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project name City Oval New Capital
unit type Studio, Twin House, Apartments & Villas
owner company Master Group company
installment systems The customer pays 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 10 years, villas 8% downpayment and the rest in installments over 10 years
location At New Capital in the seventh residential neighborhood R7 on the plot of F1 and is close to several vital places, roads, and major axes

Join City Oval family in New Administrative Capital and enjoy a new sense of luxury

City Oval, New Administrative Capital, is designed in a classic English style, and City Oval project investment volume is about 3.8 billion pounds, with sales of about 6 billion EGP. The real estate developer was keen to choose a distinguished location for the construction of the project in the seventh district, R7, and provided a variety of different units between apartments and townhouses to suit all customers and so that each customer can choose what is suitable for him according to his needs and desires.

City Oval New Capital is built on a space of 37 acres that includes vast green spaces and breathtaking artificial lakes that attract attention and add an atmosphere of beauty and charm in addition to relaxation and psychological comfort, in addition to the residential units of international architectural styles at competitive prices and easy and flexible payment systems so that each customer can: Choose the unit that suits him and his family’s needs.

City Oval New Administrative Capital is considered one of the best residential compounds for its services, public facilities, and distinctive and varied recreational activities that suit adults and children

The featured location of City Oval New Capital

City Oval New Administrative Capital made the opportunity for its customers to live in one of the most distinguished locations in the seventh residential neighborhood R7 on the plot of F1 and is close to several vital places, roads, and major axes that facilitate the process of moving to and from it, in addition to its distance from the sources of noise and pollution in cities.

The most important features of The City Oval New Capital location are as follows:

  • City Oval is located in front of Dubai Mall, the central park, and the Swedish University.
  • City Oval is located near the government district (which includes all ministries and government agencies), the diplomatic district, and the presidential palace.
  • City Oval overlooks the Green River, which is the longest chain of parks in the world.
  • Close to Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the regional ring road, Suez Road, and Ain Sokhna, and a few minutes away from the center of New Cairo.
  • City Oval is located near Expo City and the opera house.
  • Its proximity to the famous Al-Massa Hotel and Al sefarat District.

All these locations close to City Oval compound make it an attractive strategic location for investment in the heart of New Administrative Capital.

The most important services and features that are unique to City Oval New Administrative Capital

Looking for a quiet and comfortable home that provides you and your family with all the luxury and comfort you desire? Master Group offers you a huge number of services and benefits, most notably the following:

  • Choosing the best strategic locations to implement the compound near many vital places and distinguished service facilities in City Oval Compound.
  • The green spaces and water bodies with charming crystal waters are spread inside the compound to give a beautiful and wonderful view, along with flowers and trees that purify the atmosphere and help mental clarity in City Oval Compound.
  • Dancing water fountains where you can take the most beautiful souvenir photos with your family and friends in City Oval Compound.
  • The distinctive American design is unique to City Oval New Capital and attracts a large number of clients and investors.
  • Assigning children’s entertainment places with many fun games inside City Oval Compound.
  • Private tracks for running, walking, or cycling amidst the scenic landscape in City Oval.
  • City Oval compound includes a commercial mall that contains many shops and stores with the most famous international brands for lovers of high-end taste.
  • For sports lovers, a health club has been allocated with a gym with modern sports equipment to practice football, basketball, and tennis in City Oval.
  • A children’s area with many games and recreational activities to spend a nice time in City Oval New Capital.
  • City Oval compound features the largest clubhouse with many entertainment facilities to spend the most beautiful times with family and friends.
  • Attention to the religious aspect, as a mosque was established to hold religious prayers and rites, and it was designed in a distinctive Islamic style in City Oval New Capital.
  • Restaurants and cafés offer a variety of foods and drinks at a high level of service inside City Oval Compound.
  • Oval City Compound is characterized by the presence of a medical center and pharmacies operating throughout the day to serve all residents and provide all types of medicines.
  • A large garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent congestion and pollution inside City Oval New Capital.
  • A trained security team with a high level of service and guarding to work throughout the day, and there are surveillance cameras to monitor any strange movements in City Oval.
  • City Oval Compound includes a variety of different swimming pools to suit all ages.
  • A hypermarket to be able to buy all your household needs, including goods, services, household utensils, and more in City Oval.
  • Electric elevators help ease movement from one floor to another in Oval City.

Types of units and spaces within City Oval New Administrative Capital

The real estate developer was keen to provide different and distinctive planning for City Oval New Administrative Capital, by constructing it on a space of 37 acres with a unique and breathtaking architectural style; Hurry up to book your unit now and get the most beautiful various residential units between apartments, studios, twin houses, and standalone villas.

City Oval includes a number of apartments amounting to 1021 units, in addition to 34 twin houses and a group of standalone villas, and City Oval New Capital was divided into 3 phases, namely:

  • AZALEA area is dedicated to apartments and studios.
  • Wisteria area for twin houses.
  • BOUGAINVILLEAVILLA for standalone villas.

The spaces were as follows:

The apartments in the compound are divided into 3 types, including:

  1. One-bedroom apartment starts from 98 square meters.
  2. Two-bedroom apartment starts from 150 square meters.
  3. Three-bedroom apartment starts from 190 square meters.

Twin houses space starts from 298 square meters, while standalone villas start from 387 square meters.

The best prices and payment systems announced in City Oval Compound

The owner company of City Oval New Administrative Capital has offered a distinguished package of competitive prices in addition to its services, public facilities, and recreational activities, and it is one of the lowest prices compared to other projects.

You will find the prices as follows:

  • The apartment price in City Oval starts from 1,572,400 EGP.
  • While the average price of a twin house came from 9,135,000 EGP.
  • As for standalone villas, the price starts from 12,105,000 EGP.

The developer announced that it has provided many facilities in payment methods and prices within City Oval so that customers can choose what is appropriate within their financial and family needs.

You can pay a 10% reservation downpayment of the unit price, and the rest in installments over 10 years from the date of contracting in equal installments for apartments, while for villas, you pay an 8% reservation downpayment and the rest in installments over 10 years.

The units are delivered in a fully finished system, next to the air conditioners, kitchens, etc., and delivery will take place on the specified date from the date of the contract.

About the real estate developer of City Oval New Capital

Let’s get acquainted with the Master Group company to give a quick overview of the most important real estate developers in New Administrative Capital. Master Group was founded in 2016 by a group of companies with great experience in the field of real estate development, the company’s founder, businessman Mohamed Lashin.

Master Group is one of the largest companies that have economic value in Egypt and has contributed to many projects in New Administrative Capital, through which it achieved all the requirements of customers, and City Oval New Administrative Capital is one of its most important residential compounds, which is unique in an architectural style that suits those with high taste, this In addition to the number of services and features available inside it and meet all the needs of its residents.

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