to the place and allow sunlight to pass through, protecting the project from rainwater. Regarding interior design, the finest finishing materials have been used, making Z4 Mall Janna Zayed one of the most beautiful investment projects in the area.

Enjoy the optimal comfort and luxury experience with the luxurious services of Z4 West Way project!

The developing company succeeded in providing a comfortable experience for unit owners and visitors in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, so that the client can obtain all the service facilities they are looking for, which provide a comfortable and tranquil work environment, as well as recreational means that bring joy to the soul to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. The most important services of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed are:

  • Restaurants and cafes designed in a contemporary way, offering the most delicious eastern and western foods to suit different tastes in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • Many commercial stores that offer a variety of goods from the most famous international and local brands and trademarks so that visitors to Z4 Mall can have an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Administrative offices designed according to specific standards to provide comfortable atmospheres and ensure successful workflow in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • Conference rooms equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment in Z4 West Way project so that businessmen and unit owners can hold important meetings and private events.
  • A lounge for receiving VIP guests in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed and good hospitality, providing it with all requirements.
  • A beauty salon for ladies that helps them get a more vibrant and attractive look in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • A sports center with state-of-the-art fitness equipment that allows customers to practice their favorite sport with a team of professional trainers in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • Maintenance team working around the clock to repair any defects in Z4 West Way Mall units.
  • Pharmacies that provide local and imported medicines that visitors are looking for in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, along with medical supplies.
  • A dedicated area for charging cars so that visitors don’t have to leave Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • A large hypermarket with a variety of consumer goods that visitors need in their homes in Z4 West Way project.
  • Banking branches in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed so visitors can easily conduct their financial transactions.
  • Cinema halls that screen the latest Arabic and English films so Z4 Mall Janna Zayed visitors are not bored.

Take a look at the unique and exceptional features provided by Z4 Mall for you!

One of the most important things that distinguishes West Way Real Estate Development is its focus on the client by constantly seeking to achieve customers’ goals and aspirations and striving to implement them on the ground, and providing a huge set of exceptional features including:

  • To ensure successful business operations in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, many electric power generators have been provided that work automatically in case of power outage.
  • The developing company was keen to make its project environmentally friendly by relying on alternative energy sources, which helps reduce energy consumption in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • To increase security, advanced surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the Z4 Janna Zayed project to monitor the situation 24 hours a day.
  • Spread of highly trained security personnel to control security in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, and preserve the safety of internal and external property.
  • The presence of electronic gates connected to remote control devices that facilitate entry and exit from Z4 West Way Mall to prevent congestion and overcrowding.
  • To maintain a civilized appearance in front of the Z4 project, spacious garages have been built to accommodate a huge number of cars.
  • A huge mosque designed in an Islamic style for performing religious rituals and taking care of its cleanliness to prevent the spread of diseases in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • So that visitors and unit owners can accomplish their daily tasks, attention has been paid to the ultra-fast internet network in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • Elevators and escalators connecting the floors of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed to facilitate movement for visitors and unit owners.
  • Central air conditioning works to soften the weather and provide a suitable temperature throughout the day in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • ATMs are widely spread to facilitate financial transactions for Z4 Mall Janna Zayed visitors.
  • Providing designated places for garbage collection and disposal as soon as possible in the Z4 Janna Zayed project.
  • There are dedicated lanes for cycling away from the public road for cars in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • An integrated security system that works automatically in case of fire in the Z4 Janna Zayed project.
  • Emergency exit for safe exit from Z4 Mall Janna Zayed in case of necessity.
  • Customer service office to answer all Z4 Mall visitors’ questions and solve their problems as soon as possible.
  • Choosing the appropriate geographical location in order to implement the Z4 West Way project so that customers can easily access it from all directions.
  • Architectural designs carefully designed by a group of competent architects inside Z4 Mall Janna Zayed.
  • Announcing unmatched special prices in the Z4 Janna Zayed project, and providing many facilities that help customers purchase their unit without any complication.

Choose from the stunning range of units meticulously designed by Z4 Mall Janna Zayed to suit your tastes!

The developing company succeeded in exploiting the total area of ​​Z4 West Way Mall well, and choosing areas suitable for the nature of the units. The developing company put its experience spanning many years at the heart of its project, providing spaces that meet the different needs of customers and investors. This makes Z4 Mall Janna Zayed one of the best new Zayed malls. The areas of Z4 Mall Sheikh Zayed units start from 26 square meters.

Explore the real value with the payment plans available at Z4 Mall Janna Zayed and our competitive prices!

The most important thing the developing company seeks is to satisfy its customers by carrying out many successful projects. The owning company also succeeded in providing the best suitable prices for the size of the features that the client gets with high quality. West Way Real Estate Development offered the best price per meter in the Z4 Mall Janna Zayed project, and you can learn about the prices of units in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed through the following points:

  • The price of commercial units in the hypermarket inside Z4 Mall Janna Zayed starts from 2,225,000 EGP.
  • While the price of shops on the first floor in Z4 West Way project starts from 3,870,000 EGP.
  • The prices of commercial shops on the ground floor in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed start from 5,460,000 EGP.
  • The price of commercial shops on the second floor in the project starts from 3,655,000 EGP, while the units and commercial shops on the third floor inside Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, their prices start from 5,220,000 EGP.

The developing company has provided many facilities for high net worth individuals and customers so they can purchase units easily without bearing any financial burdens. This is reflected in the flexible reservation and installment systems. The unit reservation programs in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed are as follows:

  • First system: The client can purchase the unit by paying a 15% reservation deposit of the unit’s total price, and paying the rest over 4 years with a 30% discount.
  • Second system: Pay a 40% reservation deposit and pay the remaining amount in equal installments over 5 years with the first payment after receipt.
  • The reservation deposit for units in Z4 West Way Mall is 50,000 EGP.
  • Z4 Mall Janna Zayed units are scheduled to be delivered in 2026.

Stroll through the vision of our real estate developer that embraces innovation and transcends boundaries!

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed was executed by West Way Real Estate Development, which is one of the leading companies in real estate development and enabled it to prove its competence to everyone around it in a short time. This is the result of its formation from several huge real estate entities with years of experience, and carrying out distinguished work that meets the different needs of customers. The most important projects carried out by West Way Real Estate Development are:

  • 360 Health Medical Center Sheikh Zayed.
  • River Park Compound Sheikh Zayed.
Project details