Book a clinic 89 meters in Ai Mall from Alcazar at great prices

mostafa elsharkawi
mostafa elsharkawi15 June 2022Last Update : 6 months ago

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A ready clinic in Ai Mall, a large commercial complex in the heart of New Cairo, characterized by luxury and beauty. It is Ai Mall, the most luxurious project surrounded by all the elements and elements of luxury to facilitate work in an atmosphere of comfort, calm and relaxation. Its services and facilities alone are enough to relieve daily pressures to work in an atmosphere of pleasure. And luxury, the mall is located in the most prestigious place in New Cairo, its most important residential neighborhood, which helps to promote all activities in the mall, as it is close to the capital’s luxurious neighborhoods and its residential projects and important services, the project was implemented on a large area of ​​about 130,000 square meters, and the mall consists of two underground floors It was allocated for a car garage, then a ground floor and then two other floors, and the mall floors include units and shops with a variety of spaces between shops, administrative offices and medical clinics, you can choose among them what suits your business.

Project name: Ai Mall.

Project location: New Cairo.

The name of the real estate developer: Alcazar Real Estate Development Company.

Unit Type: Clinic.

Unit space: starts from 89 square meters.

Unit price: starts from 2,670,000 EGP (prices were last updated in June 2022).

Number of rooms: 2 rooms.

Number of bathrooms: 2 bathrooms.

Payment methods: in cash or in installments.

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