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project details

project namePyramids Business City
unit typeadministrative offices, clinics, and commercial units
owner companyPyramids Real Estate Development Company
installment systemsflexible and simple payment mechanisms that enable consumers to effortlessly receive the units they desire,
locationat the beginning of the new administrative capital overlooks the most important religious landmark in the capital, which is the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.

Pyramids Business City Administrative Capital

Are you on the lookout for something unique? A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to begin your investment journey? We encourage you to become a member of our community and one of our successful partners.

Pyramids Real Estate Development Company shone in the first new administrative capital and launched its latest integrated projects, “Pyramids Business City,” an integrated entertainment city based on the latest international models and utilizing the most advanced technological developments, as it is equipped with the finest administrative, commercial, and medical units with large spaces and diverse variety that suits all of its distinguished Egyptian and international clients.

Pyramids Business City project is being built on a vast area of up to 140 acres in a strategic location near all vital areas, and it will include many distinctive services and unique features that will provide customers with an unparalleled experience within a place that represents a new vision in the new republic.

Do not hesitate to book your property within the project in the Administrative Capital, and receive the finest pricing in the region, as well as what we believe will be an easy and straightforward payment for many years.

Pyramids Business City location

Pyramids Business City is an exceptional leap in the field of real estate and provides its valued customers with all amenities and the highest levels of luxury and security, and because what attracts customers most is the unique strategic location; The real estate developer implemented the project at the beginning of the new administrative capital – the future of investment in Egypt – because it is always looking for excellence and providing the best.

The following are some of the locations most notable features:

  • New Cairo, Mostakbal City, Shorouk City, and Madinaty are all close by.
  • It overlooks the most important religious landmark in the capital, which is the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • The project is located near Mohammed bin Zayed’s southern axis, making access to it simple and convenient.
  • It is at a short distance from the region’s three major thoroughfares: the Cairo-Suez Road, Cairo-Ain Sukhna Road, and the Middle Ring Road.
  • It is at a short distance from El-Masa Hotel and the Green River, the world’s longest network of gardens.
  • The project is in close proximity to the fairgrounds and Sports City.
  • The distance between Pyramids Business City and some of the Administrative Capital’s features, such as the Opera House and the Al Masa Hotel, is quite short.

Amenities of Pyramids Business City Administrative Capital

Learn about the most crucial aspects that set this project apart from other projects:

  • The fantastic geographical location at the start of the New Administrative Capital is near to New Cairo, as well as numerous important destinations and services.
  • The project is set in a beautiful landscape with scenic green areas, appealing water bodies, and dancing water fountains, providing consumers with breathtaking views from every location.
  • A distinctive tourist walkway for cycling, enjoying the fresh air, jogging, and walking.
  • Providing incomparable rates and excellent payment solutions that make the payment process easy for clients.

Pyramids Business City offers a variety of services.

Pyramids Developments has opened the first commercial metropolis in the New Administrative Capital with worldwide standards, taking into consideration the expectations of individuals seeking a contemporary and distinguished living, and was interested in meeting all of the needs of customers and investors. The top services inside the project, are detailed below:

  • Roof Fitness Club is a rooftop gym with the most up-to-date sports equipment, contemporary equipment, and the greatest trainers for individuals who like maintaining their fitness and physical safety.
  • The city has an “Aquarium Tunnel” that runs through a massive aquarium with numerous fish and other marine animals built of thick glass.
  • The sport of zip-lining on an elevated slope for enjoyment and adventure is available in the project.
  • There’s also the “Wax Museum” and the “Lights Museum,” both of which provide a fresh perspective on the city and draw a large number of visitors.
  • Implementation of a “Karting Club” racing club, which has a type of car racing in which four-wheeled vehicles known as go-karts or karts are used.
  • The project features the first mega mall in the center of the New Republic, which will include the most opulent international brands that high-end customers want.
  • The project has a “Flying Restaurant” that offers breathtaking views while you eat your favorite meal.
  • Elevators that are both modern and electric, making it easier to move between levels.
  • The company didn’t disregard the security system that ensures the safety of consumers and their belongings, so it employed security staff and installed plenty of contemporary surveillance cameras to keep an eye on just about everything.
  • A huge hypermarket featuring a wide range of goods, services, and supplies.
  • They have built a mosque designed in the most beautiful Islamic styles to perform prayers.
  • Providing leisure activities, such as a gym and a spa, to assist clients in relaxing and caring for their bodies and skin.
  • Cafes from across the world that serve amazing beverages as well as provide good service.
  • Medical clinics use the most up-to-date technology to deliver the finest possible treatment.
  • Whether large, medium or small, administrative offices with modern areas that meet the various operations of clients are available.
  • For those who want to get started right away, there are a number of shops to choose from.

The various units within Pyramids Business City

The Metropolis project is more than just a retail mall; it is an integrated city that has been built on a massive 140-acre site in a desirable position in the New Administrative Capital.

This is in addition to the malls modern and upscale style, which is reason enough to attract many customers and investors, as it is unique in a glossy design by the most skilled architects and the latest European internal and external styles, and its exteriors are characterized by the zigzag glass, making the project completely different and suitable for everyone looking for brilliance and exclusivity.

The mall is made up of a significant number of administrative offices, clinics, and commercial units with a variety of areas to suit your preferences and needs.

Pyramids Business City’s prices and payment methods

Because of the fierce competition among real estate companies in the New Administrative Capital, Pyramids Development has provided the best offers, prices, and discounts that set it apart from the competition, allowing clients to obtain the best services and the finest commercial units, administrative offices, and medical clinics at the lowest price per square meter. In the projects, prices start at 1,250,000 EGP.

What are you waiting for to book your property within Pyramids Business City?!! The real estate developer also announces flexible and simple payment mechanisms that enable consumers to effortlessly receive the units they desire, so what are you waiting for?!! Please contact us for additional information.

The real estate developer of Pyramids Business City

Pyramids Developments is one of Egypt’s most innovative and successful real estate developers. It holds eight separate projects in the New Administrative Capital, as well as El Galala City’s largest residential, investment, and tourism complex. It strives to deliver a future that is worthy of customers’ confidence and to assure the success of their investments at all times.

From the original choice of location to the remarkable design, services, and unique features, Pyramids Business City is the company’s latest project in the New Administrative Capital, which provides a new and different definition of luxury and investment.

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