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It Business Hub New Cairo Mall

A new era of luxury and sophistication is witnessed by Fifth Settlement in one of the most important and largest investment projects in New Cairo, which is It Business Hub Mall. Upwyde Developments has achieved everything you dream of in your dream project of unprecedented luxury while ensuring the highest profit rates, and it has used the latest international engineering designs in the field of construction and finishing, it revolutionized the world of architecture, and it also designed beautiful natural views represented in green spaces and water bodies to instill comfort and calm in the soul.

The real estate developer has striven to meet the needs of investors and customers in It Business Hub, New Cairo, New Cairo, by providing all basic and entertainment services, to get all your needs and enjoy every moment that passes by you in It Business Hub, Fifth Settlement, and one of the most important things that force you to choose It Business Hub New Cairo is the real estate developer’s keenness to offer prices and payment plans that help you own your new unit, whether administrative, commercial, or medical and start your investment project without bearing any financial burdens.

Where is It Business Hub Mall located?

Upwide Company was able to succeed in choosing an upscale, vital, and strategic location in the beating heart of New Cairo to build It Business Hub New Cairo investment mall, as the mall is located in the Fifth Settlement area specifically in Teseen Street, and it is a very special place due to its proximity to the most important main roads in that matter, which made moving to and from It Business Hub New Cairo very easy.

It Business Hub, Fifth Settlement, is located near many government agencies and important services that you may need to meet your needs, in addition to increasing the chances of citizens coming to the mall to fulfill their requirements, and one of the most important features of the location.

  • It Business Hub New Cairo is located near the Ring Road, the Middle Ring Road, and Suez Ain Sokhna Road.
  • It Business Hub is a short distance away from Al Amal Axis.
  • The mall is steps away from the American University, the German University, and the Future University.
  • You can also reach Heliopolis and Nasr City from It Mall Fifth Settlement, within several minutes.
  • The project is located about 30 minutes from New Administrative Capital.
  • It Business Hub New Cairo is only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

Space and design of It Business Hub New Cairo Mall

Excellence is always the most important feature in all Upwyde Developments’  projects, so we find it in It Business Hub New Cairo, which took care of all the details of the project, starting with choosing the location, and then coming to the planned area on which the project was established, which excelled in dividing it between the total area of ​​constructions, places of entertainment, and services.

And between what It Business Hub New Cairo contains stunning natural landscapes represented in the green space and water bodies that constitute vivid artistic paintings, and for the mall building, the investment units announced in the project were distributed on the different floors, while preserving that each unit has its privacy and the calm that it always enjoys.

  • The ground and first floors include commercial units and shops.
  • While the remaining roles of It Business Hub are occupied by administrative units and offices.
  • The real estate developer in It Business Hub, New Cairo, also provided a group of pharmacies.

One of the most important features of It Business Hub Fifth Settlement is the international architectural designs implemented under the supervision of a group of the most important and largest architects and consultants, those designs that succeeded in combining luxury and sophistication, whether it Business Hub New Cairo from the outside with its glass facade that reflects the lights at night, and prevents the entry of heat during the day, and the interior finishes and decorations implemented in the latest modern style.

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you can find at It Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement

Upwyde Developments lays the foundation stone for adopting a new idea in the world of architectural development, so we find it in It Business Hub Mall an integrated set of basic and entertainment services aimed primarily at meeting all customers’ needs, in addition to imposing a very suitable environment for investors in which they contribute to the completion of their work as much as possible, and make them spend their leisure time in an atmosphere of happiness and luxury.

So seize the opportunity and book your unit now in It Business Hub New Cairo, to enjoy all the exceptional services that Upwyde Developments has implemented exclusively, and the most important of these services are:

  • Enjoy your favorite dishes at It Business Hub New Cairo Mall, in an area designated for restaurants and cafes, which includes a group of the most skilled chefs, who provide their services in an elegant hotel style.
  • And because children are the bright lamp of the future, the architectural developer was interested in providing a wonderful entertainment area in It Business Hub New Cairo, which was specially designed for the child to spend entertaining time, as there is a group of fun games with beautiful colors, and they are supervised by a group of specialists, so that your child can spend enjoyable times in safety.
  • The security system in It Business Hub is accurate and perfect, as surveillance cameras cover every inch of the place, and security men monitor the entrances and exits of the mall 24 hours a day.
  • Providing high-speed internet service throughout the project and within all units, restaurants, and cafes.
  • A hall dedicated to conferences and meetings, equipped with various audio and video presentation systems.
  • Enjoy a unique shopping experience at It Business Hub Mall, New Cairo, amid many different local and international shops, you will find everything you are looking for with ease.
  • It Business Hub Fifth Settlement is equipped with central air conditioning that automatically adjusts the temperature to suit the weather.
  • ATMs are provided in the mall to facilitate your financial transactions.
  • ِ special area for storage and goods secured with the latest devices and means.
  • Create a distinctive advertising campaign for your project through large screens and billboards located in vital places in the mall.
  • In It Business Hub New Cairo, you are on a date with relaxation and tranquility in the spa, sauna, and jacuzzi rooms that make you live a unique experience of relaxation and comfort.
  • The sports gym overlooks a wonderful view, and it also contains a group of the latest sports machines, which allow you to diversify your exercises to obtain a fit and harmonious body.
  • High-capacity power generators that work immediately after the power outage, to prevent your work in the project from stopping.
  • It Business Hub is powered by a solar energy system to generate electricity.

Unique features that you get upon receiving your unit in It Business Hub New Cairo

In addition to the distinguished location of It Business Hub Mall, New Cairo, the impressive architectural designs, and the services available to all customers that they will get once they book their new unit in the project, Upwyde Developments was keen to provide an additional set of exclusive features that you will only find in It Business Hub Fifth Settlement, which are as follows;

  • To prevent crowding and congestion, more than one main gate has been provided to enable you to enter It Business Hub New Cairo.
  • For easy movement between floors, the mall is equipped with elevators and escalators that allow you to move freely between units.
  • It Business Hub New Cairo is equipped with a large garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to regulate traffic and prevent overcrowding.
  • The most important feature of It Business Hub is the fountains, which are considered one of the most important aesthetic aspects of the mall, as the pure water mixes with beautiful colored lights that maintain an atmosphere of joy and pleasure in the place.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking view from the balcony of your unit, the green lawns occupy the vast majority of the space of It Business Hub New Cairo, as the green trees and colorful roses with a beautiful scent make you feel comfortable when you look at them, as they form natural breaks between the units as they fill your lungs with fresh, fresh air.
  • Maintenance services for the basic facilities of the mall operate throughout the week in the mall.
  • It Business Hub New Cairo is also cleaned and disinfected periodically throughout the day.
  • The mall operates with a smart system, as entry and exit from the project are done with a smart card and to the units as well.
  • It Business Hub Fifth Settlement has a security system against fire.
  • A mosque designed in the Islamic style to conduct prayers and religious rituals.

Investment units and their various spaces inside It Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement

We have always been accustomed by Upwide Company to present the finest investment projects in the most important regions of Egypt, in addition to providing all the basic needs that it always takes care of for its customers, the most important of which is the creation of job opportunities in various fields for everyone who is looking for a special place to start his new project, so it provided all types of commercial, administrative and medical investment units in It Business Hub New Cairo, with different spaces in each unit type, as it allows the customer the freedom to choose what suits his abilities and the activity that he will perform.

Also, all the units announced in It Business Hub New Cairo are characterized by creativity in interior designs and finishes that have been implemented in the latest international style to suit all investors’ tastes, and all units have a view of the most beautiful attractive landscapes that make you breathe fresh air. Below, you will get to know the spaces of the units announced in It Business Hub New Cairo.

  • The space of the commercial units on the ground floor starts from 50 square meters.
  • While the commercial units space in It Mall New Cairo Business Hub on the first floor starts from 63 square meters.
  • The project includes a group of administrative units, with space starting from 40 square meters.
  • It Business Hub, New Cairo also has medical units starting from 40 square meters.
  • All units will be delivered in 2025 AD.

Advertised unit prices for all units of It Business Hub New Cairo

Take the initiative to book your unit now in It Business Hub Mall, New Cairo, at the lowest price per square meter compared to the rest of the other projects announced by Upwide, and enjoy all the services and entertainment that give you happiness and luxury, and get great discounts when paying cash, and the unit price varies according to the type, its space, and its location within the project.

  • The price per square meter of commercial units in It Business Hub New Cairo, on the ground floor, starts from 140,000 EGP up to 185,000 EGP.
  • While the meter price of commercial units in the mall starts from 115,000 and reaches 135,000 EGP.
  • For administrative units and offices, the price per meter starts from 58,000 EGP.
  • In It Business Hub, New Cairo, there are pharmacies for sale at a meter price starting from 60,000 EGP.

Payment systems provided by Upwyde Developments

The most important feature of Upwyde Developments, over its experience in previous years, is that it is interested in providing all means of comfort to its customers, by providing very distinctive long-term payment systems, to reduce the burdens of payment on investors and make them a door to profit and the highest investment return, so there are four installment systems and each customer must choose the most suitable for him.

  • Paying a downpayment of 0% of the total unit value, with the rest of the amount to be paid over 4 years, in equal installments without interest.
  • You can also own a unit in It Business Hub, New Cairo, by paying a contract down payment of 15%, then paying another 5% after two and a half years have passed from the date of the contract, and the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over 5 years in equal installments, without paying any additional interest.
  • The customer can pay a downpayment of 20% of the total unit price, and the rest of the unit price is paid in equal installments over 6 years, without paying any additional interest.
  • You can also install the total unit price over 7 years, when you pay an amount of 30% of the total unit as a contract advancer, then pay another 5% after two and a half years have passed from the date of the contract, paying in equal installments without any additional interest.

The real estate developer and his most important work

Upwyde Developments was established more than 40 years ago, and it is owned by Mr. Hani Al-Rifai, CEO of the company, and Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, head of the commercial sector, and it owns many major projects throughout the Republic, and it also has other projects in the same region that have attracted the attention of investors and clients from abroad and domestically.


Upwyde Developments was keen to be a pioneer in the field of real estate development through the projects it implements with the smallest details and adopting a professional method by the highest quality standards from the beginning of project implementation until the customers’ hand over their units, so it was able to gain the trust of its customers easily and to a very large extent over the past years, as it seeks to provide everything new, comfortable and distinguished in the world of architecture, and one of its most important previous projects:

  • Igual Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Granoy New Cairo Mall.
  • Executing a group of residential compounds in Fifth Settlement.
  • Developing and implementing several investment projects in the 6th of October City.


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