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project name Lakefront October Compound
unit type Duplexes, apartments and villas
owner company Memaar Al Morshedy
installment systems A down payment of 6% of the total unit price is paid, then 10% is paid after 4 months, and then another 5% is paid after 8 months, and then 25% can be paid as a receipt, then the rest is paid in installments over 3 years without interest.
location n the heart of the well-known 6th of October City, near numerous major routes, including the Ring Road, Al Wahat Road, and Fayoum Road.

Everything you dream and wish for you will find in Lakefront Compound

If you are one of the researchers of sophistication, luxury, and beauty, or if you are one of those who want to live a life of luxury and luxury, then you need to know about Lake Front Compound from Memaar Al Morshedy, this huge project that provides you with all the needs and advantages that you seek inside Lakefront October.

LakeFront Compound is genuinely your integrated place, where you will find everything you have ever desired in terms of safety, privacy, total luxury, and many other benefits that you will not find anywhere else since it is truly a unique location that contains all of the necessary and basic services and amenities for you in Lakefront Compound.

LakeFront also not far from the rest of the city’s important places and routes, thanks to its unique placement in the heart of 6th of October City, which makes it simple to get to in Lakefront Project.

In addition, it has a distinctive architectural design that mimics in beauty the largest European engineering works, and all the details inside it have been taken care of from decorations and finishes that suit the customer’s high taste, so book your unit with us now and enjoy all this distinction in Lake Front Al Morshedy in Lakefront October.

Where is Lake Front Compound located??


The location of Lake Front compound has many different features that make it very distinct from other residential compounds.

Lakefront October is located in the heart of the well-known 6th of October City, which is close to a group of vital facilities and important pivotal roads, which facilitates the movement of access to it, and we will explain in the following the various places surrounding this huge project:

  • Lake Front Memaar Al Morshedy Compound is conveniently positioned near numerous major routes, including the Ring Road, Al Wahat Road, and Fayoum Road.
  • The famed Mall of Egypt and the flower district are only a few minutes away.
  • Lakefront Project is also a short distance from Dreamland Media Production City.
  • Lakefront addition to being close to the cosmic village, it is on the other side of Zewail City of Science and Technology.
  • In addition, it is only a short walk from the club complex inside Lakefront Compound.
  • Lakefront also close to the 6th of October City covered hall.
  • Haram Street is roughly a 5-minute walk away from Lakefront October.
  • This advantageous position puts it close to a variety of institutions, including hospitals, schools, foreign universities, and other important locations in the city.

Lake Front 6 October Compound has a one-of-a-kind architectural design.

Design plays an important role in the success of this huge Lakefront project, as the company that developed it hired its best engineers and architects to bring out this masterpiece with all those distinctive details inside Lakefront October.

All the exterior and interior designs of the compound were done according to the luxurious European style, and the original Egyptian character was also introduced into something of a wonderful merging between the two characters, in addition to the decorations that adorn the entire place, which increases its attractive brilliance in Lakefront Project.

Find out with us about the different spaces and the various units located at Lake Front 6th of October

Lake Front Al Morshedy project was built on 37 acres, or 155,400 square meters and that large area was divided between residential units, which accounted for about 26% of the total area, and the rest of the space was allocated to various facilities and services, which accounted for 74% of the total area, and this is the largest area inside Lakefront Compound.

And because Lakefront Project has such a huge space dedicated to various facilities, it has a multitude of these services that assist inhabitants in living a life of luxury and utter enjoyment while also providing them with a quiet and comfortable environment.

There are approximately 1,302 housing units within Lake Front Compound Al Morshedy, ranging from “residential apartments, duplexes, and villas,” and the area is divided into many structures with four units per floor in Lakefront Compound.

The spaces of apartments and duplexes start from 60 square meters up to 100 square meters, while villas start from 109 square meters up to 344 square meters.

Take advantage of the best benefits available just to you in Lakefront 6th of October project.

As one of the largest and most important residential projects in the Sixth of October City, Memaar Al Morshedy Company excelled in the construction of this massive compound, which is defined by elegance and luxury inside Lakefront Project.

The company has worked hard to give all of the comfort, entertainment, and features that make it an all-in-one location for all of your needs, and we’ll show you some of the unique benefits that you’ll only find at Lake Front:

  • The owner company paid a lot of attention to the site, as the 6th of October city was chosen to be the site for the construction of this integrated compound because it is a populated area surrounded by many important vital roads and facilities that serve this residential complex in a large way.
  • Due to the distinctive features that Lakefront October includes that replicate the best international works in urbanism and beauty, this massive project has a modern and beautiful design, as every aspect of it is bright and emanates beauty and sophistication inside Lakefront
  • The presence of a lot of distinctive green spaces permeates the compound in a harmonious and attractive manner, gives a unique aesthetic view, and fills the place with fresh air that brings peace and tranquility in Lakefront October.
  • Attractive artificial lakes were also built in the area to add to the compound’s beauty and elegance inside Lakefront Compound.
    In the event of a fire, an integrated fire-extinguishing system was installed, complete with all necessary equipment.
  • Lakefront project includes an integrated medical center with all the necessary equipment and is supervised by a group

Distinguished services you can find in Lakefront October Compound

  • The presence of big entertainment space with a variety of enjoyable activities to spend quality time with your family, all while being protected by an integrated safety and security system inside LakeFront Compound.
  • Luxurious and excellent design for the gates of the buildings, which increases the beauty of the building in LakeFront October Project.
  • Many restaurants and cafés have been supplied, each with its own distinct style and offering a comfortable and calm atmosphere, and they are conveniently located near Lakefront Compound‘s units, making them easily accessible.
  • Within LakeFront Project are a large health club with a gym, spa, jacuzzi, and other enjoyable recreational activities.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes cater to people of all ages, young and elderly.
  • A private garage was given beneath each building on Lakefront to help avoid overpopulation and overcrowding within LakeFront Compound.
  • A vast commercial mall with a group of shops where you can pick from a variety of international and Egyptian brands and brands to suit your and your family’s needs inside LakeFront October.
  • Lake Front 6th of October Compound has a number of paved walkways for walking, morning exercise, and cycling, all of which are set back from the road for residents’ safety and protection. in LakeFront Project.
  • The buildings also have glass windows that reflect the glorious sunlight, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful view from your apartment, and these facades provide the structures with more space inside LakeFront.
  • A large mosque is created in a distinctive style that can accommodate a large number of worshipers and is sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis to ensure the residents’ health.
  • Inside Lake Front Compound, an integrated security system with a number of advanced video cameras has been installed to record and monitor all movements within LakeFront compound.

Within Lakefront October Compound, you can find competitive prices and simple payment methods.

The prices and payment systems in this compound are extremely distinct, as they suit the various desires of the valued consumers. This is one of the essential reasons that attracts a lot of investors and customers to Lakefront 6 October.

In order to greatly satisfy a client, easy and convenient payment systems have also been offered, and we will explain all the specifics linked to rates and payment plans in the following:

  • The cost per square meter in Lakefront Compound ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 Egyptian pounds.

Plan of payment:

  • A down payment of 6% of the total unit price is paid, then 10% is paid after 4 months, and then another 5% is paid after 8 months, and then 25% can be paid as a receipt, then the rest is paid in installments over 3 years without interest.
  • The amount can also be divided over 6 years at an interest rate of 9%.
  • In 2023, the units will be delivered.

If you are still looking for an exceptional place for a comfortable life, then Lake Front 6 October is in your hands to enjoy beauty, luxury, and tranquility, the location there is not compared to any other place, a new life that has been professionally and accurately planned to meet the desires of luxury enthusiasts.

The real estate developer of Lake Front Project in 6th of October City

Memaar Al Morshedy is one of the most successful real estate firms in Egypt today. It has given numerous different and notable works in all types of projects, including residential, administrative, and commercial projects, since its inception in 1983.

Furthermore, this large entity has a very effective future vision in terms of developing and improving the quality of projects presented in the Egyptian market in terms of unique designs, environmentally friendly building materials, and an excellent infrastructure to draw us architectural works at the highest level.

Al Morshedy Company targets different categories of people in building economic units for the middle class as well as luxurious units for the upper classes, and all of these projects are characterized by sophistication and beauty in all aspects of the project.

The company has a lot of experience. In the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets, it was also able to establish a name in light letters. It has completed numerous architectural projects in a variety of locations, and we will highlight a few of them below:

  • Rehana Avenue Project.
  • Rehana Plaza project.
  • Crystal Plaza project.Sarayat Suites Project.
  • Degla Gardens Project.
  • Degla Palms Project.
  • Bavaria Town Project.
  • Degla View Project.
  • Skyline Compound Zahra El Maadi.
  • Katameya Gate Project
  • One Katameya Compound.
  • Zahra North Coast Resort
  • Degla Towers
  • Katameya Compound.
  • Degla View.
  • Grant City project in Maadi.
  • Grant Gate Project.
  • Katameya Business Gate.
  • Katameya Medical Gate project.
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