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project name Zahya New Mansoura
unit type Townhouse twin house duplex Apartments villas
owner company City Edge Real Estate Development
installment systems The customer pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 5 years.
location a strategic location in the heart of New Mansoura, which enjoys a wonderful view of the shores of the Mediterranean and its proximity to the main roads that facilitate transportation to and from it. The project is characterized by a depth of 2 km with a length of 15 km on the coastal road.

The future is in Zahya New Mansoura; Book your unit now inside the most beautiful international city on Egyptian land

Zahya Compound New Mansoura offers you residential homes that provide complete living experiences that blend modernity, picturesque green nature, and balance; It achieves the difficult equation by providing a coastal life with a charming view of the shores of the Mediterranean, with its clear blue waters and fine sands, and at the same time, a quiet life away from noise and pollution, and living among the most vital places, basic services, and entertainment.

City Edge Real Estate Development has implemented this huge project “Zahya New Mansoura” on a very large area of ​​750 acres that can accommodate all possible services and benefits to customers, and the vast green spaces and water nature occupy the largest part of it, in a strategic location in the center of Dakahlia Governorate and Kafr El Sheikh And Damietta is close to the main roads and axes, which make it very easy to reach.

Zahya project is an amazingly integrated city that provides you with everything you are looking for and seeks to achieve at unbeatable prices and easy and flexible payment systems that suit your taste and capabilities. Hurry up to own your unit now and get the luxurious life that you have always wished and dreamed of.

Live in the midst of green nature and on the Mediterranean coast in the most beautiful locations within Zahya New Mansoura Project!

City Edge Real Estate Development has implemented a Zahya project on a very large area; Where the area of ​​this compound reaches 750 acres, it accommodates many advantages and various service facilities and various residential units between apartments, stand-alone villas, twin houses, and townhouses with varying areas, from which the customer chooses what suits his taste and needs.

In order to provide a quiet, distinctive, and unique place; The company that owns Zahya project has chosen a strategic location in the heart of New Mansoura, which enjoys a wonderful view of the shores of the Mediterranean and its proximity to the main roads that facilitate transportation to and from it. The project is characterized by a depth of 2 km with a length of 15 km on the coastal road.

The most important advantages of Zahya New Mansoura website are as follows:

  • It is located near the city of Gamasa, about 6 km away.
  • Baltim is located 20 km west of Zahya New Mansoura City.
  • It is 150 km away from Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean.
  • It is close to the international coastal road and Sherbeen Road.
  • It is 120 km from Port Said and 50 km from Mansoura.
  • The distance between Zahya project and New Damietta is about 20 km.

Here are some of the exceptional advantages of Zahya New Mansoura

Zahya New Mansoura is one of the most important and largest projects that City Edge Real Estate Development recently unveiled, It is a distinctive city that has everything you need and more and has various advantages that make it unique, including the following:

  • The unique strategic location allows residents to enjoy the serene nature and the charming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
  • The project has a distinctive coastal promenade at a distance of 2.4 km.
  • A wonderful multi-service beach, open all year round.
  • The compound is close to the most important coastal cities, such as; Ras El Bar, Damietta, Alexandria, Port Said, and Gamasa.
  • For lovers of luxury and luxury, the compound includes villas of various shapes and designs, between classic and modern, overlooking charming views of the wonderful turquoise Mediterranean waters.
  • Within the compound of Zahya New Mansoura, there is a logistics area with many basic and recreational services that the residents need.
  • Availability of distinctive educational services in the project through the establishment of a regional university that includes the most qualified professors and is equipped with the latest equipment and high-end designs.
  • There is also a private university affiliated with Mansoura University.
  • Mansoura International University for Science and Technology is located on an area of ​​about 127 acres which lies east of the first phase of Zahya project.
  • An international hotel that includes units with luxurious designs, and distinctive services for more luxury and luxury.
  • There are scientific research centers and many industrial and technological areas.
  • The compound includes an integrated medical area with the best health and treatment services, equipped with the latest equipment and the most skilled doctors and specialists to maintain the safety of the residents.
  • In addition to the presence of a center for the treatment of the liver.
  • Sophisticated smart infrastructure, complete with utilities, including sewage, water networks, and others.

Get unparalleled services when you own your property in Zahya New Mansoura

Do not hesitate and take the opportunity immediately and join the community of Zahia New Mansoura in a classy place that you deserve and have always been looking for; The compound abounds with a huge number of exclusive services that are not available anywhere else, including the following:

  • There is a fishing marina to enjoy the most beautiful cruises in the breathtaking waters of the Mediterranean.
  • There is a triple water treatment plant to provide clean drinking water for the residents of the compound.
  • Distinguished restaurants and cafes serve delicious food and drinks in a wonderful lively atmosphere.
  • Branches of government agencies and authorities, and automated teller machines.
  • Zahya New Mansoura City includes an Olympic city that receives important tournaments.
  • Upscale cinemas are equipped with exquisite designs and showcase the latest international films.
  • Zahya New Mansoura project includes a distinctive social club that includes many recreational places to spend the most beautiful times with friends.
  • There are many shops that contain everything the residents of the compound need, the finest brands and international brands that lovers of good taste are looking for.
  • A gym equipped with the latest equipment and equipment for lovers of fitness. It also includes courts for football, tennis, and basketball inside Zahya project.
  • Administrative offices with smart spaces that include a range of different services.
  • Private garages that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent congestion within the city.
  • Distribution of highly trained security and guard personnel in every place to maintain the stability and safety of the residents.
  • Installing many modern 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Availability of children’s entertainment venues that include many fun games to spend the most beautiful times.
  • There are nurseries that are equipped with the latest designs and have specialized teachers to develop the creative abilities of your children.
  • Wonderful swimming pools vary in shape and size to suit adults and children.
  • A hypermarket to provide all goods, services, and household needs.
  • A large mosque designed with the finest urban designs to perform prayers and various religious rites.
  • A health center that provides you with all means of recreation and skincare, including a spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and others.

Learn about the types of units and their different spaces within Zahya project – Zahya New Mansoura

If you are looking for luxury accommodation in a picturesque and charming place directly overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean with its pure turquoise waters, soft sands, and clear blue skies; Zahya City New Mansoura is waiting for you, as it is a star shining in the sky of New Mansoura with its exclusive features and services that meet all your needs and desires.

To provide the greatest amount of luxury and privacy for the residents of the compound; Vast green spaces, beautiful water bodies, and recreational services occupy the largest part of the total area of ​​750 acres, while the rest of it has been allocated to residential buildings of various types and designs to suit the different tastes of customers and investors.

The number of residential units in the city is 2360, varying between apartments, duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and separate villas. The variation in their spaces has been taken into account to suit all desires, and this can be clarified through the following:

  • The first phase includes classic and modern villas in Zahya City New Mansoura.
  • There are classic stand-alone villas of 781 m², comprising 5 bedrooms and delivered with a full finishing system.
  • There are modern standalone villas with an area of ​​652, 816 square meters, and they are delivered with a full finishing system.
  • There is a classic twin house with an area of ​​514 and 319 square meters.
  • There is a classic townhouse with an area of ​​485 and 405 square meters.
  • There is a modern twin house with an area of ​​467 and 399 square meters.
  • There is a modern townhouse with a space of 489 and 387 square meters.
  • Zahya New Mansoura includes other phases that include residential towers consisting of 28 floors and containing apartments with areas starting from 168 square meters up to 296 square meters, as well as duplexes with an area of ​​271 and 347 square meters.

The best prices and payment systems available within Zahya project in New Mansoura

Zahya New Mansoura is the place where you will find everything you dream about; As it attracts you to life with its unique designs and distinctive entertainment services and takes you to a world of comfort, tranquility, luxury, and where you do not have to leave for anywhere else.

Book your unit now to live the life of kings that you have always desired and enjoy wonderful benefits, starting with the picturesque green spaces and places for sitting, relaxing, walking, walking, and cycling, through the advantages of coastal life, all the way to the number of services that Zahya New Mansoura includes and provides you with all your needs.

In addition to the various units in their designs and spaces offered by the owner company; The prices in a bright project are very competitive, and there are payment facilities that extend over many years so that each client finds the unit that suits his desires and financial capabilities, as follows:

  • The price per square meter inside Zahya project in New Mansoura starts from 30,000 EGP.
  • The prices of the residential units start from 3,900,000 EGP.
  • The customer pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 5 years.

Own now inside Zahya Compound in New Mansoura; For more details, contact us.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

City Edge Real Estate Development is a leading national company in the real estate market, established between the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), and works hard to develop and construct many high-end real estate projects, as well as cover a range of residential, commercial, administrative and educational investments.

It is always keen to put the trust of customers in mind, so it employs a group of the most skilled architects and specialized consultants, in addition to applying international quality standards to maintain its credibility in front of investors.

Recently, the company launched the most luxurious and largest project in the city of New Mansoura, “Zahya New Mansoura”, which is unique with all the elements of success that attract customers and investors from a distinguished geographic location, endless services, exceptional advantages, competitive prices, and flexible payment systems to suit your taste and capabilities.

Among the most important previous works are the following:

Advantages of living inside the new city of Mansoura

  • The privileged geographical location that enjoys a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea; makes New Mansour one of the most important tourist destinations in addition to being a city full of luxury residential homes and high-end services in Zahya Compound.
  • It is considered one of the most promising fourth-generation cities, with an area of ​​more than 7000 acres, and an investment volume of approximately 60 billion pounds.
  • Its proximity to the important governorates of the Republic, such as; Alexandria, Damietta, and Kafr El-Sheikh.
  • The city has different categories of the population; It is filled with many different residential units between social housing houses, luxury apartments, and high-end villas, amounting to 158 thousand units.
  • Zahya City is considered a great investment city because it provides many job opportunities and includes various investment companies.
  • The most important thing that makes New Mansoura a unique city is that it overlooks the sea directly, unlike the new cities that are located on the desert strip.
  • The owner company has been keen to achieve the elements of quality and consistency in all units in Zahya project, and they will be delivered with a super-luxe full finishing system.
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