Hacienda Bay North Coast

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project name Hacienda Bay North Coast
unit type chalets, cabins, and villas
owner company Palm Hills Real Estate
installment systems For cabins: 15% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and the rest within two and a half years. For chalets: 10% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and the rest within 6 years. For villas: 15%, 20% or 30% down payment and the rest within 8, 9 or 10 years
location In the Sidi Abdel Rahman area at km 200 the North Coast, on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, also close to the New Alamein Road, and the Ring Road with a direct view of the Mediterranea.n

Hacienda Bay North Coast

What are you waiting for to own your unique unit in the most beautiful tourist resorts… Hacienda Bay North Coast

Hacienda Bay is your ultimate summer escape away from the stresses of your life while enjoying the fresh air, enchanting turquoise waters, a stunning landscape of vast greenery and gleaming artificial lakes, as well as exclusive services and benefits like a stunning golf course by Sanford Golf Designs. Consisting of 18 holes, and the impressive Lakeyard, where you will enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience, along with having your favorite coffee in the finest cafés and having your lunch in the most luxurious restaurants.

The resort is located in the most vibrant and modern location by the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company has implemented it on a huge space of about 2,400,000 square meters, equivalent to 593 acres. The green and water nature and various service facilities occupy the largest part of it and the rest for the units with various residential spaces between chalets, cabins, and villas with spaces that suit all tastes and different needs of clients, investors and visitors.

The wonderful strategic location of Hacienda Bay North Coast

Achieving the difficult equation is no longer impossible in The resort; Where the owner company chose a unique geographical location in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area at km 200, which has all the elements of tourist attractions which is located near the most important main roads that facilitate the process of accessing to and from the resort and at the same time far from the hustle and bustle of the cities and their congestion and pollution.

The most important advantages of the location can be explained through the following:

  • It is located by Alexandria-Matrouh Road, also close to the New Alamein Road, and the Ring Road.
  • A direct view of the Mediterranean with its charming turquoise waters and clear blue skies.
  • It is 15 minutes away from Alamein International Airport.
  • The distance between The resort and Marsa Matrouh does not exceed 60 minutes and does not exceed 265 kilometers to Cairo.
  • It is a short 10-minute walk from the most important historical landmarks in the area such as; World War II Museum.

The most beautiful features that you can find in Hacienda North Coast

The following presents the most important advantages that make the resort Bay the most popular tourist destination on the North Coast:

  • The wonderful geographical location in the heart of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is famous for its impressive beaches and the most wonderful resorts.
  • Artificial lakes with crystal water catch the eye.
  • The spread of vast green spaces that give an atmosphere of relaxation and psychological calm are also places for yoga lovers.
  • Golf course & academy, a golfers’ paradise, offers you an exciting and life-changing experience with a variety of golf clubs and courses where you can practice and do sport at the same time.
  • The Lakeyard, the exclusive commercial complex in the project, includes 62 stores to meet all the different tastes of customers.
  • Full-service beaches and swimming pools.

Get exclusive services provided by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company … in Hacienda North Coast

Looking for a safe and luxurious summer vacation spot? Here is the resort of The project, which has an endless amount of basic and entertaining services; Notable among these services are the following:

  • A group of international restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and drinks with excellent services amidst a wonderful atmosphere.
  • Sports clubs include football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other various games such as Billiards and PlayStation.
  • Gyms are equipped with the latest equipment and sports devices for those who like to keep fit.
  • An international spa with saunas and a jacuzzi for more relaxation, luxury, and skincare.
  • Social clubs with various entertaining areas and places for barbecues and various party events.
  • Safe walkways away from cars for walking, cycling, and running.
  • The resort includes 5-star hotels that provide unparalleled services to its visitors which are designed with the finest international modern styles.
  • Modern electric elevators and escalators for easier hangouts among the different floors of malls and hotels.
  • A huge hospital was established in The project that includes the most skilled doctors and specialists in all different specialties to provide the greatest amount of health care for clients and visitors.
  • Pharmacies that provide all kinds of medicines to the residents of the resort, operating 24 hours a day.
  • Allocating security and guard personnel in every place in the resort to maintain stability, in addition to installing many modern surveillance cameras that work 24/7.
  • The company did not neglect the religious aspect and of various religious prayers and rituals, so the company established a masjid and a church with a magnificent architectural style.
  • Many swimming pools in different parts of the resort of different shapes and sizes to suit adults and children, also covered pools for women to preserve privacy.
  • Allocate entertainment areas for kids with many fun games that give them joy.
  • Safe garages that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent congestion in the resort.
  • A hypermarket with all the goods and services that a home needs.
  • An international cinema that presents the latest movies which is designed with a luxurious urban style and elegant furniture.

Learn more about the different types and spaces of units to suit your taste and needs in Hacienda Bay

In the resort of Hacienda Bay North Coast, be sure that you will enjoy a luxurious and modern life; Where you have all ways of a happy life as a clean healthy environment where the gardens, green parks, and beautiful artificial lakes were spread, as well as high-end services that meet your basic and entertaining needs, also you will enjoy a high level of security, privacy and comfort away from noise and pollution sources.

The resort’s space is 593 acres, and it has been professionally divided so that the various units between chalets, cabins, and villas enjoy breathtaking views, either directly the sea or an amazing landscape, with spaces that vary according to your taste and needs, which could be clarified through the following:

  • Chalet spaces start from 256 square meters up to 266 square meters.
  • Lake Yard chalets spaces start from 141 square meters up to 266 square meters.
  • Cabin spaces start from 51 square meters up to 215 square meters.
  • Villas with different views and designs start from 340 square meters up to 357 square meters.

Best prices and payment systems in Hacienda North Coast

Get your unit now in Hacienda Bay North Coast and enjoy being in one of the finest and most luxurious tourist resorts on North Coast, which is marked by its ideal location in Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the most beautiful beaches and near all the roads that enable you to reach it easily, in addition to services, the luxurious unique architectural design which its beauty and splendor matches the European models.

In addition to the keenness of the owner to divers the housing units and their spaces in the project; The owner is also interested in offering unbeatable prices compared to the number of benefits you get, easy and convenient payment systems that are not available anywhere else that helps you choose what suits your needs and capabilities.

Unit’s prices are as follows:

  • Chalet prices range from 6,407,000 EGP up to 7,473,300 EGP.
  • Prices of Lake Yard chalets range from 3,496,200 EGP to 7,111,600 EGP.
  • Cabin prices range from EGP 5,163,473 to EGP 26,499,692.
  • Prices of villas with different views and designs range from 17,432,100 EGP up to 27,809,100 EGP.

As for the payment systems in Hacienda Bay, they are as follows:

  • As for cabins: The client can pay a contract down payment of 15% of the unit value, then 10% after 3 months and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 2.5 years.
  • For chalets: The client can pay a contract down payment of 10% of the unit value, then 10% after 3 months and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 6 years.
  • For villas: The client can pay a 15% contract down payment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years, or 20% as a contract down payment and installments over 9 years, or 30% as a contract provider and installments over 10 years.

The real estate developer and most prominent previous works

Palm Hills Real Estate Development is the executor of Hacienda Bay North Coast, it is one of the leading companies in the real estate market, founded in 1997, and has provided many successful self-sufficient residential, coastal, and commercial projects, relying on a selection of the best consultants and architects with applying the standards of Modern quality.

The company has an impressive list of 29 projects in the Red Sea, North Coast, East, and West Cairo, and recently launched Hacienda Bay, which is the largest and most luxurious of its projects which is located in a privileged location and enjoys a huge amount of advantages that attract many clients and investors from all over the country.

Among the most important previous projects of the company are the following:

The latest phase in Hacienda Bay North Coast

Enjoy a youthful and energetic life in a place specially designed for your luxury!!

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is launching the latest phase in Hacienda North Coast project, which is “Bay Residences”, which located at an altitude of 9 meters above sea level in the heart of the resort next to (Palm Hills Club & Clubhouse – Lakeyard), which surrounded by the Sanford Championship Golf Course.

Bay Residences community includes 3 residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, so in each building, there are two duplexes and chalets with amazing architecture designs that suit the owners of high taste. The company has been keen on diversifying the spaces of the units to choose what suits your taste and needs, as follows:

  • The spaces of the duplexes range from 232 square meters to 249 square meters.
  • Chalet spaces start from 140 square meters with a garden of 89 square meters and up to 159 square meters with a 55 square meter terrace.
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