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project name Mangroovy Resort El Gouna
unit type Townhouse, twin house and chalets
owner company First Residence
installment systems 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over 5 years. 10% downpayment, 10% upon delivery, and the rest in installments over 5 years.
location n the heart of El Gouna, close to the most important hubs, cities, and surrounding resorts ,Hurghada is about 30 kilometers away, and the Marina is only 800 meters away.

Mangroovy Resort El Gouna

The idea of having a unit overlooking the Red Sea, which is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, has always been a pipe dream for many people, and this ambition has finally become a reality thanks to Mangroovy Resort El Gouna, so act soon to book a suitable unit for you and your family.

Mangroovy Residence gave the world of tourist resorts a fresh start. the resort has a direct view of the Red Sea, allowing guests to take in all of the natural landscape and witness the beautiful sunsets that create a European ambiance without having to fly overseas.

The project is regarded as one of El Gouna’s most stunning resorts, and it offers all of the services and amenities that customers require, including all forms of entertainment and amusement, as well as the peace and comfort that customers want to escape the city’s pressures.

Mangroovy Resort location

The company that owns the project has chosen a very distinct and strategic location in the heart of El Gouna, close to the most important hubs, cities, and surrounding resorts as follows:

  • Hurghada is about 30 kilometers away, and the Marina is only 800 meters away.
  • It is 2.5 km from the TU Berlin campus, 3.6 km from El Gouna International School, and 2.6 km from El Gouna Library.
  • The city of Al-Qusayr is 172 km away.
  • It is 3.2 km from Downtown.
  • It also looks out over one of the major streets, the new Zafarana Road.
  • The resort is located near many international airports such as Hurghada International Airport and Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

Space and unit types for Mangroovy El Gouna Resort

One of the most essential factors in the project’s success is the large area, which allowed it to integrate many of the resort’s special features and services. Mangroovy covered a total area of 43,200 square meters, which was evenly distributed between green spaces, which covered the majority of the project with artificial lakes, and buildings, which constituted the project’s lesser portion.

The most notable feature of the project is the diversity of its units, which include a significant number of chalets, townhouses, and twin houses, allowing the customer to select the unit that best meets their requirements and capabilities. The project’s spaces differed according to the kind of unit as follows:

  • The size of the chalets ranges from 70 to 258 square meters.
  • Townhouses’ space starts from 216 square meters.
  • Twin houses space starts from 364 square meters.

The great amenities of Mangroovy Residence El Gouna

Customers have access to a variety of amazing amenities, ranging from recreational activities for all ages to the fundamental services that each customer requires to satisfy the needs and requirements of their home and family, and these amenities include:

  • The vast green spaces and artificial lakes in Mangroovy represented the largest part of the project so that the client could enjoy the most stunning landscapes, and to complement the artistic painting, we must not forget the wonderful beaches and their golden sands that delight the eyes.
  • The variety of units allows the consumer to choose and select what suits them best in terms of area and unit type, based on their needs inside Mangroovy project.
  • Tranquility and contemplation of the attractive and scenic environment provide inhabitants with additional comfort and pleasure, allowing them to enjoy summer all year.
  • The activity and vitality are present in Mangroovy Resort through various recreational activities for adults and children.
  • Mangroovy Resort was designed by a renowned group of the best architects to produce an architectural building that appeals to all businessmen and investors.

There are several benefits, so feel free to pick and reserve one of the most renowned and outstanding project apartments on the North Coast.

Mangroovy El Gouna offers unique services.

The services of Mangroovy Resort will make you feel comfortable and luxurious, you will find green spaces around you and surround you everywhere to enjoy your eyes with the beauty of the charming nature with the blue sea color in its gradients, the clear sky, and soft sand, and the integrated features and facilities everywhere, and these services will be clarified below:

  • A fully equipped beach area with chairs to sit and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery.
    The existence of a beach bar serving beverages and snacks will add to the pleasure and luxury.
  • For all water sports enthusiasts, there are numerous amazing water activities such as fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and kayaking inside Mangroovy.
  • To offer total security and safety for inhabitants, the resort features cycling, jogging, and walking trails away from automobiles.
  • For young adults to enjoy their time, the project contains a number of swimming pools of various forms and sizes.
  • The availability of outdoor theatres with full HD screens, which give all avenues of enjoyment and good times, is the resort’s most essential feature.
  • A yacht marina for all cruise enthusiasts.
  • A gym equipped with all modern equipment with a group of the best trainers to maintain the fitness of clients.
  • A health and spa establishment that offers all of the pleasures and relaxation that the client desires.
  • There is a beauty center in the resort.
  • It features a social club with a variety of recreational activities that help to enhance the bonds between resort residents while also allowing them to spend quality time with their families and friends.
  • The beach club overlooks the sea directly for more recreation and activity.
  • Gyms include a variety of games for people to practice their favorite sport.
  • For fast excursions and cruises around the resort, there is a flying boat.
  • Mangroovy El Gouna also offers a Wedding on the Beach option for those who want to celebrate their special day by the sea and take in the breathtaking sights.
  • Security and guarding 24 hours a day through security personnel and surveillance cameras.
  • All units have their own garages, ensuring privacy and security.

Prices and payment systems are available at Mangroovy El Gouna Resort

Mangroovy Resort has the greatest prices in El Gouna, especially considering the variety of unit spaces available. Payment systems are distinguished by their flexibility and diversity, allowing customers to select from a variety of options based on their comfort and financial capabilities. For the services offered in the project, the pricing was extremely reasonable. These are the ones we discovered:

  • Units in Mangroovy El Gouna resort start at 39,000 EGP per square meter and go up to 93,000 EGP depending on the sort of unit you purchase.
  • Prices for chalets range from 4,042,000 to 11,232,000 EGP.
  • Chalets with gardens start at 4,446,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse prices start from 16,690,000 EGP.
  • Twin house prices start from 33,905,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems, as previously said, they were extremely simple and convenient for customers, and they were extended over lengthy periods of time, up to five years, in order to relieve the client of payment and installment difficulties and allow them to completely enjoy their unity. These systems were shown in the following ways:

  • 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • 10% downpayment, 10% upon delivery, and the rest in installments over 5 years.

For all this, Mangroovy El Gouna is the place that fulfills your dreams of an enjoyable vacation in a place directly overlooking the sea, where the charming nature, wonderful services, recreation, tranquility, comfort, and privacy.

The real estate developer of Mangroovy Residence Project

Mangroovy Resort El Gouna is owned by First Residence, a real estate and tourist development organization. The company used its knowledge in the field of building and construction to create resorts that give all of the services and criteria that the customer needs, and it took a unique approach to the projects in terms of selecting an attractive location and wide spaces.

First Residence was interested in planning and design, so it cooperated with major specialized companies such as Orascom and Campbell Gray International, due to the high-end designs that distinguish the project from others. And the confidence of a lot of businessmen and investors.

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