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Kernel Business Hub New Cairo Mall 

Kernel Mall is the real boom in the field of modern investment. It embraces within it all areas that ultimately aim at progress and prosperity. It is a real opportunity if you are looking for a place to start your new project with the highest profit rates as a result of the basic and complementary elements provided by Affix Real Estate that contribute to the success of Managing your project in an atmosphere that increases your focus and frees you from the burden of tedious thinking.

The real estate developer has succeeded in providing an exclusive, integrated set of services through which you can find your requirements in Kernel Business Hub Mall, in addition to what the real estate developer provided of the causes of harmony and happiness represented in green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to the design of the entire Kernel Business Hub Mall, which came in A strong and attractive bond that captures hearts with the chosen colors and finishes provided in a luxurious western style, and the location of the mall in the Fifth Settlement gives your project an ever-increasing value.

Kernel New Cairo is the perfect choice for you to own a new investment unit at the lowest price per square meter in the entire area, in addition to the various payment methods provided by the real estate developer to ease the burdens on clients and investors.

Kernel Business Hub Mall, New Cairo
Kernel Business Hub Mall, New Cairo

Kernel Business Hub New Cairo Mall location

Affix Development and Real Estate Investment Company chose New Cairo specifically, 90th Street, in the Fifth Settlement, to establish its new investment project, Kernel Business Hub Mall, and chose that area because it has become a station of attention for all people of good taste and investors from inside and outside, as it is a site that increases the success of any new project because of the lot it includes. One of the most important features is that it is the most vital area with many basic and recreational services.

The location of Kernel Business Hub Mall was chosen to serve many high-end residential communities populated with residents to ensure that many flocks to it daily, in addition to the strategy of the location near the main roads such as the Ring Road and the Suez Road, which makes it easier for customers and investors to reach the project without any trouble, and one of the most important things it enjoys Kernel site:

  • Kernel Mall is only 10 minutes away from Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • Kernel Business Hub is located 20 minutes away from the most important universities in the area, namely American University, and Canadian University.
  • From Kernel Business Hub Mall, you can reach the New Administrative Capital within 45 minutes.
  • The project is a distance away from Cairo International Airport.
  • Kernel Business Hub Mall, New Cairo, is just 5 minutes away from Helnan Landmark Mall.
  • One of the most important high-end residential compounds near the mall is Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement, IL Bosco City, New Cairo.

Space and design of Kernel Business Mall, New Cairo

On an area of ​​4,400 square meters, a multi-activity administrative, commercial, and medical mall was established, which is Kernel Mall, New Cairo. The real estate developer took advantage of all the external and internal spaces of the project to take you to wonderful details, as he paid attention to the smallest details because he knew well that the space and what it occupies is the first address that catches the eye. So he made Kernel Mall Business Hub a painting that fascinates the viewer and attracts him to take a tour inside it.

Kernel Mall New Cairo consists of two floors specialized for the garage, a ground floor, and four upper floors, where the height of each floor is about 3.5 meters.

Enjoy the atmosphere of a stunning example in Kernel Mall, New Cairo, and its attractive view of the green spaces, the pleasant artificial lakes, and the fountains that increase the luxury of the place. Also, the high and refined taste is the distinguishing mark of the designs of Kernel Business Hub Mall, Fifth Settlement, which are all characterized by modernity, internationalism, and modernity, in terms of shape. The outer architecture of the mall is in the shape of a U, embracing unparalleled aesthetic effects.

Also, its glossy glass facade adds more sophistication to the place, and Kernel Business Hub Mall was designed from the inside of two buildings connected by internal corridors with its stunning decorations decorated in an elegant European style, and the mall was designed to have more than one entrance to have each type of Advertised units have their entrance.

The most important services provided inside Kernel Business Mall, New Cairo

The real estate developer was keen to make Kernel Business Hub an integrated first-class mall to be a strong interface for businessmen and investors in the most prestigious new cities, the Fifth Settlement, so he provided a lot of basic services and facilities within it that help you to carry out your work professionally, and also did not forget your comfort Your well-being and has provided the mall with a complete set of entertainment means suitable for spending an enjoyable time.

  • Kernel Mall New Cairo is fully secured with an integrated set of high-quality cameras to monitor all movements within the project, and security personnel work continuously throughout the day to confront infringements.
  • The mall includes many different restaurants and cafes that enjoy the most delicious drinks and delicious food served by the most famous chefs.
  • Kernel Business Hub Mall contains a Roof Top with many services and entertainment that help you get out of your burdens, in addition to the water bodies on it, which add more joy and luxury to the place.
  • Kernel Mall includes administrative, medical, and commercial units with their separate entrances and elevators.
  • There is a Kids Area with many games and entertainment for children that develop their abilities under the supervision of specialists.
  • Kernel Business Hub has halls equipped with the latest audio equipment and display screens for holding conferences and meetings.
  • It has been contracted to have more than one automatic teller machine (ATM) throughout the project to facilitate your financial transactions.
  • There is central air conditioning that covers every part inside Kernel to keep your work going in a suitable environment.
  • The entire mall operates with the facility’s smart system of temperature control, lighting, and others that help customers and investors continue their work without interruption.
  • Kernel Business Hub New Cairo houses more shops that provide everything you need for an exceptional shopping experience.
  • There is a Kernel hypermarket with all the daily necessities that you may need.
  • A mosque designed in the Islamic style to conduct prayers and religious rituals.
  • Providing high-speed internet service to all mall units, restaurants and cafes.
  • There is a maintenance office with equipped and trained teams to perform maintenance for all units within Kernel Business Hub Mall as soon as possible.

Enjoy  many exclusive features at Kernel Business Hub

The real estate developer took care of in various ways in Kernel Mall New Cairo, the customer, and this appeared to us through all the elements that he provided in the project, starting from your first view of the mall from the outside, and it was not enough to choose the best sites to build the mall and the space on which it is built and the attractive tools it occupies and the integrated services provided in a style Sophisticated, and has provided many exceptional features that Kernel increases the importance and luxury among others, the most important of which is

  • Enjoy the harmony and interaction between water bodies and crystal blue fountains located everywhere inside Kernel Mall, and the vast green spaces that wrap around the entire mall, this wonderful mixture that gives the viewer a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • The real estate developer has taken care of the infrastructure of Kernel Business Hub Mall, New Cairo, where all service facilities that target your conveniences such as natural gas, water and electricity are provided.
  •  Kernel Hub Mall is self-insured against fire with the latest tools and equipment that wrap around the entire project.
  • Kernel Business Hub Mall is equipped with more than one electric generator that works automatically when the power is out.
  • For the convenience of our customers and senior businessmen, there are waiting lounges at the highest level of sophistication, offering all the services you need.
  • Kernel Business Hub operates using solar panels to generate electricity, to preserve the health of customers and investors.
  • The real estate developer has taken care of providing cleaning and sterilization service in the entire mall, and it works continuously throughout the day.
  •  The real estate developer has provided a large garage that can accommodate large numbers of cars, and it is also secured with the latest equipment.
  • Several escalators have been distributed throughout Kernel Business Hub Mall, with elevators that make it easier for customers to move between the different floors.

The area of ​​investment units offered for sale inside Kernel Business Mall 

One of the most important elements that the real estate developer took care of in Kernel Hub Mall, Fifth Settlement, is the investment units that were brought in an integrated manner for all fields, as the mall includes commercial, administrative, and medical units of various sizes that meet all the requirements and needs of customers and investors, in addition to that it combines many features in terms of design And the interior finishing carried out under the supervision of a group of skilled engineers in this field, in addition to the attractive views enjoyed by all units on the scenic views.

The real estate developer has also provided more than one finishing model in Kernel Business Hub Mall, for you to choose from according to your good taste, provided that all medical administrative units are delivered fully finished with air conditioners and facilities.

  • Commercial units and shop, space starts from 33 square meters up to 63 square meters.
  • While the space of the administrative units in Kernel Business Mall, Fifth Settlement, starts from 32 square meters.
  • There are also medical units in the mall, with an area starting from 36 square meters.
  • All Kernel Mall units in New Cairo will be delivered within two and a half years.

Kernel Business Hub mall units prices

Affix Real Estate Development Company was keen to help everyone who seeks to start a new investment project by creating for him a golden opportunity presented on a platter of gold in Kernel Mall, New Cairo, through the capabilities it provided available to all its customers, to guarantee the success of your project, in addition to the prices that it announced for each The mall units, which came as a surprise to satisfy all the purchasing capabilities of investors and those who aspire to start building a bright future for them, and the unit price differs according to its size and type, and what distinguishes it from others, as follows

  • The price per meter for medical units in Kernel Mall, New Cairo, starts from 40,600 EGP.
  • Where the total medical unit price starts from 1,460,000 EGP.
  • While the price per square meter of the administrative units in the mall starts from 40,000 EGP.
  • Where the total administrative unit price starts from 1,285,000 EGP.
  • The price of commercial units and shops in Kernel Mall, New Cairo, starts from 3,960,000 EGP up to 7,650,000 EGP.
  • An amount of 150,000 Egyptian pounds is paid for the garage.
  • An amount of only 8% of the total value of the unit is paid as a maintenance deposit, 4% of which is paid after one year from the date of the contract, and another 4% after two years from the date of the contract.

Installment systems provided by Affix Development and Real Estate Investment

One of the most important strengths of Kernel Business Hub Mall that made it top the rest of the investment projects in the entire region is the facilities provided by the real estate developer to pay the price of the unit over a long period of time without any additional interest, as the customer can pay only 10% of the total value of the unit, The rest of the unit price will be paid in installments over 6 years.

The real estate developer and their most important previous works

Affix Developments is one of the largest real estate development and investment companies in Egypt, which has always been keen to develop its projects and use modern technology in interior and exterior designs, to make customers impressed with what it offers to make you feel that you are in the finest societies, and it also includes a group of design and construction experts including engineers Consultants are always working to rise to the top among other companies.

The company has implemented many previous residential, touristic and commercial projects to make its name always crowned with progress and sophistication, leading to its integrated project, Kernel Business Hub, New Cairo.

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