Mountain View North Coast Ras Al-Hikma

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project nameMountain View North Coast Ras Al-Hikma
unit typechalets - villas - penthouses - twin houses
owner companyMountain View
installment systemsConvenient and multiple payment systems for each stage and long repayment periods after paying 10% of the unit value in advance
locationn the Ras El Hekma area on North Coast, near several vital roads, including Cairo-Alexandria Road, Wadi El-Natrun, El-Dabaa Road, and New Fouka.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع


Enjoy the summer atmosphere with a Greek flavor in the heart of Ras El Hekma area, that charming spot, in the resort of Mountain View Ras El Hekma North Coast!

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Mountain View North Coast is one of Mountain View’s real estate development projects. It is one of the finest coastal complexes in the most beautiful areas, Ras El Hekma Bay. The project enjoys sea views and it’s marked by a calm atmosphere and surrounding magnificent landscapes. The resort was built in a luxurious Greek style.

It is considered one of the most entertaining resorts in terms of services and facilities. All the buildings there are designed in white colors that combine the vibrant white and blue and give you charming and attractive touches. Mountain View Sahel was built in several distinct and different phases to suit all clients, so you can own the unit that you want and in installments systems for its price for the longest possible period.

The location of Mountain View North Coast

Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort is located in the Ras El Hekma area on North Coast. As you can reach all areas from it, it is close to the largest governorates, including Alexandria, Cairo, and Marsa Matrouh. It also links many main roads and major axes.

The most important features of Mountain View location and the areas that is close to it are as follows:

  • The resort is located near several vital roads, including Cairo-Alexandria Road, Wadi El-Natrun, El-Dabaa Road, and New Fouka, as it is one of the most important roads on North Coast.
  • Close to Sidi Abdel Rahman area, as it is only 3 hours away from Cairo.
  • Mountain View Ras El Hikma is 200 km away from Alexandria.
  • The resort is about 90 km away from the largest tourist resort, which is Marina.
  • Close to the most important and famous airport, Al Alamein Airport, about 50 km.
  • The project is about 15 km away from Ras Al-Hikma.

The space of ​​Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma

The resort is based in Ras Al-Hikma on north coast and it was built on a vast space of 450 acres, that space has been divided to include green spaces and gardens that cover the largest space of Mountain View Ras El Hikma and surround it from all directions, in addition to residential buildings, including 1,371 units of various units each. It has a charming view of a large beach with soft white sand with an 800 meters longshore, with a blue sea with its turquoise waters.

The phases that were established in Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

  • Paros Mountain View Coast

This phase enjoys the charming nature that attracts the attention of clients and investors which has modern designs inspired by the Greek international style. It bears the name of a beautiful island in Greece. It is also unique in its distinguished geographical location, as it is located at 200 km on Alexandria- Matrouh Road, also it was built on a vast space of 48 acres.

It owns a number of distinctive units of chalets, twin houses, and villas, each of which has its own space and wonderful designs that suit all clients. You can own the suitable unit for you by paying 10% as a down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.

  • Rhodes Mountain View North Coast

This phase is considered the second largest of Mountain View Ras El Hikma’s phases, and it’s unique in its strategic location in Ras Al-Hikma area, and extends over a space of about 34 acres above sea level. As for the units inside, they include (chalets, townhouses, and villas) with unparalleled architectural designs, which vary in their spaces.

In addition to the charming landscape that surrounds it, the prices of Rhodes units are suitable for all clients which are the best ever compared to the services available there. You can also own the unit by paying 10% as a down payment, then the rest is paid in installments over 6 years without interest.

  • Crete Island Mountain View North Coast

This phase enjoys the same strategic and vital location in Ras Al-Hikma Bay area, specifically at the 200 km Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, and it is built on a vast space to include a number of housing units that enjoy the best prices for payment, and in various spaces so that you have complete choice to choose the most suitable for you, so you can own Your unit with a 10% as a down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years without interest.

  • Scala Mountain View Ras Al -Hikma North Coast

This phase is located on the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Ras Al-Hikma area at km 200 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It provides all clients with various spaces and a huge number of residential units so that all clients have complete freedom to choose the most suitable for them. As for the prices of Mountain View Sahel, they are suitable for everyone, and the unit is delivered after the longest period of comfortable installments over 8 years, with a 10% as a down payment, and after 3 months, another 5% will be paid.

Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma featured by the many advantages enjoyed by the residents of the resort

  • The project is unique in its strategically important location, as it is close to the most vital roads that make it easy for you to reach anywhere, away from crowding and business.
  • The resort is surrounded by a vast green space and a wonderful landscape that reflects the beauty of the charming nature and scenic views throughout the project.
  • The residential units in the project overlook the most beautiful views of the sea, which is marked by its crystal blue waters and white sand that gives you a feeling of psychological comfort.
  • The resort has a large private beach for more privacy, complete luxury, and tranquility inside it to achieve what a client desire.
  • For more privacy, Mountain View Sahelt has a beach for ladies only to enjoy peace and privacy.
  • At the project yard, there are 19 swimming pools distributed evenly, including in front of the units. These pools are of various sizes, whether small or large, which are suitable for all ages.
  • A dedicated kid’s area with many fun games to enable them to spend the best times of fun and entertainment.
  • In Mountain View Sahel, there is an administrative office that serves all clients and residents of the resort.
  • At the resort square, there are restaurants that serve delicious foods and cafes that provide the best hotel services in a style of elegance and luxury to suit all tastes.
  • In Mountain View Ras El Hekma’s yard, there is an Emirates- Egypt gas station to serve residents’ cars.
  • For each housing unit, there are private garages for cars to keep it.
  • Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort is equipped with a power plant inside Mountain View Ras El Hikma in order to avoid any failure.
  • Places for walking and cycling for leisure and picnics in among the green spaces that you will feel completely relaxed and calm.
  • Modern electric elevators that take you to your floor work via a smart card system for the residents of the units.
  • In the resort, there are water bodies designed in the latest styles, represented by various artificial lakes and crystal blue waters lagoons, which give it a special and civilized character.
  • A huge masjid with a vast square accommodates huge numbers of prayers to perform their religious rites.
  • You can also own your unit through great payment systems for the longest possible period of time at a competitive price.

Unparalleled exclusive services in Mountain View North Coast, own your unit now and enjoy it!

  • In Mountain View Ras El Hikma, there is an Aqua Park area with many water games for entertainment, suitable for adults and children for more enjoyment.
  • Created for all ages, the Central Pool is an expansive space for complete entertainment and luxury.
  • In front of each unit, there is a garden pool amidst green spaces, which reflects a beautiful landscape for the resort.
  • Providing an integrated commercial area with a number of shops that provide all the goods and products you need for your day, which has fast home delivery services.
  • You can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience inside the malls, which contain the most famous and international brands that suit those with fine taste.
  • Providing all aspects of security in the resort, where security and guard personnel have been appointed, which work around the clock to secure the entire place.
  • Mountain View Sahel is well-equipped and wired with the latest security devices with deployed surveillance cameras that monitor everything that happens.
  • Mountain View Sahel is Eco friendly, as it works with solar energy to ensure no power outage.
  • Free and high-speed internet that works throughout the project especially, for its residents.
  • A distinctive health club with gyms that contain a number of modern sports equipment for the lovers of fitness and bodybuilding.
  • A sports club within a huge edifice is available for practicing all activities and sports, including football, tennis, golf, and squash halls.
  • A central air conditioning was distributed to all units in order to pump cool air for more comfort and recreation.
  • A group of international hotels that provide various services to visitors and residents of the project.
  • Attention has been paid to providing medical services, which are represented in medical clinics, which have a number of highly efficient staff.
  • In
  • Mountain View Ras El Hekma
  •  yard, there is a large pharmacy that provides health care to the unit owners and guests, which works all day long.
  • Beauty centers for body care lovers that have sauna, jacuzzi, and beauty salons that provide many services for everyone to enjoy.

Best varied units in Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma Resort with different spaces

The residential units vary in Mountain View Ras El Hekma, in order to achieve what all clients could desire of units, as it includes (chalets for sale in Ras Al-Hikma – villas – penthouses – twin houses), each of which has its own space, and distinctive finishes that suit the tastes of clients and residents.

  • Mountain View Sahel for sale Chalets for sale consist of two bedrooms, starting from 92 square meters.
  • Chalets consist of 3 bedrooms, with space ranging from 125 square meters up to 132 square meters.
  • Townhouses units range in spaces from 145 square meters up to 150 square meters.
  • Twin houses start from 155 square meters.
  • Residential villa space starts from 225 square meters.

Each of Mountain View Ras El Hikma’s units is marked by its architectural designs that combine elegance and luxury, with the latest building materials along with the latest international models.

The opportunity still awaits you. You can apply to book your desired residential unit at an unmatched price in Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma

The Prices in Mountain View Ras Al-Hikma North Coast are suitable for all clients, which has the most appropriate prices in that area at all, where you can pay the price of your unit in Mountain View Sahel, starting from 1,774,267 EGP, while penthouses start from 2,300,000 EGP, as for villas in Mountain View Sahel range from 7,714,897 EGP up to EGP 7,714,897. Reaches to 10,500,000 EGP, as for twin houses, they start from 3,088,142 EGP, as for townhouses, they start from 2,691,666 EGP, and these prices are the best in this coastal area compared to all the services that a client will enjoy inside Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort.

Here is the best payment system and distinguished payments in Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort

  • Rhodes phase, you can pay a 10% as a down payment of the unit value, and the rest in installments over 6 years, delivery will be after two years.
  • As for Crete phase, a10% of the unit price is in advance, and the rest will be paid in installments over 7 years, and the delivery will be after 3 years.
  • For SKALA phase, you can apply by paying 10% of the total amount of the unit, then after 3 months 5% will be paid with equal installments over 8 years, the delivery will be after 4 years.
  • An 8% maintenance deposit.

The Real Estate Developer: Mountain View Development

Mountain View Real Estate Investment Company is one of the biggest leading companies in the field of real estate development and investment. It is owned by Eng. Amr Soliman, Chairman of the Board of Directors. It has made many investments and has been keen on presenting wonderful and unique architect designs in all its various urban projects.

The company also owns a group of large projects and businesses, including residential, commercial, and coastal projects, which have achieved huge sales over the previous years. It has also partnered with the Ministry of Housing, represented in urban communities to agree on the establishment of Mountain View ICity Resort in New Cairo, as it owns projects in New Cairo and 6 October, also in Ain Sukhna, and North Coast.

The most important projects that the company established and achieved great success:

  • Mountain View Compound New Cairo.
  • Mountain View New Cairo.
  • Mountain View Executive Residence Compound New Cairo.
  • Mountain View ICity.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park Compound New Cairo.

It also owns a number of residential projects on 6 October City, including:

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