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project details

project nameCrete Island Mountain View North Coast
unit typechalets, townhouse, twin houses and villas
owner companyMountain View Company
installment systemsThe customer pays 10% of the whole unit worth upfront, then the balance is paid in installments over the course of 7 years.
locationin the North Coast region to develop this emblem of elegance, notably in Ras El Hekma, recognized for its purity of water and the grandeur of its beach,

Enjoy life in a unique manner between in Crete Island Mountain View North Coast

A new start was offered by Mountain View Company is one of its major stages within the Mountain View North Coast project, which is the resort of Crete Island, also known as Crete Islands.

It was given this name because of its lovely Greek character, which fills its sides and adds to its beauty and refinement, as it is a fully integrated location that provides you with all the aspects of happiness and joy.

The developer has provided a variety of spaces and multiple types of units so that the customer has a wide range of options. Crete Island Village is distinguished by a wide range of features and services that set it apart from others, and the developer has provided a variety of spaces and multiple types of units so that the customer has a wide range of options.

This is in addition to the payment options and unique discounts available at the location to help you get the height of your unit quickly. In the following paragraphs, we’ll show you more unique features of the resort… so continue with us

Get to know more about it on Crete Island Mountain View location

Crete Islands Ras El Hekma resort has a large number of different advantages that make it unique from other tourist resorts, and one of those features is its privileged location, which is close to several important places and different areas, as well as pivotal roads that facilitate access to the resort.

The Mountain View Company picked the North Coast region to develop this emblem of elegance, notably in Ras El Hekma, recognized for its purity of water and the grandeur of its beach, since it is one of the key tourist regions with a lovely and distinctive ambiance.

Let’s get to know more about Crete Island Mountain View location:

  • The resort is around 15 kilometers from the new Fouka road, making it relatively close to Cairo.
  • The resort is located immediately after the North Coast Marina Village and stretches for many kilometers along Marsa Matrouh’s roadways.
  • The Alexandria Desert Road, Wadi El-Natrun El Alamein Road, and El Dabaa Road are all near to the resort.
  • It’s also around 30 minutes from the well-known Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
  • This location is not only close to Cairo, but it is also less than 3 hours away, allowing you to have a beautiful holiday at any time.
  • The resort is barely 200 meters from Alexandria, which means it takes roughly two hours to drive there.
  • El Alamein Airport is around 50 kilometers distant, while Borg El Arab Airport is only a few kilometers away.
  • This is on top of the several tourist resorts that surround it, such as Hacienda Bay Resort, وZoya Resort, Bo Island Resort, and Jefaira Resort.

Stunning and distinctive design in the resort of Crete Island Ras Al-Hekma

The resort was developed to be a unique architectural model on the most beautiful beach on the North Coast, which is the beach of Ras Al-Hikma area. Luxury and beauty are the major addresses on which the resort was built.

The resort was designed in the wonderful Greek style, which is characterized by the spread of pure white color throughout the space, which seeks comfort, serenity, and brightness, and this character is characterized by sophistication and simplicity at the same time, which adds to the design’s beauty and greatness.

In addition to the design’s unique harmony with the surrounding green spaces, as well as the picturesque water bodies that surround the units from all sides and add to the resort’s attractive views.

The various spaces and units available at Crete Island Mountain View North Coast

This resort is part of the Mountain View Resort North Coast’s Crete Island stage, which spans over 70 acres and is planned to be a magnificent sanctuary with a fantastic natural picture.

The resort is distinguished by its use of natural colors, lush green spaces that surround the entire apartments, and white beach sand, as well as the spectacular seashore that this location offers.

Happiness in its purest form can only be found on the island of Crete; the resort spans 1000 square meters on the renowned Ras El Hekma beach, with a depth of more than 200 meters.

The company that designed the project offered a variety of distinct units that varied in size to meet the needs of all consumers. “Chalets, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin homes” are among the existing units.

The pieces are provided in either a completely finished or semi-finished system, depending on the preferences of the customer. We’ll learn about the spaces within the project’s units in the following sections:

  • The size of the chalets on the resort ranges from 29 square meters (approximately two rooms) to 125 square meters (up to three enormous rooms).
  • The minimum size of a townhouse starts at 145 square meters.
  • The Waltwin House has a floor space of 155 square meters.
  • As for standalone villas, with stunning sea views, they start from 225 square meters.

Get the unit of your dreams with all the amenities you desire in Crete Island Al Sahel

Mountain View provides a variety of unique features and services to ensure that you have a pleasant holiday among the diverse components of natural beauty. Below is additional information about the features accessible within the resort:

  • A beach of world standards in the Ras El Hekma region, where beauty and charm abound.
    Beautiful green spaces are spread around the property, allowing for vast distances between apartments, enhancing privacy and tranquillity within each home.
  • The presence of a solar energy system throughout the area, which provides the resort with the energy it requires for illumination without polluting the environment.
  • Inside the facility, a vast crystal lagoon has been developed so that you may enjoy a different perspective from your apartment.
  • Having a ladies-only beach would provide them with total privacy and independence.
  • A large beach area with a variety of engaging games and activities to keep you entertained and happy inside.
  • There are over ten swimming pools of varied sizes and uses to serve both adults and children.
  • About 14 acres of Crete Island Mountain View North Coast area are dedicated to large gardens and parks.

Various services to enjoy in Crete Islands North Coast

  • A wide path that makes it easy and safe to run, exercise, or bike.
  • The existence of a health club that contains a big gymnasium with a variety of contemporary equipment, as well as a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and other relaxing and comforting activities.
  • An integrated sports club in the resort with a variety of playgrounds of various sizes to accommodate a variety of sports.
  • A huge medical center with several specializations that offer good care and is open 24 hours a day to locals.
  • A major commercial area with a large mall and a variety of retailers and extensive shopping areas will provide you with an unrivaled shopping experience.
  • There are a number of popular cafés and restaurants within walking distance of all apartments that give good service.
  • A large amusement area where children may have fun and have unique experiences.
  • There are a lot of international hotels that offer outstanding service and are open to tourists at any time.
  • A business center featuring huge rooms that may be used for a variety of activities, including conferences.
  • A comprehensive security system that includes high-quality monitoring devices, which maintains safety and security within Crete Island Coast.
  • A large garage dedicated to vehicles, as well as their repair and upkeep, is totally covered.

Uncompetitive prices offered by the company in Crete Island

Mountain View is recognized for putting customer pleasure first, therefore it was eager to offer reasonable rates, simple payment systems, and a variety of amenities so that you could have your unique unit at the best prices in the neighborhood.

We’ll put all of the information about prices, payment methods, and available services in one place as follows:

  • Mount View Chalets on the resort start at 1,340,000 EGP.
  • The price of a townhouse starts at 2,800,000 EGP.
  • The price of the twin houses units starts at 3,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Aside from the exclusive standalone villa costs, which start at 10,100,000 EGP.

Payment systems offered within the resort of Crete Islands MV

  • The customer pays 10% of the whole unit worth upfront, then the balance is paid in installments over the course of 7 years.
  • The resort’s construction business declared the presence of two finishing systems: a complete finishing system for chalets and a semi-finished system for the remainder of the units.
  • In 2023, the units will be delivered.

Here is the resort that opens its doors to a wonderful world of charm and luxury to have unique times between family and friends. It is the ideal pick for those who appreciate elegance and luxury.

This resort provides you with a one-of-a-kind package of benefits and services that you won’t find anywhere else. All of this and more are available to you at very reasonable costs, allowing you to easily buy a property in one of the coast’s most prominent resorts.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer from Mountain View North Coast by contacting us right away.

The real estate developer of the resort of Crete Island Ras El Hekma

Mountain View Company has a long history of outstanding accomplishments in the field of real estate development and development. This massive structure was created by engineer Amr Ismail in 2005 AD, and it still carries the name of its founder.

It began its first project in 2006 and has since offered a diverse range of residential, coastal, and commercial developments. It took the lead in creating the idea of villas and flats, therefore it launched the “i-City” concept, which gave these units a more modern and original shape.

Mountain View presented a business newspaper full of different projects in many different regions throughout Egypt, which we will learn about in the following:

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