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Medicon New Capital Mall 

Medicon Real Estate Development and Investment Company have launched the first and largest integrated medical complex within the New Administrative Capital, which is Medicon Medical Mall, which was implemented with the most accurate and highest international quality in accordance with the conditions and standards of the Ministry of Public Health. Unparalleled luxury and the other guarantees a successful investment in owning a new medical unit with which to start building a brilliant future.

Medicon Mall enjoys a very privileged location in the New Capital, far from noise and pollution, in addition to the variety of unit space within it to suit all the medical activities provided, and the real estate developer was interested in bringing all the natural life images represented in trees, landscapes, and water bodies that give visitors and investors a breath of clean air. In addition to the variety of services available in Medicon Mall, you do not have to leave the mall to meet your needs.

Medicon Mall, the Administrative Capital, enjoys international designs mixed with the most luxurious interior and exterior decorations and finishes for the mall, provided by major companies to suit those with good taste, not to mention the best exclusive unparalleled prices and flexible payment systems provided by Medicon Real Estate Development to suit all purchasing capabilities of anyone who wants a successful investment.

Medicon Mall, New Capital
Medicon Mall, New Capital

Medicon New Capital Mall project location 

The real estate developer chose the location of Medicon Mall is located in most places of the Administrative Capital, which has the largest concentration of new residential projects, in order to serve the largest number of residents. The site enjoys constant activity and vitality throughout the year near all service places and government and private institutions, in order to guarantee you an opportunity A wonderful and successful investment, Medicon Mall is located in the seventh district, R7, next to Christ Cathedral. It is one of the most prestigious and important neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital.

Medicon Mall, the Administrative Capital, is a meeting place for all directions, easily accessible without any burdens, as it is located near all major roads and axes, and it directly overlooks a central axis, and the site also has some additional features as follows

  • It is close to the most important roads and main axes such as the regional ring road, the Cairo-Suez road, and the Bin Zayed axis.
  • Medicon New Capital is 5 minutes away from the new monorail train station.
  • Among the most important investment projects near Medicon Mall, Park View, and Sol Plaza Mall.
  • Medicon Mall, the Administrative Capital, is located at a distance of only 3 minutes from Talaat Mostafa Square.
  • Medicon Mall is just 1 km from Christ Cathedral.
  • It is 20 km away from the Administrative Capital Airport.

Medical space and design

Medicon New Capital was implemented on a huge area of ​​about 13,000 square meters, as it is like a medical city that includes inside it all types of medical units with squares that suit all demands and activities, in addition to the basic and complementary services included in the project that the real estate developer is interested in providing in an integrated manner that satisfies all needs. And some of the other useful means to receive advanced types of treatment, the total area of ​​​ Medicon was divided as follows

  • Medicon Mall is divided into a general hospital and a specialized one, and 2 other buildings have been allocated to include many different medical units, including analysis and radiology centers, as well as clinics and pharmacies, as it guarantees you the provision of an integrated treatment system
  • The building in Medicon, the Administrative Capital, consists of a ground floor and 5 floors.
  • There are 2 basements and a car park.
  • The real estate developer has allocated a large part of the project area for the delightful green spaces for the convenience of customers and guests.
  • Medicon New Capital Mall includes a very small number of commercial units to ensure that the medical mall has peace and privacy.

The designs of Medicon Mall, the new capital, came entirely at the hands of skilled engineers and consultants experts in this field. It is a mall designed with the highest standard specifications consistent with the standards of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, the design and finishing of each part in Medicon were chosen with the utmost precision, using paints to reduce bacteria, floors, and walls without voids. In order not to accumulate any impurities, the real estate developer also provided air purification units and central air conditioning, in addition to all this, the engineering firm of Medicon Mall from the outside is very impressive and attractive.

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you can find in Medicon Mall, New Capital

In Medicon, the real estate developer succeeded in presenting an integrated medical edifice in the New Administrative Capital that includes all types of medical clinics and commercial units with the finest designs and finishes, all of these resistances, and he did not overlook the provision of a diverse and integrated package of basic and complementary services that meet all your needs without the need to leave the Capital’s Medicon Mall. It also helps you to continue your work in complete privacy and tranquility and is one of the most important services provided 

  • The security system of Medicon Mall does not lack anything, the whole place is covered with modern high-tech cameras, and the electronic gates are equipped with a security staff equipped with security equipment, and the security personnel was chosen very carefully and distributed throughout Medicon in order to preserve the security and safety of the units and individuals.
  • Providing more than one automatic teller machine (ATM) within the project, so that it does not take you to exit the Mall of Medicon, the Administrative Capital.
  • There are also various veterinary clinics in Medicon Mall.
  • The real estate development within Medicon, the new capital, provided an integrated laboratory that includes a group of the most efficient doctors and nurses.
  • Medicon New Capital Mall also has a radiology center equipped with the latest medical tools and devices that provide its services to the fullest.
  • Medicon New Capital includes a children’s area with all the means of entertainment for them under the supervision of specialists.
  • One of the most important services provided in Medicon is the commercial area, which includes retail stores and other stores that sell all the supplies that you may need.
  • A private meeting room suitable for senior businessmen with all modern audio and visual means and equipment.
  • Providing high-speed internet service throughout Medicon Mall and within all medical units.
  • Basic facilities maintenance services operate throughout the day inside Medicon Mall.
  • The mall is also cleaned and sterilized periodically over the course of 24 hours.

Unique features that you will get upon receiving your unit in Medicon

Medicon New Capital is an integrated medical mall with basic services and facilities that aim to obtain everything you need in various forms that suit the medical activity allocated in Medicon Mall, noting that a variety of features have been added that the real estate developer was keen to bring in the mall in order to complete the final image. To Medicon and to provide all customers with all the means that facilitate them to obtain what they seek in a sophisticated and comfortable manner, which is represented in

  • Medicon Mall, the Administrative Capital, includes 7 electric elevators that can accommodate a large number of people, to prevent crowding inside the project, and there is what is designated for emergencies only.
  • There is a large parking lot that can accommodate a lot at the same time and provides its services quickly.
  • The entire Medicon Mall is equipped with a mobile application, through which you can manage patients’ time, and it is equipped with a group of doctors with their medical history.
  • A very large parking garage that can accommodate 240 cars at one time.
  • Medicon Center works with the smart facility system, in terms of lighting, temperature maintenance, a central shower, and a telephone exchange to connect all units to each other.
  • There is a system equipped against fires at the highest level.
  • There are high-capacity power generators that operate immediately after the power outage.

Medical units and their various spaces within Medicon New Capital

Medicon Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide an integrated treatment service within Medicon Medical Mall, serving all parts of the New Administrative Capital and its surroundings. It was also keen to provide all the desires of customers and investors by providing spaces for different medical units that suit all medical activities provided, in addition to providing all commercial activities and shops. That meets all your needs inside Medicon Mall.

Medicon Mall, the Administrative Capital, consists of a general hospital and a specialized hospital, and 2 other buildings, including a ground floor and five upper floors, with a part related to commercial activity, which is relatively smaller, and the rest of the floors are dedicated to medical units represented in clinics, analysis centers, x-rays, etc., and the units’ space starts in Medicon Mall From 50 square meters up to 188 square meters, which is quite enough space for all the different medical activities.

All units have interior and exterior designs of a high level of sophistication and luxury, and all medical units are designed in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health.

  • The project includes 110 medical clinics fully equipped with air conditioners.
  • There are 18 medical centers in Medicon, the capital, ¾ finished.
  • There are also 15 shops inside the building.

Advertised unit prices per Medicon DC units

Medicon Real Estate Development Company has provided a golden opportunity to invest in the New Administrative Capital and in its most prestigious locations, and it is the first and largest integrated medical edifice. From now on, you can book a medical unit at very good prices while providing many basic and complementary services within it, which is Medicon Mall.

  • The price per meter varies according to the space occupied by the medical unit available for sale and the announced finishing system. The price per meter in Medicon New Capital starts from 40,000 EGP and reaches 44,000 EGP.
  • An amount of 10% of the total value of the unit is paid as a maintenance deposit.
  • The unit prices within Medicon start from 2 million Egyptian pounds only, and the delivery will take place during the year 2025 AD.

Payment systems provided by Medicon

The payment systems provided by Medicon for Real Estate Development and Investment varied in order to give an excellent opportunity for businessmen to obtain a medical unit in this great achievement, the only one of its kind in the New Administrative Capital, so it offered more than one flexible installment system that suits all capabilities as follows:

  • Own a unit in Medicon, New Capital, with a 10% down payment, and the rest in installments over 5 years from the contract date.
  • The customer can pay 15% of the total unit value, and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • The total unit price can also be paid in installments over 7 years from the date of the contract if you pay an amount of 20% of the unit value as a contract advancer.

The real estate developer and their

Medicon New Capital Mall

most important work

Medicon is the owner and executor of Medicon Mall, the New Administrative Capital, and it is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East. It also includes a highly qualified group of makers of sophistication and luxury who always work for excellence in everything new in the world of architecture.

And Medicon Mall was able to implement this great medical edifice in a new and innovative manner, and after that, it gained international fame that put it at the forefront among other companies in Egypt and the Arab world, and all Medicon projects have a special character that meets all the requirements of life, in addition to the engineering and architectural designs that are unparalleled. unparalleled,

Medicon has previous successes in building many governmental and private bodies such as schools, hospitals, and other projects all over Egypt, as well as, and one of its most important previous works

  • Green Land School in Mohandeseen by Eng. Hossam El Sergany.
  • Green Land School in Sheikh Zayed, in the hands of Eng. Hossam El Sargany.
  • Designed by Cairo Festival City Mall, by the architect Hani El-Sergany.
  • Design of Dar Al Fouad Hospital under the supervision of Eng. Hani El Sargany.
  • The design of the construction of the Arabella Compound, Fifth Settlement, by the engineer Hani El-Sergany.
  • Designing more than 12 hospitals outside Egypt under the supervision of Dr. Alaa Hussein.
  • Designing 9 medical hospitals inside Egypt under the supervision of Dr. Alaa Hussein.
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