A wonderful apartment 170 m for sale in a very special location within El Baron City Compound. Life inside the compound enjoys sophistication and a healthy atmosphere that is characterized by clean air and distance from the city’s pollution and congestion. It also has all the facilities and services that life needs for more comfort, luxury and tranquility for customers. The company that owns the project allowed the presence of Many shops that meet all the needs of the residents, in addition to the presence of various restaurants, schools, cafés and play areas for adults and children, the compound also has a social club and sports fields, as well as health centers, pharmacies and medical clinics to provide full care for the residents of the compound.

Project name: El Baron City Compound.

The location of the compound: Maadi City.

The real estate developer’s name: Orientals for Urban Development.

Unit type: apartment.

Unit space: starts from 170 square meters.

Unit price: starts from 1,675,000 EGP (last update of prices is in December 2021).

Number of bedrooms: 3 rooms.

Number of bathrooms: 3 bathrooms.

Finishing: Super Lux.

Payment systems: 10% down payment of the total unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 5 years and up to 7 years.