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project name Mountain View October Park
unit type villas and twin homes
owner company Mountain View
installment systems The customer pays 10% in advance, and pays 5% after 3 months, then pays the rest of the unit value in installments over 5 years, in case the customer wants to receive after 3 months, or the customer pays 10% in advance, then pays the rest in installments over 6 years, in case The customer's desire to receive after two years.
location located in the center of the 6th of October City, 5 minutes from the axis and positioned adjacent to the ring road and It can be reached from the ring road and from the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

In Mountain View October Park, you can live a life of privacy, elegance, and creativity.

Each person has a unique vision for his or her future house, but there are some common traits that many of us share, such as peace, solitude, proximity to essential services and major roads, as well as the existence of recreational activities that both adults and children love. At Mountain View October Park, you may receive all of this and more in Mountain View October Park.

Mountain View Company has worked hard to present its consumers with a modern vision of residential communities, allowing them to reach the luxury and success they desire while also achieving their own visions through a variety of spaces and designs in units, gardens, and recreational areas inside Mountain View Park Compound.

Enjoy the advantages of the strategic location of Mountain View October Park

Mountain View October Park, which is located in the center of the 6th of October City, which is experiencing significant prosperity and demand from investors recently, has chosen an advantageous location adjacent to main roads and vital sites as one of its most important strengths.

October Park is distinguished by unique characteristics that make it ideal for your wishes and aspirations.

  • Mountain View Park is 5 minutes from the axis and positioned adjacent to the ring road.
  • Mountain View October Park Project can be reached from the ring road and from the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.
  • The historical Giza pyramids may be seen from this great location.
  • Mountain View Park Compound business center at Smart Village is only 7 minutes away.
  • Mountain View Park Project is located 8 minutes from Juhayna Square in the middle of the 6th of October City.
  • Mountain View October Park takes 9 minutes to get to Mohandessin.
  • Alexandria Road is about 7 minutes away From Mountain View October Park.

Mountain View October Park Space

Mountain View’s high-end project, Mountain View October Park, is spread out over 54 acres, with the majority of it dedicated to gardens, open spaces, crystal lakes, and recreational amenities.

Life inside Mountain View October embodies life in an open garden filled with beautiful landscapes that provide you and your family with the peace, sanctity, and sophistication you seek, through villas and townhouses of various sizes and a charming view of the green exteriors that extend to vast areas, as well as a spectacular view of the Giza Pyramids.

Seize the opportunity to live among nature and enjoy privacy, luxury, and high-end features in Mountain View October Park

  •  Mountain View allows you to live in a garden surrounded by beautiful green trees, sparkling lakes, and water fountains, giving october park mountain view an unmatched attractive look.
  • Mountain View Park Compound is distinguished by two-kilometer-long pedestrian paths that connect attractive green spaces and are designed for use as running and cycling paths, What makes it even more impressive is that it extends beneath bridges, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with your family and children in complete safety and privacy.
  • The crystal lake is one of the most remarkable features of the October Park Mountain View; Mountain View October Park blends natural beauty with refinement in architecture and is lined with restrooms where you can spend the most delightful times while watching the charming sunset.
  • The Swedish Vita Parcours concept of fitness in the woods is implemented in October park mountain view, which includes an outdoor gym where you may enjoy your workout in peace and quiet.
  • The property is completely encircled by a fence, as well as an internal wall of trees, to ensure the occupants’ safety and privacy.
  • One of the most important features of life in Mountain View October Park is privacy, and living among a group of residents who share the same interests, needs, and aspirations.
  • Mountain View October Park looks out over ICity’s famed central park, providing each unit with a spectacular and beautiful view of the gorgeous scenery.
  • The benefit of seclusion and a well-balanced, cohesive community allows your children to grow up in prosperity and advancement, with all the amenities of comfort, luxury, and escape inside Mountain View October Park.
  • Many foreign schools and institutions are located around October park mountain view, providing your children with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education that will help them reach their goals in Mountain View Park Project.
  • Within the property, the spread of green natural spaces creates an atmosphere of joy, happiness, and purity, assisting you and your children in maintaining excellent health inside Mountain View Park Compound.
  • October Park Mountain View features a Tree House above the treetops, where children and adults can spend fun times filled with adventure and joy.

You can now live a life of elegance and refinement thanks to the compound’s wonderful services.

  • Overhead bridges for cars are spread throughout October park mountain view, to reassure parents of their children and leave them the freedom to play and go in safety in Mountain View October Park Compound.
  • Mountain View Park includes a commercial section with all of the necessities and things that customers demand, as well as shops featuring the finest worldwide brands in which they are interested.
  • Mountain View Many restaurants and cafes can be found at Akbar Park, offering the best and finest services as well as a wide range of services to suit all preferences.
  • Customers can enjoy gathering with family and friends in a pure and private environment, which includes designated outdoor BBQ or picnic places inside Mountain View October Park Project.
  • For the convenience and comfort of customers, the complex provides an annex management service that includes taking care of the gardens and providing all housekeeping services in Mountain View Park Compound.
  • The highest-trained security guards were provided, working 24 hours a day, so that the residents of Mountain View October Park compound could enjoy safety and reassurance.

Within Mountain View October Park, there are modern designs that take into account your originality and difference.

Mountain View villas and townhouses are designed in the American style, which is defined by refinement, luxury, and inventive designs that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

This one-of-a-kind design features modern architecture, open front yards with breathtaking views, and blue roofs, with a blend of seclusion, individualism, and luxury, and all units have unique views of the pyramids, where civilization and sophistication collide.

Diversity in designs is not limited to residential units only, but extends to include gardens scattered throughout Mountain View October Park; The compound includes two types of the organic garden, and Royal garden, to reflect each individual taste of the customers so that each person can enjoy the charming nature in the way that suits them.

The space of the units in the October Park Mountain View

Mountain View October Park’s units are distinguished by a range of types, including (independent villas, twin homes, IVilla A, IVilla B), and the designs and spaces vary to fulfill all of the customers’ needs and objectives.

  • The independent villas are 345 square meters in size.
  • The size of twin dwellings varies between 287 and 297 square meters.
  • IVilla A has a total size of 272 to 326 square meters.
  • Space in IVilla B varies from 218 to 269 square meters.

For unique services and perks created for your enjoyment and well-being, take advantage of competitive pricing and flexible payment ways.

Despite the numerous benefits, the beauty of the designs, and the abundance of integrated services in the compound that provide you and your children with joy and lasting luxury, Mountain View has been committed to providing its clients with the best possible pricing.

  • Mountain View October Park villas for purchase at a price of 9,143,000 pounds.
  • Prices start at 4,550,000 pounds for a twin house in Mountain View October Park.
  • IVilla in the compound has a starting price of 4,400,000 pounds.

In terms of payment systems, they are flexible and responsive to the needs of all clients.

  • The customer pays 30%, then pays the rest of the unit value in installments over 5 years, in case the customer wants an immediate receipt in Mountain View October Park Compoud.
  • If the consumer wants it sooner than three months, they pay 10% upfront, then pay another 5% after three months, then pay the rest of the unit value in five installments over five years in Mountain View Park Project.
  • If the customer wishes to receive after two years, they pay 10% upfront and the rest in monthly installments over six years in Mountain View October Park Compound.

Mountain View October Park Compound’s real estate developer

Mountain View Company is a member of the Dar Al Mimar Group (DMG) and is one of the most successful private enterprises in the world. It was founded in 2005 and has strived since then to blend local experience with worldwide competence in order to incorporate different cultures and architectural styles in order to suit the wants and objectives of its customers.

The vision of Mount View is to make its customers enjoy a unique living experience that is not limited to mere housing units but rises to satisfy all their needs and provides them with the basic and recreational services they are looking for.

Mountain View has launched nine successful projects, including four in New Cairo and one on the 6th of October City, two on the North Coast, and two in Telal Al-Ain Al-Sokhna, the most recent of which being Mountain View October Park.

Their most notable accomplishments include:

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