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project nameJanoub Compound New Administrative Capital
unit type Apartments and villas
owner companyOrientals Real Estate Development
installment systemsThe client pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value and the rest is paid in equal installments within 7 years.
locationin the heart of New Capital, specifically in the residential area “R7” in the plot “G6”, executed in the south of New Administrative Capital on the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, directly in front of the exhibition grounds (Expo City).

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Learn about Janoub Compound New Capital

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

To all interested and looking for housing in a quiet compound that achieves everything they dream of; Janoub Compound is a perfect choice!!

OUD always fascinates us with everything new, and one of the latest construction works it has carried out is Janoub Compound New Capital, as it has presented a unique engineering model overlooking several sides of New Capital, as well as being in a privileged location that makes life inside it at the highest level of sophistication and beauty.

The company that developed the project was keen to enjoy the best possible capabilities so that the client could enjoy a different world of luxury and modernity within Janoub Compound . Where she paid attention to the smallest technical and architectural details, including that the building materials in which Janoub Compound New Capital was built are environmentally friendly, which makes Janoub Compound New Capital healthy and free of pollution and other important matters that help achieve a unique living experience.

Being in a residential complex with integrated services and facilities makes you enjoy the actual meaning of a life of luxury and well-being living, this is the least that this unique compound offers you, so book your place now in Janoub New Capital, which makes you always in the first ranks and leads you to a wonderful royal life.

Janoub Compound New Capital location

The location is one of the wonderful features of Janoub Compound ; It is in the heart of New Capital, specifically in the residential area “R7” in the plot “G6”, which is one of the most distinguished spots in the capital due to its proximity to important facilities and pivotal roads within the region; Which provides an integrated social environment around Janoub New Capital project, and we will learn about those main places in the following:

  • Janoub Compound New Capital was executed in the south of New Administrative Capital on the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, directly in front of the exhibition grounds (Expo City).
  • Janoub New Capital is located minutes away from several important neighborhoods such as; The diplomatic district, Al sefarat district, and the government district.
  • Jnoub Egypt is also about two minutes away from a group of hospitals and important medical institutions, including the British University (BUE).
  • Janub New Capital is separated by a few minutes from the large green river park.
  • In addition, Janoub  is 15 minutes from the presidential palace and the new capital airport.
  • Jnoub OUD is also a short distance from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the cathedral.
  • Janoub project is located east of the regional ring road.
  • And between Janoub Compound and the Cairo-Ain Sokhna road is a few kilometers.

The unique designs of Janoub New Administrative Capital

Excellence is the title to which this great architectural edifice belongs. It is a living example of luxury and sophistication in all aspects. The designs of Jnoub New Capital were entrusted to the international designer Omar Aqeel, who implemented a group of real estate in Egypt, including; Lake House, Hilton Burj Al Arab, Dusit Hotel, and Mangrove Island El Gouna.

This great architect made unique designs in the Janoub Oud project, as it overlooks 5 different destinations of the capital and not just 4 destinations as usual, and the streets were also designed to be in a circular manner, which facilitates free cars and provides more safety for pedestrians, and he made sure that the place was a mixture between the attractive European character and the original Egyptian style, which makes Janoub New Capital Compound different and very distinguished, and inside it, you feel the beauty of the past and the modernity of the present…

Get high-end services when you own it now inside Janoub OUD

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

This distinctive residential complex was established to be the first destination for people with high taste and lovers of comfort and privacy. It is full of distinctive features that make it your ideal place to live a life of absolute luxury, and we will explain below some of those important features, main services, and entertainment:

  • Jnoub New Capital was designed to be a lush oasis with beautiful landscapes that bring calm and psychological peace; Janoub  New Capital enjoys vast green spaces with a large group of beautiful colorful plants, and this space is decorated with wonderful artificial lakes and swimming pools of various sizes, which adds a lot of beauty to the place.
  • Janoub Compound has international designs that distinguish it from other residential compounds, as all units have a wonderful view, so it is a place specially designed for those who want to live an enjoyable life full of fun.
  • In Janoub  New Capita, there is an integrated medical center with all specialties and is available to serve the residents at any time, in addition to providing an integrated gym that includes several different playgrounds so that you can practice different sports.
  • A range of well-designed cafes and restaurants have been provided to enjoy your meal in an atmosphere of calm and comfort inside Janoub Compound .
  • Janoub Compound  Providing a large walkway equipped to be able to run, walk or cycle smoothly and comfortably.
  • Allocate fun entertainment places for children to have a great time full of vitality and activity inside Janoub Compound.
  • Within Janoub Compound New Capital, there is a large commercial area with different shops that provide you with all your various supplies and needs; In addition to the presence of luxury international brands that suit lovers of fine taste.
  • Janoub OUD Compoundt is considered an integrated environment-friendly place, as it was built with non-carcinogenic materials, and to rationalize the use of electricity, an area was provided with huge solar panels to feed a large part of the units with the necessary energy.
  • For more security in Janoub  New Capita, modern surveillance cameras and trained security men have been installed throughout the project, in addition to the presence of a large garage for cars and the provision of several gates to the place, which will reduce crowding and overcrowding in the project.
  • A mosque in a luxurious Islamic style to perform various religious prayers and rituals in Janoub OUD project.
  • Modern electric elevators for easy moving from one floor to another inside Janoub OUD Compound.

Various units and spaces to suit your needs within Janoub New Capital

If you are looking for an integrated place that provides you and your family privacy and enjoys within it all the meanings of luxury and well-being in an atmosphere full of calm and comfort; So, It is your ideal choice to achieve all this and more.

Janoub OUD project is built on a large space of ​​200,000 square meters, equivalent to 48 acres, and was divided into 23 buildings, a large part of which overlooks the water bodies inJanoub  New Capita, and these buildings contain about 1862 apartments with integrated facilities, in addition to villas with striking urban designs.

Within the residential block there are three buildings, each unit has its entrance, and inside each floor of the building there are 4 apartments, two electric elevators, the main staircase, and another for an emergency, and we will explain the following spaces:

  • The apartments’ spaces in Janoub  Compound start from 130 square meters up to 180 square meters.
  • Villas spaces start from 250 square meters up to 500 square meters.

Prices and payment systems

In addition to the number of services and advantages available in Janoub  project, the Orientals company has been keen that the price per square meter in Janoub Compound is suitable with different tastes and financial capabilities, and has also developed convenient payment systems that extend for many years.

The prices offered within Janoub New Capital are as follows:

  • Apartment prices range from 1,950,000 up to 2,700,000 EGP.
  • Janoub Villas prices range from 3,750,000 up to 7,500,000 EGP.

As for the payment methods, they are as follows:

  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 7 years.
  • The units are delivered in a semi-finished system, with the possibility of obtaining your residential unit with super lux finishing according to your desire.

Owning excellence and beauty is easy when you live inside this wonderful edifice, as it is an excellent place for a life of a great deal of luxury, and well-being, contact us now and get the best offers and discounts in New Capital.

“OUD Group” The developer of Janoub Compound

Janoub Compound is one of the achievements of Orientals Company and is full of many services and advantages that make it a golden opportunity to live a life full of luxury and richness.

Orientals Real Estate Development is one of the major companies in the Egyptian market, it was established in 1994 by the great engineer Mohamed Farid Khamis, which has been under his leadership since today, The fields in which that company operates have varied, including carpets, tourism, agriculture, real estate and other important activities that made the company a huge integrated edifice that competes strongly in the market and makes great contributions in several fields. Returning to real estate, Orientals Real Estate Development has established a number of important residential projects, including:


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