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Golden Gate New Cairo Mall

Your keenness to start a new investment project that will achieve the gain you dreamed of, is the main goal for which Golden Gate Mall was built to ensure that you get the largest return on investment based on what it enjoys with many attractions and raising the level of customers and investors, that project implemented by the hands of the maker’s Trust in the real estate field, which is Rock Redcon Real Estate Development and Investment Company.

The real estate developer succeeded in selecting the best sites in New Cairo to build Golden Gate Mall, which enjoys many investors flocking to it daily with easy access, in addition to the huge area that the project occupies with vast green spaces and artificial lakes, so that a mall is a place for rest, in addition to choosing amazing designs and decorations. Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, no one disagreed with it, as it is one of the most eye-catching attractions in New Cairo.

Own a commercial or administrative unit with an area commensurate with your new project in Golden Gate New Cairo, and enjoy the many exclusive features and services that the real estate developer has excelled in collecting in one place, which is completely unparalleled. From now on, you will get everything you imagine and in the finest style, as a whole. These ingredients and the real estate developer did not forget to provide opportunistic prices and more than one payment method to make it easier for you to own a unit in Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo
Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo

Where is Golden Gate Mall located?

The vitality of the location of Golden Gate Mall is one of the most important things that distinguishes it from other investment projects that have appeared recently, that site that the real estate developer has chosen very carefully to be at the forefront of everyone who passes through New Cairo, specifically the Fifth Settlement and in its most important streets, which is the Southern Teseen Street, in addition to This is the proximity of the mall to all governmental and other agencies and services, as well as entertainment, which also contributes to the influx of many to your project daily.

Golden Gate Fifth Settlement also enjoys a wonderful strategy, as it mediates four main roads that enable all customers and investors to go to the mall with ease while enjoying the luxurious views in the Fifth Settlement, an area that is a meeting station for people of good taste, and one of the most important features of the site

  • One of the most important roads located close to Golden Gate is the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road and the new Middle Ring Road.
  • Golden Gate is located in front of the most famous university, the American University.
  • The mall is only 800 meters away from the new monorail line.
  • New Cairo’s Golden Gate Mall is a small distance from international schools, private hospitals, and medical centers.
  • Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, is also located a few minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It is located near some modern compounds in the Fifth Settlement, such as Zizinia Gardens.

Space and design of Golden Gate New Cairo Mall

The area on which Golden Gate New Cairo is built and the designs implemented for it are what led to making it a strong investment interface and an area of ​​attraction for all investors and businessmen from everywhere, as the total area of ​​the project reached about 40 acres or approximately 201 square meters, this area is very huge for For other investment projects, this does not indicate that Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, contains many aesthetic elements, in addition to the fact that it contains many commercial and administrative units of varying sizes.

An area of ​​161,000 square meters has been allocated for construction only. Golden Gate includes 25 interior buildings. Each building occupies several units of different sizes as follows:

  • The total area of ​​the administrative and commercial units occupies about 100,000 square meters.
  • The mall building includes a lot of services and entertainment which basically means that aim to get everything you need.
  • Two floors of huge space in Golden Gate are allocated for the garage.

As for the rest of the space in Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, it was distributed between green spaces and colorful flowers with their fragrant scent, and between water bodies of various kinds, where dancing fountains and artificial lakes suggest sophistication and luxury.

High and refined taste is the distinguishing mark of the designs of Golden Gate New Cairo, which is characterized by modernity, internationalism, and modernity. The real estate developer paid attention to the smallest details of the project, so it was designed in two basic phases to give each part its right. Redcon also hired the Watg office in London, which is one of the largest engineering consulting offices It has a business precedent that speaks for itself until Golden Gate became the icon of beauty and luxury in the Fifth Settlement.

Exclusive services are available at Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo

As we mentioned before, the huge area on which Golden Gate Mall was built so that customers and investors can also enjoy their time inside the project and during their free time through a lot of various entertainment services provided by the real estate developer.

It was also concerned with providing an integrated package of basic services through which you can obtain all your requirements and needs without the need to leave Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo. In addition, the real estate developer was also interested in creating a suitable and upscale environment that helps you complete your work in the fastest time, and among the most important services Available in Golden Gate:

  • The title of the project is Security and Security which always provides you with reassurance and the preservation of your property, as the latest high-tech cameras have been installed to monitor all parts of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, and security personnel work 24 hours a day to ensure your safety.
  • The entire Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, operates with the smart facility system, as entry and exit from the mall are carried out through electronic gates.
  • The mall includes medical clinics that work to maintain your health always, and a distinguished group of doctors works with them.
  • In Golden Gate, New Cairo, there is a large pharmacy with all the medical supplies and medicines that you could need.
  • The real estate developer has established more than one hall for holding seminars and meetings with a high-tech level of visual and audio equipment, and it is designed in a very sophisticated style that suits senior businessmen.
  • Sterilization and disinfection work is carried out inside Golden Gate on an ongoing basis, to preserve the health of our customers.
  • There is a maintenance team equipped with the latest equipment in the project, who work periodically and are trained to discover faults and solve them as soon as possible to ensure that your work continues without interruption.
  • The real estate developer in Golden Gate, Fifth Settlement, has provided more than one high-capacity generator, which works automatically when the main power is out.
  • Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, contains a lot of restaurants and cafes with a variety of foods, so that you can choose from what suits your taste, and it also provides its services in a distinguished hotel style.
  • Redcon Real Estate was interested in providing a suitable and quiet atmosphere inside Golden Gate, so central air conditioning was installed to maintain the temperature inside the mall throughout the day.
  • All units are equipped with a central shower and fast Wi-Fi so that the real estate developer does not burden you with dealing with communication companies.
  • Providing warehouses with large areas in Golden Gate, to keep the goods in them, helps you to exploit every part of your unit, and gives you the entire space free of any consequences.
  • In Golden Gate, there are many ATMs that facilitate your financial transactions.
  • Get a very pleasant shopping experience in the midst of a wide variety of local and international shops.
  • A large hypermarket that provides you with all the food commodities that you may need while you are in Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo.

Enjoy many of the features that you will have in Golden Gate New Cairo Mall

In Golden Gate, New Cairo, luxury has become within reach of everyone, through the provision of exceptional features that contribute to creating a positive and upscale life within the project that helps you spend the most beautiful and unforgettable times. The sublime, which is the upgrading of everyone who knocks on Golden Gate, Fifth Settlement, and one of the most important of them

  • Enjoy breathing clean, fresh air through the window of your new investment unit, which overlooks the most beautiful vast green spaces that wrap around the entire building of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, as well as the sound of fresh water emanating from artificial lakes and fountains that add to the joy and luxury of the place.
  • In Golden Gate, there is a mosque designed in the Islamic style to hold prayers and religious rituals.
  • The real estate developer has been interested in establishing a solid infrastructure for the mall, as well as the latest sanitation, gas, electricity, and water services.
  • The facade of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, has a layer of heat insulation and prevents noise as well so that your business can continue in a quiet atmosphere and complete privacy.
  • In order to preserve the health of our customers and the aesthetic view of the project, the waste is disposed of safely and in the latest methods.
  • The real estate developer has provided toilets for men and women, as well as for people with special needs, in more than one place inside Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo.
  • There is a large reception hall within the project that helps you reach your goal, and it also provides other services in a sophisticated manner that suits you.
  • In order to preserve your car, Golden Gate has a large garage equipped with the latest security methods, and it can accommodate large numbers of cars at the same time.
  • The entire Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, is secured with the latest fire alarms, and it works automatically when a fire breaks out and puts it out as soon as possible.
  • Providing a lot of electric elevators with panoramic facades makes it easier for you to move between floors and some of them, and there are also more than one escalator and another for emergencies.
  • The real estate developer has provided specially designed places to sit and relax amidst the picturesque landscapes on the grounds of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo while listening to soft music.

Space and types of investment units in Golden Gate, New Cairo

Golden Gate is the largest investment project that was implemented by Redcon according to international standards to please everyone lucky and took the initiative to reserve a new investment unit inside it, as it includes a very large number of commercial and administrative units with many different areas that are in line with all the different activities that investors require. and senior businessmen there are also a few independent units in Golden Gate Mall in New Cairo, as it is an integrated project that does not lack anything.

All units of Golden Gate New Cairo are characterized by unique designs in an elegant western style that suits different high tastes, that design implemented with the latest international technological means, all this in addition to what all units enjoy with a stunning view of green spaces and water bodies that give the viewer a sense of harmony vitality and activity.

  • The space of the administrative units in Golden Gate New Cairo starts from 90 square meters.
  • While the independent building space starts from 6000 square meters.
  • The space of the commercial units in Golden Gate, Fifth Settlement, starts from 40 square meters.
  • All units of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, will be delivered within two years from the date of the contract.
  • All administrative units are delivered fully finished, while commercial units are delivered without finishing. You can also choose the type of finishing you want so that it is consistent with the activity submitted to it, with the difference being paid during the contract.

Unit prices and payment systems announced for all units of Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo

From the beginning and during the implementation of the first steps to build a huge investment community in such a great edifice as Golden Gate, the real estate developer’s interest was very clear in all the details, as he chose the most important and prestigious areas, then he started inaugurating Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, on a large area that embraces all the natural factors that are comfortable for the soul.

The developer has provided all the means and tools that help you to accomplish your work without any effort in a luxurious atmosphere, with the offering of many investment units of different sizes. All these ingredients have made Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, at the forefront of investment projects that are highly sought after by those looking to start a distinguished project. And unique.

In addition, the real estate developer, with everything that was announced, we will find that he only thought about the comfort of customers and investors, so he also announced unit prices in the average of all classes, with a flexible payment system to make it easier for you to pay and start your dream of life without any trouble. Golden Gate Mall, New Cairo, guarantees All investors should achieve the highest rate of profit sufficient to pay the price of the unit while maintaining a large financial capacity.

  • The price per meter for the administrative units in Golden Gate starts from 74,000 EGP.
  • While the price per meter for commercial units starts from 110,000 EGP.
  • The customer can pay a contract down payment of 10% of the total unit value, provided that the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years, without paying any additional interest.

The real estate developer and their most important previous works

Rock Redcon for Real Estate Development and Investment is the owner and executing company of Golden Gate New Cairo Mall, in cooperation with an international engineering consulting company, Watg, to produce this masterpiece, which is unique with all its strength in providing all the elements of attraction.

It is a leading company in the field of real estate development with many previous successes in all areas of tourism, housing, authorities, and others. It has also implemented many projects in more than one direction due to the trust of its customers in it, its credibility, and the experience gained during the past 25 years.

Redcon projects are characterized by having a special imprint in the real estate field that made it in a high position among other companies, as it uses the best and finest materials in construction and finishing according to the latest international standards, in addition to that it uses the latest technological means under the supervision of specialized engineers and consultants in this field.

Among their most important previous works:

  •  New Alamein Towers.
  • New Alamein University.
  • Abu Talat Tourist Resort.
  • Americana Plaza.
  • American International School.
  • Al-Alsun School, New Giza.
  • Al-Azhar Institute.
  • Abu Dhabi Bank.
  • Audi Bank.
  • Arabella Resort.
  • Arab Steel Manufacturing Company.
  • Caesar Resort 1, 2.
  • Hurghada Bowling.
  • Modern English School.
  • City Stars Golden Coast.
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