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project name De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital
unit type Studio, apartments and villas
owner company Taj Misr Developments
installment systems The customer pays an advance of 5%, 7%, 10% or 12% and the rest is installmentd for 7, 8, 10 or 12 years
location in the heart of New Capital directly overlooks the beautiful river park, the largest tourist walkway in Egypt near several important neighborhoods, including Al sefarat district and the government neighborhood.

You want your children to live a life of luxury amidst the vast green spaces… De Joya Compound is waiting for you in New Administrative Capital!!

The dream of living in the midst of green natural spaces decorated with beautiful water bodies away from pollution, noise, and crowding has become easy to achieve, Here in De Joya New Administrative Capital, you will get everything you wish and dream of from luxurious features and many services to enjoy a quiet living in an atmosphere of privacy and endless luxury.

In the Spanish language, the word “de Joya” means a beautiful jewel, and here is DeJoya achieving this wonderful meaning through the exquisite engineering designs that fill the entire place, this project has a very beautiful design that mimics the attractive European character, as it is a place characterized by the presence of green plants and flowers spread on the facades of the buildings and around the residential units, resembling in its design a large, beautiful natural garden.

The location is one of the important success factors that distinguish De Joya Compound from others, as it is in an exceptional area in New Capital, which makes the movement easier and faster, and many other distinctive features and countless facilities, and we will mention some of them in some detail in the rest of the article.

De Joya.. an exceptional location in the most important areas of New Capital!!

Living in a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the heart of New Capital and close to several vital facilities and the main hubs is one of the important features of The Compound, as it is in the eighth residential area (R8), specifically plot (B2), It is surrounded by many distinctive places that we will learn about as follows:

  • De Joya compound directly overlooks the beautiful river park, the largest tourist walkway in Egypt.
  • DeJoya was built near several important neighborhoods, including Al sefarat district and the government neighborhood.
  • De Joya Taj Misr Compound is a short distance from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • De Joya is also about 10 minutes from the New Capital Airport.
  • De Joya compound is located a few minutes away from the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • De Joya Compound New Capital is also surrounded by a number of international hospitals, schools, and universities that provide the best important services.

learn about the various spaces in the compound

De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital was built on a large space of about 23 acres, a large part of which was allocated to green spaces, recreational services, artificial lakes, and swimming pools, and the smaller part was dedicated to buildings and construction, which means providing privacy and luxury for all.

De Joya New Capital includes “studios, apartments, and villas” of different sizes to suit all customers, and we will explain these different units in the following:

  • Within De Joya compound, there are about 10 residential areas of different sizes, all of which have a wonderful view overlooking the wonderful lakes that spread throughout DeJoya.
  • “Type A” area: its spaces range from 136 square meters up to 177 square meters in De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital.
  • “Type B” area: the units start from 70 square meters up to 177 square meters.
  • “Type C” area: the total space of ​​the units ranges from 77 square meters up to 189 square meters.
  • “Type D” area: spaces start from 121 square meters up to 181 square meters.
  • “Type E” area: the units start from 171 square meters up to 137 square meters inside De Joya.
  • “Type F” area: the units in this area start from 191 square meters up to 382 square meters.
  • “Type G” area: the units in this area range from 177 square meters up to 295 square meters.
  • “Type H” area: the units in this area starts from 137 square meters up to 277 square meters.
  • “Type I” area: the units in this area starts from 126 square meters up to 179 square meters.
  • “Type J” area: the units in this area start from 274 square meters up to 364 square meters.

Enjoy the best unique features inside De Joya New Administrative Capital

De Joya compound is specially designed for lovers of luxury and sophistication. It is your ideal place to get the comfort and privacy that you have always dreamed of. De Joya project is characterized by a number of main and recreational features that make it a small oasis of all corners, and we will explain these advantages in the following:

  • The architectural design is one of the most important factors that increase the beauty and splendor of DeJoya New Capital, as it was designed according to the attractive European character.
  • The units in the place enjoy a large terrace overlooking the beautiful natural gardens and wonderful lakes to feel the true meaning of mental serenity and psychological peace inside De Joya.
  • DeJoya is located in New Capital in one of the important locations that bring it close to the facilities and pivotal roads in the place, ensuring easy communication outside and inside DeJoya.
  • The beauty of the place is that it is a beautiful green garden. Colorful plants decorate the balconies of the units and are spread throughout DeJoya New Capital, in addition to a number of beautiful artificial lakes that permeate the place harmoniously and attractively.
  • De Joya has a large aquarium for colorful ornamental fish of great beauty.
  • DeJoya New Capital was provided with a solar energy system that supplies the units with the necessary energy and reduces electricity consumption in addition to being environmentally friendly, meaning it does not cause any pollution.
  • The units are also provided with a place for garbage disposal safely and hygienically.

Here are some of the services and facilities in De Joya Compound New Capital

  • The presence of an integrated commercial area within De Joya Project New Administrative capital, with several major stores that provide you and your family with all the daily necessities.
  • An integrated gym with a number of equipped playgrounds for practicing many different sports within De Joya.
  • Large swimming pools have been designed in several sizes and spaces to suit all ages, and some of them have been designated for women to enjoy their full privacy in De Joya Taj Misr Compound.
  • Children’s entertainment area (kids area) in De Joya New Capital has a lot of fun and entertaining games for them and the place is fully secured to keep them safe.
  • A number of paved tracks for running or cycling, as well as suitable for morning exercise and away from cars, and there are a number of comfortable seats that enable you to enjoy contemplation of this picturesque divine nature in De Joya project.
  • An integrated medical center that includes many different specialties at the highest level of quality supervised by the best medical staff, and is available to serve the population 24 hours a day inside De Joya Compound New Capital.
  • An integrated health club with a spa, jacuzzi, gym, and other various recreational activities to spend enjoyable times inside De Joya New Capital.
  • A comprehensive security system inside the compound and advanced surveillance cameras spread throughout the place to ensure the security and safety of the residents of De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital.
  • A large garage with a large number of cars is available to serve residents throughout the day in De Joya.

An overview of the competitive prices and convenient payment systems offered by the developer company

De Joya Compound New Capital, is the choice of the greats who seek sophistication, luxury, and a distinguished life among the charming nature, and you will find everything you need without getting tired or troubled, everything you think about will be immediately in front of you.

To complement the series of many advantages offered to you by De Joya New Capital Project, the executing company has offered unparalleled prices in that region and distinct payment plans that suit your desires and capabilities so that you have enough comfort that you want, and we will show you those details as follows:

  • The unit prices in De Joya compound range from 10,000 EGP up to 12.5 thousand EGP.
  • The subscription in De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital varies according to the units; Paying 50,000 EGP for the studio, 65,000 EGP for the apartments, and 100,000 EGP for the garage.

Payment plan:

  • It is possible to pay a 5% downpayment and the rest to be paid in installments for a period of up to 7 years in De Joya.
  • It is also possible to pay 7% as a downpayment and pay the rest over 8 years.
  • Or pay 10% of the value of the housing unit as a down payment and the remaining installments over 10 years without interest.
  • Paying a 12% downpayment and the rest over 12 years.
  • 8% maintenance deposit.
  • There are also discounts of up to 15% when paying the unit price in cash.
  • The units will be delivered within 4 years from the date of construction.

All that you seek to achieve for your children from a life full of luxury and well-being, and with all the means of comfort and privacy, you will find it here in De Joya New Capital Project, so book your unit now with us and get the best prices and payment systems in New Capital.

Taj Misr Developments, The Real Estate Developer

This company is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, it was established in 2006 and since then it is concerned with providing the best important projects for the Egyptian market and is keen to follow all standards and engineering safety procedures to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Taj Misr has hired two major companies in engineering and design consultancy when building the compound, namely, the engineer Medhat Dorra and Eicc Company for the engineer Mustafa Khalil, and it has carried out many other engineering works, including:




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